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It seems Android folk are always looking for ways to make their tablet experience more desktop-like. Services like OnLive Desktop aim to carve out a large niche for themselves, and desktop streaming services are almost as old as Android itself. OverSkreen might not simulate the entire Windows experience, but it does give you something more akin to a true desktop browsing experience, and that's something I've not seen before.

Simply put, when you open up OverSkreen, you're given a floating browser window on top of whatever you were previously looking at. Much unlike the browser (or any other Android app), OverSkreen exists in tandem with everything else; it doesn't bother to fill up the entire screen. The window is completely resizable, and you can even have multiple windows open at once, all at different sizes.

OverSkreen uses the 'always on top' rule by default, always floating above your desktop at large. Fortunately, aside from resizing the window, you can also minimize it (it'll go down to your notifications area) and come back to it later. Of course, if you're totally done, closing the window is as simple as tapping the red button in the top-right corner of the screen.

How practical OverSkreen can be is yet to be seen, but in my brief time using it, I definitely enjoyed it. Sure, you have to re-train yourself to use your tablet, but I dare say it's for the better. Granted, switching between applications isn't all that difficult in Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich, but if you're looking for a browser that's a bit more customizable and closer to your desktop experience, aside from streaming, OverSkreen is it.

I guess the best way to frame it is like this: Novel but niche idea or the future of how we multitask on our devices? That's definitely yet to be seen, but if MBFG can continue to build on the already stellar app they've produced, I imagine we'll be seeing more of this in the future.

OverSkreen is $1.49 in the Google Play Store for a limited time. We've got download links after the break.


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OverSkreen [Android App Review]


I don't have a tablet yet, but, when I get one, this will definitely be one of the first apps I install.

I have a couple tablets and i love this app on them. but i also own the thunderbolt and i also love using this browser on my phone! totally worth the price!

I have been using this on my SGSII. It's very handy when you are multitasking between the browser and text/email to relay information as it saves you the hassle of trying to copy and paste lots of different things between them. Granted it will be a lot more useful with the added real estate of a tablet.

Anyone know what that keyboard being used in the video is?
I like the key layout..

Seems like an interesting app, might have to check that one out on my tablet....Thanks for the review..

A trick I found that you didn't mention is, when you double tap the tabs bar, it will minimize the window and leave the top bar visible. That way you can quickly minimize it when you want to see the full (tablet) screen and single tap it when you want to open the window back up. I find this more convenient than using the blue minimize button in the top right corner.

I want an app just like this that lets me open multiple sessions of the same app. Does that make sense? I'd like to have (and forgive me but the only really good example I can think of is something like a Bible app)where I could have several chapters open and flip back and forth between them or open a new "window" and quickly go back to one I was just looking at.

I would pay GOOD money for something like that.