PayPal is offering prizes of up to $25,000 to developers to come up with the best use of PayPal secure payments in an Android app. The PayPal X Developer Challenge runs until May 14, so there's plenty of time to get your ideas turned into code and uploaded to the Android Market. PayPal says its looking for "something new, something surprising, something with business potential, something that integrates PayPal payments."

First prize is $25,000, $15,000 for second and $10,000 for third, and all three will also receive marketing and PR support from PayPal to help generate interest in their apps. [PayPal]


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$25,000 developer challenge seeks best PayPal-powered Android app


Perhaps an app which allows you to verify your PayPal is working correctly by sending a small amount of money to the developer's account?

The problems I experienced with using Paypal within an app to pay is that the record of payment is not stored with Google. So if you change phones, you might have some trouble getting it on your new device without paying again.

Two different scenarios I experienced:
- LauncherPro Plus - I paid for the upgrade through the app which gives you a license code that you can get any time you need, no problems when you switch devices.

- Koush's ROM Manager - I went with the paypal route first since it was a dollar cheaper (yeah, I know, cheap). But you never receive anything to unlock the remainder of the app, it just does it automatically. When I changed devices, I emailed the developer asking how I can transfer it over. After three messages, he never replied. So I had to buy it again and paid through Google instead. It now transfers over to any new devices that I may get.

A key is hard to remember, it would be better to just have an account created that returns an encrypted string with your entitlement with forgot password email functionality. You could also rope personalization of the app into this scheme and kill two birds with one stone. App portability solved.

or go the netflix route and have a main account that you control registered devices with. that would work as well.

I do agree however that android market works best, but if you are trying to sell your app across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, your own ecommerce, paypal, etc..) it's a pain in the ass to reconcile app purchases between multiple systems, especially closed ones...

I want to work with someone on an App... I am an experienced software idea guy.. I do not have App experience but was brainstorming a PayPal app a year ago!

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