Android Central on BlackBerry

You'll need to be running OS 10.2, which you'd prefer to be running anyway

Ask and ye shall receive. We have brought the official Android Central App to BlackBerry World

For all intents and purposes, this is the same application we're running on Android — with all the stories, videos and podcasts you've come to expect — but optimized and improved for the Android runtime on BlackBerry. So we recommend that anyone who has sideloaded the actual Android apk use this one for a better experience.

A quick caveat, though. The app is for OS 10.2 and higher. And much like in the Android space, updates don't always come as soon as we'd like. We'd suggest taking this opportunity to remind your operator that you need to be able to run the official Android Central app on your BlackBerry, and perhaps they should consider updating post haste.

Otherwise, enjoy!


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The official Android Central app is now available in BlackBerry World!

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Mainly US Operators / Carriers.
The rest of the world got 10.2 months ago. The US is slated to get 10.2 in the "winter" whenever that is. By the time Americans get 10.2 the rest of the world will be on 10.2.1.

That being said, there's many ways for Americans to get around their carrier restrictions & install 10.2 (or even 10.2.1 for that matter)

Posted via Android Central App

My Q10 got 10.2 same day as my Z10. It's just the American carriers haven't pushed 10.2 yet.

Posted via Android Central App

Wish it was native but hey beggars can't be chossers.

Sent from a legal Android Central app on my Blackberry Z10

Posted via Android Central App

Almost 100,000. Sadly majority of that came from one developer. So more like 60,000 in reality.

Posted via legal Android Central App on the BlackBerry Z10

Hmmm... and everyone on CrackBerry was telling me that AC users were above senseless BlackBerry bashing comments.

But to your question: BlackBerry World is still alive and does in fact have more than "15" apps...

Posted via BB Z10 on AC App

BB10 supporting Android apps doesn't, by virtue, translate into more apps into BlackBerry App World, until developers decide to port.

Posted via Android Central App

ok yes,

BBRY supporting android apps doesn't translate into more apps.

How can I tell that to my z10? Please z10! stop running Vine, or Instagram, or GTA Vice City!, you are making me angry, please z10, stop being able to run those apps.. You shouldn't do that!

Yes, you open BBWorld and there are only 7 apps and 1 game, for a grand total of only 8 elements.


Lol, use what apps work for you. I was just saying that this functionality means nothing to the average consumer, until developers actually take advantage of the runtime and port their respective apps.

Posted via Android Central App

The latest leak allows direct apk download and install. No sideloading or porting required for most of the apps I've installed this way. Waze, Rssdemon and instagram work fine. Some may look a little ugly on the small q10 screen, but the buttery smooth keyboard is worth the small tradeoffs to me. I just typed this post in under 30 seconds.

Amazon app store app works perfectly too, so it's really easy to have access to most android apps.

Just downloaded AC on my Q10, thanks for the app! Ok, 45 seconds now....


I used to be a keyboard junkie, when I had my Pearl, Tour, and my Droid Pro. I know how efficient that keyboard can be!!

It's awesome that no porting or sideloading is required to run apps. However, there needs to be some kind of solution to translate this process into more apps for the average consumer, whether that process involves ports to the App World or agreements with third-party app stores (such as Amazon).

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

With BB10.2.1.1055, the process for loading Android apps has gone from a complicated, multi-step process that only extreme geeks would try to a consumer ready process.

I now have Amazon's app store, 1 Mobile Market, & Droid Store on my Z10. Amazon & 1 Mobile installed OTA & Droid Store was side loaded (which consumers won't do). Using all 3 stores is as easy as using BlackBerry World. Find an app, click to download & install, accept permissions and go.

I no longer have to wait until I'm home, find a bar or ask file, convert when necessary, and side loaded using Google Chrome extension...whew!

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Haha. I'm glad that the process is a lot easier now.

Let's just hope that BlackBerry will increase awareness of this new functionality to the public.

Like Kris Simundson said, BlackBerry should be doing the advertising. That "burden" shouldn't fall on the shoulders of the CrackBerry community.

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Sadly, BlackBerry will never make this functionality known.. as we all know they're terrible at that, I was talking to some of my friends today about my Z10, and I told them about the rumored Z50, they wondered why there are rumors when the Z30 hasn't even been released... I believe the Z30s been in Canada for a bit over a month now...why BlackBerry, why must you kill yourself :'(

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I got wreck it Ralph for 99cents :) I was like "WTF this price must be a mistake "... I could of pirated it, but it was 99 cents!! BlackBerry stopping people from doing illegal acts one sale at a time.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks. Loaded up. And first comment on this site lol. All good. Z10STL100-3/

Posted via Android Central App

For being a port it runs very smooth. I like that it has a dark theme too.

