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Remember the days when absolutely everyone used Hotmail for their email needs? Seems there's a lot of people who still do, but couldn't use the official Android application if they were running Ice Cream Sandwich

An update pushed out this week that addressed just that issue. However, while it now supports Ice Cream Sandwich, it definitely isn't optimised for it. 

There's also a fix for some issues on the HTC Desire, various crashes, improvements to battery life for anyone still running Android 2.1, and various improvements to calendar and meeting requests. Download links after the break. 

Thanks John!


Reader comments

Official Hotmail for Android app updated, now supports Ice Cream Sandwich


Wat iz dis Hootmail you speak ov? I'm kidding, I know what it is. I just didn't think anyone used it anymore... An app, huh?

Why would I need an extra app when it's supported by Mail?

By the way, Hotmail has some great features, such as sweeping your mailbox for all messages from one sender, etc. I've had my for 16 years, my name without numbers, so I'm sticking to it despite using a lot.

Don't update. I updated my hotmail app and it will signed me out of hotmail and I couldn't sign back in. Luckily I had the older version backed up.