Speeding up the process of booking travel plans, and looking good doing it

Making a big leap in design and quality from the previous version, Orbitz has redesigned its entire app in the latest update to make searching and booking travel plans easier. Realizing the massive number of Android handsets being sold, Orbitz has undergone a complete redesign to be Android native, and the performance increases are notable. Navigation is extremely smooth and easy, with a simple interface that takes fewer taps to get where you need to be — whether it's finding a hotel, booking a flight or buying a rental car.

Under-the-hood changes also include the ability to stay signed in even when you exit the app for a long period of time, offline access for booked flights and changes to flight search listings. Orbitz is also now integrated with Google Now, so Gmail users that receive Orbitz notification emails will see their relevant travel information displayed as a card in Google Now the day of their travel.

You can grab a download or update of the latest Orbitz app at the Play Store link above.


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Orbitz redesigns entire app, adds Google Now integration


I prefer expedia, but with this toy if Android support, I'm going to switch....downloading now.

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I stopped using Orbitz altogether. You are better off using the Airlines/Hotel apps directly and eliminating the "middle" guy.