16 Pebble Steels and a $5000 grand prize are up for grabs in the next few weeks

Pebble has finally released its new Android app and accompanying 2.0 firmware for the Pebble watch, which brings a new design and features but most notably an all-encompasing appstore for the device. To help kickstart development of Pebble apps submitted to the formal appstore, Pebble is kicking off an official App Challenge with $9000 in prizes available for a handful of apps that show off their quality.

From now until March 23rd, developers can submit their new or existing apps to the challenge if they are built to interact with the latest SDK 2.0 features and are available in the appstore. From the 24th to the 27th, you can then vote on the official challenge website for your favorite apps, narrowing down the group to just 16 top-notch entries. Each of the 16 developers will be given a new Pebble Steel for their effort, and be entered into a head-to-head battle for the grand prize.

A bracket will place the apps head-to-head for voting from the public, narrowing down the options until just one app remains. The developer who comes out on top of the entire challenge will walk away with $5000 for their effort. Not a bad deal for making a Pebble app, and all Pebble users will benefit from the increased engagement around the appstore. If you're interested in participating as a developer or a voter, hit the source link for the full details

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Pebble App Challenge looks to reward the best SDK 2.0 apps with $9000 in prizes


I'll be happy to vote for the top apps if the will kindly ship me my Pebble Steel heh heh. I think this is a great way to encourage more development for the platform!
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Maybe they should concentrate more on shipping Steels to their paying customers before giving them away in contests.

They should have made the total prize money $9001, so they could tie it into one of the more popular internet memes :)
Also Vegeta's scouter, could have been substituted with a pebble in a related mix video, and posted on youtube for nerd cred in the developer scene.
The similarity between Glass and Vegeta's scouter is not lost on me.