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But what exactly would you do with a Twitter for Glass app?

Although Eric Schmidt seems to think that Google Glass is a year away from being in consumer's hands, the evidence is building that Twitter is working on its own app for the eyewear. A tweet has surfaced of a pretty unassuming picture, but the devil is in the details here -- the picture claims to be sent from a "Twitter for Glass" client, as denoted at the bottom of the tweet next to the timestamp. The tweet and account have also since been deleted, which you would expect if someoneĀ Twitter for Glass Tweethappened to leak something a bit too early. If that wasn't enough for you, consider also that the tweet in question has been found and pointed out by Jonathan Gottfried, who made the first unofficial Twitter client for Glass called "GlassTweet".

The evidence is pretty strong here, and we wouldn't at all be surprised if Twitter was working to have its client ready to go for the launch of Glass. The real question is, what would you actually see or do with a Twitter client on such a limited interface? We wouldn't expect a full scrolling list of your timeline, but what about notifications? Well, those would presumably be handled by your phone's own Twitter notifications already. Will the only function be to send pictures directly from Glass to Twitter? We hope they come up with something more compelling when it is actually available, but for now it's an interesting thought experiment.

Source: TechCrunch


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Is an official Twitter app for Google Glass in the works?


I think you would want to register very specific people as being Glass-Worthy, just to keep the volume of notifications down. To be honest it's something Twitter could do with for phone notifications too.

Having a priority list would be a great feature. That's the reason I've uninstalled the app and just use the browser.

We (Rn Software) are considering adapting our learning-based timeline filtering app, Fynch, for Google Glass. This would allow the user to get tweet notifications based only on the types of content they are most interested in, keeping them informed while ensuring the Glass experience remains simple and unobtrusive. If anyone out there has used Fynch and thinks this would be a great idea please let me know in a reply.

It runs Android. It probably takes minimal work to get the app ready for glass since the processor is old technology(I suppose just make sure the resolution is compatible) but the hype and free advertising you get from media talking about it is priceless even if Glass is just a niche piece of technology that never becomes mainstream.

The whites in that screenshot look extremely warm. Is that an artifact? Or maybe my eyes are worse than I thought.

So Glass isn't just a camera worn on your glasses. It's actually a display also, projected right into your eye? Then I imagine whenever someone you follow tweets, it would automatically be displayed, if you were running Twitter for Glass.