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Now you can mark up docs easily with an S Pen

Papyrus is a promising note-taking app for Android that we first spotted at the Samsung Developer Conference, and they've finally reached the 1.0 milestone.

Papyrus has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity in their beta period, having built up the core functions, but the latest update includes a premium feature for PDF importing. This means you can take documents sent to you by e-mail or elsewhere, and mark it up within the app. You can also export the final product as a PDF if you like.

Papyrus is a pretty slick app. Besides being optimized for active styluses like S Pens, the app is vector-based, meaning anything you write or draw can be scaled up without any loss of quality. Though the core app is free, there are a few of extras, like the new PDF import and a cloud storage feature pack, that are tucked away behind in-app purchases.

My handwriting is horrible, so apps like this usually get a pass from me, but I could see artists getting interested in this kind of thing, provided more brush types get introduced. On iOS, an app called Paper has done a phenomenal job of offering these kinds of functions, but without an Android port, I could see Papyrus laying the claim as the handwriting king of the Play Store. What about you guys? What are your favorite note-taking apps? Do you get enough usage out of your stylus? If you're thinking of getting Papyrus, check out our demo video below.


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Papyrus note-taking app goes 1.0 with PDF import


4.99 to be able to import pdf's and then 2.99 for the tool pack? I really like papyrus, but I think they like their premium features a bit too much. Might pay 4.99 for all of that.

Seconded, $1 maybe $2. Its cool but for a feature I'm not going to be using that often it is a bit steep.

I currently use RepliGo for marking up PDF files, as it is the only one I could find that actually allowed me to ROTATE the page. Such a novel concept, right? The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of s-pen support. If Papyrus has rotate capability, I may go with that for my new go-to.

This app is a pretty good start, but for what I'm using it I couldn't find anything that gets close to Samsungs S-Memo or S-Note yet. It's kinda sad, because usually I don't like to use proprietary software that binds me to one company but this is a category where the Android Apps are still lacking.

I'm using S-Memo mainly for moodboards so it's important to add text, handwritten text, sketches and images very easily and be able to move and resize them easily as well. I've tried papyrus, lecture notes and many more, but nothing worked as well.

Anyone know of a good sharp(ish) pointed stylus to use with an LG-G2? Most I see have the fat rubber nibs and I'd like something sharper.

Nope. Without an active digitizer built in to the display like the Galaxy Note series from Samsung you are stuck with the fat eraser nibs that replicate finger usage. Should have purchased a Note 3.

I'm on a Note now, but I've used an iPad in the past for note taking. The Hand Stylus worked really well for me at the time and had a nice feel (some heft for its size). The nib isn't too big, so it was very usable as a note taking tool.

Has anyone tried this?
It would be an awesome feature, IF the PDF remains searchable.
LectureNotes can import PDFs as well, but they just become background images.
What I need is an app that allows me to write on a PDF and add that as another layer to the original PDF.
ezPDF does a decent job, but the writing isn't all that smooth and palm rejection features/scrolling with two fingers is not comparable to Papyrus (on a Note 10.1 2914).

Can anyone help?

I have used Adobe Reader for PDF to markup before. It works, but it's not very easy to get it to work right. It would be nice to find an app that would work better.

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S Note already does this.

But I prefer lecture notes.

(Edit...actually... few apps ACTUALLY do this. Most of them import a jpeg file and mark that up, then re-PDF them. But lecture notes actually lets you work in layers

Thanks papyrus. I use you all day. I have pages to write down what I don't want to forget, and short and long term goals. I don't use any memo app that I can not use my pen with.

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For PDF markup I recommend qPDF Notes. You save all your markups with the PDF. (You can't mark up a protected file.) You can edit your markups later. I've been able to edit markups on my PC. I haven't done it in a while, but I assume that is still the case. You can handwrite notes (free form markups), add text comments, highlight and draw shapes. Worth a look.