Connectedly App

It's officially official! The Connectedly app for Android is now available for download from Google Play. It's the biggest, baddest, most connected app you'll find on Android — and best of all — it's totally free!

You can login to the app with your existing Mobile Nations Passport account and you'll instantly be able to access the blogs for all the latest news, rumors, reviews and editorials. From the menu you'll have quick access to the Connectedly forums, be able view our latest videos, listen to podcasts and much more. You can even send in news tips right from the app so we'll never miss a hot story.

It's all 100 percent free and ready to roll — so head to Google Play to download the official Connectedly app today! Don't forget to check out all of our other great apps for CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore and Windows Phone Central too!


Reader comments

The official Connectedly app for Android is now available!


Awesome! Will be downloading it to my tablet when I get home!

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder if Apple would allow it on their app store if it also included Android Central, though? They have a thing about not allowing Android related apps.

One of the many reasons I dislike Apple... No Android news? They must be really scared....

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Sorry but it didn't appeal to me and ended up uninstalling, there's loads of this type of app out there!
Or am I missing something? Educated me...Uh