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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We're proud to announce that the official Android Central app has surpassed, for us, a major milestone, amassing more than 100,000 total downloads. (And, quite frankly, with a keep rate that even I'm astounded by.) 

So from all of us to everyone who's tried the application, thanks! We've still got plenty of work to do with the app — features to add, items to improve and bugs to squash — but we're making great progress. Huge props to our developer Neil for all the hard work.

And as but a small token of appreciation for helping make us the No. 1 source for all things Android, we're going to give away a new Nexus 7 we've got laying around here. Still in the box, of course. To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll close down the comments at midnight Eastern tonight, pick a winner and get the tablet shipped out on Thursday, so the winner can have it ASAP.

And if you haven't already, please give our app a try!


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The official Android Central app passes a major milestone, so let's give away something!


I want this new nexus 7!! My iPad mini does not do the daily tasks nearly as well as my nexus 4 does. Also, the android central app should have animations on the newsfeed (like sense 5 blinkfeed).


I really hope I win this one. My girlfriend needs a tablet so I'm really praying for this one!

I want that Nexus please, Nexus please, Nexus please (this goes to the tune of the old Chili's commercial "I want my babyback ribs")

Have the Android Central App installed on S3 and Old Nexus 7. Would love to install it on a NEW Nexus 7

Congrats! Now it's time for AC to give my friend's app FX File Explorer some love! ;-)

Congrats guys.. Best android news app I've come across. You can can only get bigger. We wouldn't be up to date without you. Thanks

Posted via Android Central App

This would be great to replace my old N7 but currently I have a 1 in 4200 chances of winning so... count me in!

Love Android central! Former iOs guy who has seen the light! Love customization and freedom android offers!

I love that the current version of the app doesn't crash on my REZOUND anymore! Thanks AC!

In accepting this award, I'd like to thank the Academy, my parents, Stanford University for hosting those two kids, and Linus T., for making this all possible.

Posted via Android Central App

Signed up and ready to receive... Use this app every day for news and views.

Posted via Android Central App

Love this app! And it keeps getting better :) Major props to Neil!

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats on reaching a hundred grand! Imagine if each one of those downloads also commented on this post... o_0

I would love to win! The only source for Android news.

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I've bought one just today.

Would be glad for another one, that I would give to my mother or brother.

Great app guys, bravo for the 100k hit, and i hope u guys keep the good work up.
P.S. hope i win the nexus 7

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love to be able to retire my Prime, but I do have a question. What does the app bring to the table that I can't get through visiting the site in a browser? The only thing I feel I'm missing from is whatever appears "after the break".

Achievement unlocked. Congratulations AC team

Posted via Android Central App

I love the android central app its almost perfect!

Posted via Android Central App with Samsung Galaxy S4

Thanks for the website, forums, and the app! You guys are one of the best android sites out there!

Congrats guys!!! Love the podcast and articles! First place to get android news.

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you for being an awesome source of everything android

Posted via Android Central App

it seems a long shot because i'm from the philippines!buy who knows android central doesn't care where i'm from!heck i don't even know if i'm allowed to join!lol

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats guys! I personally don't use the app because I use a combination of Feedly and Tapatalk, but nevertheless, this is a wonderful accomplishment! I would love to get my hands on a Nexus 7!

Considering my original Nexus 7 just broke... Hey, pick me! :)

Posted via Android Central App

Android Central has always been my go to site for info on the latest Androids and gear.. Thanks for all the hard work.

Love the app,check it daily. Well done for being so popular!!! Would love a nice new Nexus 7 too. :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats on you 100,000th download.

I use the Android Central app almost daily.

Keep up the good work!

Oh and I'd like a new Nexus 7.....

I love Android Central..hope I will be the lucky One to win this Nexus among the millions of users!!

Posted via Android Central App

100,000! That's awesome!!
And that's almost as many people as have commented on this contest... ;)

Nice, congrats to everyone at Android Central. A shinny new nexus 7 would be awesome.