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z30

Love the dark theme too. Very nicely done app. Thank you for showing us tech fans some love, regardless of what platform we use!

Posted via Android Central App

Why do people love the dark theme? I mean, it's personal preference of course... I guess it just surprises (shocks) me since I have such a huge huge distaste for it. I like absolutely nothing about it.

But -- clearly -- to each their own. As long as it's just an option. :)

Posted via BB Z10 on AC App

People like the dark theme cuz it saves battery on the Q10 and Z30 cuz the AMOLED screens, but also cuz it looks awesome!

Posted via Android Central App

It was a bit laggy after I first started using it, but... wow... it's running like a native app now. I'm impressed.

Posted via BB Z10 on AC App

It wasn't rejected by Blackberry World. Originally BB 10 didn't support ICS runtime needed for the AC app. They just never got around to submitting it when 10.2 (along with the Android 4.2.2 runtime) was released. They are now rectifying that.

It was Apple that rejected it (along with a Mobile Nations forums app as I recall)

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

I'm still to lazy to uninstall my stolen version, I'm just missing out on the dark theme

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Well at least BlackBerry users have another place to learn about where to go when BB shuts down.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Or what hot new apps we can install OTA without having to side load.

Posted via Android Central App(Probably Pirated) on my Rockin' QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

Sorry not meaning to pick a scab, but if the hardware division makes it through next year I would be amazed.

BlackBerry's hardware division will be around, next year, creating devices for the enterprise market. At least, that's what they alluded to.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Works perfectly on my Q10. So what if bbworld doesn't have all the apps. We can run android too.

Posted via Android Central App

Will look forward to hear more from Android.. always good when you work in phone sales!

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Q10 running with 1GB of RAM

So now that This us available to download there why isn't The Official Crackberry app available to download here?

Posted via Android Central App

Because Android does not have a BB10 runtime. They would need to completely rewrite it.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Thanks now we need the imore app for android and BlackBerry and we would be set!! Works great guys thanks for finally thinking of BlackBerry

Posted via Android Central App

I like the dark theme. Kind of runs better on my Z10 than on my nexus 7. Good stuff all around. Active frame for BlackBerry would have been awesome.

Via Z10 Flick

Your not really surprised that it runs better on your Z10 are you? BlackBerry implemented Android beautifully

Posted via Android Central App(Probably Pirated) on my Rockin' QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

Oh man, zoom is pretty slick.

Need a slide to get that genuine BB10 feel though. To the right for loading, left for back. =P

Posted via Android Central App

Phil, for what it's worth. The 'pirated' version is just as functional as the BlackBerry version, in that the forums section launches the browser and you still can't search in the forums. So yes, essentially we are getting the same experience.

Posted via Android Central App(Probably Pirated) on my Rockin' QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

Very well designed app and it runs very smoothly. Keep the updates coming.

Thank you guys.

Posted via the AC App on Z10STL100-3/

Thanks for bringing this app to BlackBerry 10. It's awesome!

Big things happening at BlackBerry.

Posted via Android Central App

Really like this app runs very well on my Z10 always like to read other mobile users points of view thanks guys for bringing it

Posted via Android Central App

I had a little trouble logging in on my Q10. Seems like the browser uses the keyboard shortcuts even when trying to type in a field. "T" for top "B" for bottom. Copied my password from another app to log in. Thanks for putting the app out there. Mobile nations!

Posted via BB10 Android Central App

I said I'd download this the day it came out, so here it is!
From one of the happy 9 remaining BlackBerry users, thanks.

Posted via Android Central App

Great... now we can bash each other whenever we want to. :))

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10 running the only RTOS... QNX... and the always legal Android Central App

I went to the forums there was nothing all that great to pick on (not my intention I swear) so that would be pointless. I would be more fun trolling the news section.

Now that iMore forums are good for trolling, not that I have done it. They are always having i5 vs Android of the week bashfests.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Great! Thanks. This is pretty cool and makes sense since cb is out of BlackBerry tablets! Mobile nations spirit!

Posted via Android Central App

Just downloaded it, even though I'm not a fan of everyone who hates on BlackBerry from this community. But what it do ladies and gents? Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving.

Posted via Android Central App