Microsoft has released a new version of its OneDrive app for Android devices that, among other things, now allows for the automatic uploads of any videos on a user's smartphone to their OneDrive cloud storage account.

The new 2.6 version also adds a new in-app navigation drawer that Microsoft says will "make OneDrive feel more like a part of your Android device." In addition, the app now has a dedicated search button which Microsoft says "will help users stay productive while on the go and let them easily view their videos on their other devices – such as their Xbox at home."

Earlier this week, Microsoft increase the amount of free storage space for all OneDrive users to 15GB and also boosted the space to 1TB for any Office 365 subscribers.

What do you think of this newly released update and do you like the changes Microsoft has made to the OneDrive Android app?

Source: Microsoft

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wwwjr says:

Too little, too late. Drive on!

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what's the point with the 2gb limit?

kgragert says:

it's 7gb and was just raised to 15gb

cj1016 says:

He's referring to the upload limit

dadathepanda says:

There are too many cloud services. I only one Dropbox, drive and Evernote and have trouble finding my stuff.... Imagine having all of them.... Hahha

The panda has spoken

ckalantzis says:

This has been there for a while and I've been using it for a is this news?

rap1 says:

With the updated amount of space I'm going to look into it. My free amount of Dropbox is full. I don't like how on Dropbox shared files count against your space. I don't know if others do that or not.

DrLouie says: has smart sharing, where if 2 people share a 2 GB file, each only gets hit with a 1GB storage cost. You get 15GB free for signing up or 20GB with a referral link:

BigBernard says:

People actually use that?

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WinOMG says:

Hell yeah! Using Bing you can get a whole bunch of storage for free.

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