Posted via Android Central App

That is great news and I hope I can win something so nice for my first comment since getting my Android and leaving that other system.. :)

Posted via Android Central App

I have been using AC since before the app. Please enter me into the running....I would love the N7!

sent from my Nos M7 DNA

That's awesome! Congratulations. I've got the app on both my phone and tablet.

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations on reaching a milestone!! Use your site often to catch up on tech news. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

I've got a hole in my life that can only be filled by the profile and contour of the Nexus 7.

Congratulation Android central. I cant go a day without reading you. Keep on rocking.

Congrats on the app. Been loving it since the betas!

Posted via Android Central App

I have had the your RSS feed on my laptop home page for what seems like forever and the app goes great with my breakfast to start my day! By the way the video chat's about the carriers have been great! I travel from Atlanta to Canada a lot (my wife is from Canada) and use my her Verizon Droid M. It's an unlocked, global ready phone, .89 per minute talk, free unlimited text, without changing the SIM card. Not great, but a lot better than the old days without it...

I've seen how much this awesome app has improved over time, and look forward to the many changes in the near future! You guys rock!

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats... the App is just as awesome as Android Central is.

Posted via Android Central App

One day I'll win one of these contests.. Maybe today is that day! Thanks AC :)

I love the app but it would look better on a new nexus 7!

Posted via Android Central App

Great app! Great site! Great contest! Thanks and congratulations!

I'd love to win a nexus 7!
Also I love the app, and use it every day!

Wow! This would be my first tablet if I won't! Thanks for the generosity!

Posted via a naked Nexus 4 running 4.3 (No cover for me!)

Congratulations Android central... You've been a great source of information for me here in Uganda. :-)

Posted via Android Central App

It's a well written app, just wish it had offline reading capabilities! Other than that, it's awesome!

Love this app keeps me up to date on everything Android, now I need a nexus 7 so I can also install the app there too

Posted via Android Central App

Please choose me I would like to win at least one thing in my life

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats whole AC team. I hope the new N7 smells better than the old one out of the box. Mine was a musty rubber smell

Just downloaded your app. So far I am very impressed. Good Work and Congratulations!

Posted via Android Central App

Many will enter, few will win - said every sugary cereal contest ever (back in the 80s).

I would love to win. I'm an android fanatic and love your guys articles!

Posted via Android Central App

Have had the app for a while... but no Nexus :( Boo... make me happy to have one!

Congrats on the the last update to Android Central!

100,000 seems low for such a great app.

That being said, does sucking up increase odd of winning?
Great app, keep it up!

Great Job Guys!!!! My first and last stop for Android News.

Here is to many more years of Android updates.

Thanks for all your info. Its helped out a lot . Keep it going as you're doing a grand job.

Posted via Android Central App

Awesome job with the app AC crew. I don't know that I have seen another site have such a great looking app and spend the time to make it even better. #holoyolo

Posted via Android Central App

I know it's pretty impossible to win these but I will give it a shot!

Posted via Android Central App

I used one of these for the first time at staples yesterday, loved it.

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations on the great success. But with it being Android Central, what else would you expect from all your great followers. At the time of this post currently 4444 comments for people wanting a chance at the Nexus 7. So a 1 in 4444 chance to get a decent android tablet is not that bad I guess. Well here goes nothing!

I'd Like One Please.

Congrats on the milestone! And yes, I would love a new Nexus 7, thank you very much! My last one met its demise....failed charge port :(((

Congratulations on achieving this very important milestone. The product is exemplary in its format and content and I wish nothing more but the best to the A.C. team. Kudos!

Congratulations on the milestone! Android Central is the only Android news/blog app that I have on my phone, keep up the good work.

From iPhone to HTC One now From Macrumors to Android Central!!! I am a completely converted Android fan now. It took some time but I'm finally out of the apple cult. Lol

Posted via Android Central App

That's great that so many people have downloaded this great app, and it would be great to have a Nexus as my first tablet.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to get my hands on the new Nexus 7. I've never owned a tablet, and currently are in need of a new computer. Why not a tablet? ;-)

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