Onkyo for Android

Using your phone to control your home entertainment center has garnered the attention of just about every smartphone manufacturer this year. But it's not a new concept -- component manufacturers have had their own apps for some time now. I've got an Onkyo receiver at home, and the official Onkyo app was updated this week to work with the 2013 line of receivers.

Check out our full look at the Onkyo app to see all the fun you can have ("Daddy, why did the piercing scream of my cartoon suddenly go on mute?"), and hit up the app if you've got a compatible reciever. 


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Onkyo updates app for 2013 receivers


Awesome app.! I love my
Onkyo TX-NR818 to death.... Onkyo makes the best avr's. I don't care what anyone says... yes their previous models has main board hdmi issues but that's all taken care of in the new 2011+ models..

I have a Yamaha reciever hooked to my NAS and use their app to control it all on my phone. Love love love being able to control with the phone. I'm sure the Onkyo one is just as nice.

Yup. The AVR that came with my 2010 HTiB setup crapped an HDMI board back in Jan 2011. Onkyo was great about it and sent me out a TX-NR609 at no charge. This was a substantial upgrade in features (Internet radio, HDMI UpConversion, 4K video processor, etc.) I too love it to death and it works perfectly with their app. Even the original AVR performed well, sans the HDMI problem. I would have no problem recommending their newer AVR's at all.

I use to love their receivers as well, but after the 2010 lineup had so many issues with HDMI boards, that was it for me. from what I recall, they were made aware of the problems with the HDMI boards either early in production or before production even started, and decided to continue to build the receivers without addressing the problem. That became a nightmare for customers. From what I heard there also still issues with HDMI boards in the current lineup. I will never buy Onkyo again

that's not true. I own a 809 and current 818 and I check the avr forums every day and the current last 2yrs of avrs don't have the hdmi issue. that's fine tho. go spend double the money on a Denon or Pioneer receiver for less features while I'll get the best bang for my money.. also onkyo is good about fixing known issues with there product. even Phil owns an onkyo that he uses. but he a looking into a Sound bar and I told him he's crazy... when company comes over they are impressed how well my onkyo can perform that they think I spent thousands compared to there other brand flagship avr

actually if you read Amazon and the forums online there are tons of postings about HDMI failure on their receivers. Don't get me wrong I love their products but I can't see spending 1000 dollars on a receiver that's gonna break in 3 months. And as far as spending double on a Denon receiver, I just bought a 3312 for 399 which is a great deal. And in my opinion the sound blows away my old OnKyo

I bought an onkyo last may, can't recall the model number as I'm at work at the moment, and had big issues with the HDMI. I upgraded the firmware from onkyo and have had no issues with it since. And yes I have been using their app since I got the receiver. Only wish you can get into advanced settings with the app, ie sound settings, video settings. The app seems to be limited to basic stuff. I hate having to use the on screen display on the TV to make changes.

Just bought the 515 model, and my wife absolutely loves the app, especially the ability to stream music straight from the phone (playlists and all). Before the 515, we never used the AVR to play music because it was a hassle.

I have had a couple Onkyo receivers in the past as well as a DVD player. They sounded great while they worked, but they kept breaking down. I finally got frustrated and bought a Yamaha. The Yamaha had been great! It's web and Android apps work well. I connect it to a DLNA server to stream my music. It works and sounds great. Never a problem.

I love my Onkyo 7.1 setup. I have the app (before this update), however since if you are going to spend $$$$ on a setup, then you must have a programmable remote. So I don't use the app unless I'm messing with someone. Otherwise I just use my touchscreen tablet remote. If I was with a small setup, then I can see this being a very good help...think single or in college.

My Onkyo should be reaching about 6+ years old now.
I've not had a single problem with it and it does what it's supposed to do.
I've toyed around with the idea of upgrading it. But it's hard to justify the price when what you have works fine and does what you want it to do.

The Internet radio would be nice. But I've not really sat around listening to internet radio since the Audiotron days.

Maybe I'll buy one as a chistmast gift to myself. But I just know it will snowball into a new TV purchase as well.