If you've been searching for an IM application on Android that fits all your needs, Palringo may have just delivered the goods. Palringo was just announced to Android Market for the low cost of FREE. If you're not familiar with Palringo, (TiPb did a review of the iPhone version a while back) it's a fairly popular mobile IM application that supports AIM, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, and other messaging platforms.

What makes Palringo even better is its versatility. Not only can you IM with your buddies but you can also send pictures and share your location. From our experience with Palringo with the iPhone we expect a great application. We'll be back soon with our full thoughts on Palringo on Android!

Anybody a Palringo fan?


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Palringo Launches IM Application on Android Market


I used Palringo on my last Windows Mobile device but discontinued use as it would continously and randomly disconnect the IM service.

I have found the same issue on my G1. This is the same issue that plagues Meebo as well. The only IM that works great on the G1 is the built in Google chat. That one always stays connected.

I would pay for an IM app that always stays connected. I know it isn't my signal either. I live in a 3G area and have tested both on 3G and WiFi (using WiFi lock).

Hmm, I don't like services where you have to give them your credentials and they will login with their gateway/server.

To make sure everyone gets it: Palringo stores your IM credentials on their server and NOT just in your android app. Also, your messages are routed over their service! So in theory they can read whatever you are writing...

I prefer real IM clients that do all the login and message sending directly with the target server.
IM+ looks promising.

I found mundu Messenger for Android better than any other messenger.
I can search user from the buddy list.
Copy the message from the chat window and paste where ever paste supports.
Even conference is support.
I cant find in Palringo how to disable the vibrate when we receive message.
In mundu its gr8 i can customize the alerts as i want.
here is the link

It's a really coll feature. Multiple message windows are supported, but in a rather unique style. Rather than tabs, Palringo treats individual conversations as separate windows that can be accessed by pushing the Palringo home button on the bottom left hand corner of the window.

I use an IM application called aLync which is really cool. It has multiple clients such as Communicator, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN. So far I can tell that it has great features: gesture recognition, conference(even when you are logged with all clients), drawing etc Sincerely I really recommend you this application. You can find it on the market or here http://www.appbrain.com/app/alync-trial-version/app.android.aLync

I have iphone but now i really miss features and some useful android app and i really do not shift from iphone but i heard from one of my friend that i can make my iphone an android phone, but the time checked it in the blogviewz, it only supported 2G and 3G but not 3GS.