New interface that looks great and makes it easier to manage all functions of your account

While the previous version of the app wasn't exactly hard on the eyes, PayPal is completely revamping its interface and adding new functionality in its latest update. First and foremost is an entirely new design that is simpler and better fits in with the latest Android design looks — we're now seeing full use of the action bar and left edge slide-in menu. The entire app makes use of a nice blue, white and grey color palette and seems to perform extremely well.

Underneath all of the clean new design is a reimagined PayPal experience, making it simpler to use the app for shopping, managing your account or transferring money. The new app makes it easy to find retailers that accept PayPal as a payment method and help you choose your payment methods and even order or pay in advance at certain retailers.

It's now even easier to manage your payment methods from the "Wallet" menu, check your recent transactions or transfer funds to and from other people as well. If you're a big PayPal user, this is going to make your day — you can grab the update from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


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PayPal redesigns entire app, revamps in-store payments


Great UI, however the number of merchants that accept the "Pay by Phone" feature is mediocre at best. They said they are just starting out, so I hope it grows. The SHOP feature if just like Square Wallet, who also suffers from lack of merchants.

I don't believe Google Wallet is dying. PayPal and Square are different concepts...they don't utilize NFC. I believe that the NFC technology has taken off yet. I believe that APPLE needs to have a phone with NFC. If they do, merchants will start to get the hardware in place to accept NFC payments.

With that being said, the whole NFC technology could die on the vine and never see prime time. If vendors don't need to get the infrastructure in their stores and are able to bypass the payment terminals to move to a virtual payment system (which I believe is the true future)...then Google Wallet will need to reinvent itself.

I think Google wallet already has reinvent itself. Their main focus now is processing payments. Look at Uber for example. The NFC part of Google wallet is dead.

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I love being able to pay by tapping my phone (so I hope it is not dead). But I enjoy even better walking up to a cashier and say, "Put it on Carlos Thomas" (via Square Wallet). The funny is that the cashier did not know what the hell I was talking about. So I had to show him on his iPad terminal how it worked.

At McDonald's when I go thru the drive thru and hand them my phone...they look at me like I am crazy. Then I tell them to take the phone and put it against the RED thing. They do it so soft like something is going to shock them.

I hope not because I use Google wallet almost every day. Just used it at whole foods today.

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The reason Google Wallet hasn't caught on has nothing to do with Apple, but more with the carriers denying it's users the ability to install and use it. I think if all the carriers would actually let US decide what we want to use it would probably take off everywhere.

I don't understand how carriers can deny anyone installing an app on their phones? If you can install the PayPal app, you should be able to install the Google wallet app.

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A lot of phones can't install Google wallet. The only phone that I could ever have it on was the Nexus 4. Every other phone I've tried it on isn't "compatible" with it.

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Wow, they really destroyed both the look and performance of this app. How long does it take to switch to the "Shop" view?! The drawer is a poor imitation of the official implementation and opens with the back button (oh dear).

No performance issues here on the Nexus 4.

How is the drawer a poor imitation? It works and looks exactly how it should, and reveals additional settings just like you'd expect.


Too bad it is useless because I have two factor authentication on Paypal which doesn't work on the mobile version.

the website is just fine...ive been disappointed with the app before. so efff this new one.

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It is Avery nice design. Nice to see local businesses listed that take PayPal.

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And still not available internationally. Such a pain. Why do app developers do this?

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How is the drawer a poor imitation? It works and looks exactly how it should, and reveals additional settings just like you'd expect.

I wasn't impressed. Thank God for Titanium Backup....after a few days of really trying to get used to the new design, I went back to the previous version.

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