Dragon Go!

Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition applications have been around for a while but they've been working on a new project for Android recently and with CES 2012 in full effect, they've gone ahead and taken the wraps off Dragon Go for Android.

Dragon Go takes the best of Nuance’s Dragon voice technology to create a compelling offering that allows direct voice access to what is now over 200 content providers, such as AccuWeather, Bing, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango, Last.fm, LiveNation, Spotify, Twitter and more.

Instead of going hands-on with your device, you can simply intiate Dragon Go and tell it what you want. As an example: Need to play a song? Spotify voice commands are supported so you can simply just say "Play Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO" and Dragon Go will start Spotify and beging playing the requested song.  Dragon Go is available for free in the Android Market right now, jump on past the break for their press release and download.

Nuance’s Dragon Go! Now Available for Android
Revolutionary Natural Language App Changes the Way Consumers Discover and Experience Content
Las Vegas and Burlington, Mass. (CES 2012) – January 10, 2012 – Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:  NUAN) today announced that its revolutionary Dragon Go! app is now available for Android on the Android Market.  Dragon Go! gives consumers direct access to over 200 of the most trusted and reliable destinations for mobile content simply by using their voice – including AccuWeather, Ask.com, Bing, Dictionary.com, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango, Last.fm, LiveNation, Milo.com, OpenTable, Pandora ® internet radio, Rotten Tomatoes, Spotify, Twitter, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha, Yelp, YouTube, Yahoo! and many others.
Dragon Go! combines Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition and natural language understanding with artificial intelligence technology to dramatically simplify the mobile content experience – start to finish.  Dragon Go! not only hears what you say, but actually understands what you mean.  It immediately returns the most relevant content front and center on the Dragon Carousel, with additional relevant content from complementary providers.  Further, Dragon Go!’s unique, open design preserves the content partners’ original look and feel.
“Legacy search applications are fading in mobile.  Consumers want immediate and direct access to content – not scrolling, hunting or pecking through search links or filtered content,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.  “Dragon Go! gives people the freedom to speak openly, and magically get the content they want.”
Dragon Go! features the largest direct-access content ecosystem in mobile today.   Consumers can say virtually anything and immediately jump to relevant destinations.  For example:

  • “What’s the best Thai food near me,” and be taken to the Yelp tab for local reviews, or flip over to the Phone tab to quickly call to find out about any specials on the menu that evening.
  • “Reservations for two at Slanted Door in San Francisco,” to be taken directly to OpenTable to book a table for dinner, or scroll over to the Maps tab to find out how to get there from where you are now.
  • “Show times for ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ to get to Fandango see show times, buy tickets, read fan reviews and see trailers, and then flick over to Twitter to see what other people are saying about the movie.
  • “Play ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay” to play and listen to the song on Spotify if you’re a mobile Premium user or, on your Coldplay station on Pandora.  Users can also pull up the video on the Media tab.
  • “What is the formula for sulfur dioxide?” to compute the answer using Wolfram|Alpha's vast knowledge in thousands of subject areas.
  • “Who was the most popular celebrity of 2011?” and get the answer from Ask.com.

“Dragon Go! has been incredibly successful since its launch on iOS in July, winning several awards and holding a 4.5 star rating among users.  We’re delivering fast, direct and open access to content for consumers – it’s just a better way to experience the mobile web,” said Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer, Nuance.  “Dragon Go! eliminates the intermediate steps typically required to reach desired web or app destinations.  It’s only going to get better as we continue to expand partnerships and bring new features and more content tailored for Android consumers.”
Dragon Go! is available for free on the Android Market in the US in U.S. English.
Dragon Go! is part of the Dragon Mobile Apps family, which includes the FlexT9 application for Android, Swype, Dragon Dictation and original Dragon Search apps for iOS.  To learn more about all of the Dragon Mobile Apps, visit www.nuancemobilelife.com.  Also be sure to follow the company on Twitter @DragonTweets and @NuanceMobile, and become a Fan of Dragon Mobile Apps on Facebook.
About Nuance Communications, Inc
Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.  Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications.  For more information, please visit www.nuance.com.

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ScottJ says:

"As an example: Need to play a song? Spotify voice commands are supported so you can simply just say "Play Sexy and I know it by LMAO" and Dragon Go will start Spotify and beging playing the requested song."

More than likely it would say 'Did you mean LMFAO?'.

Bla1ze says:

Everyone seems to get cranky if we swear in posts, I was just removing all plausible causes.. lol :P

joshua.worth says:

Most likely alienating Christians with this app.

stevozip says:


aergern says:

You all always feel alienated anyway .. for the majority you play the victim SO very well. What ON God's green Earth ARE you talking about .. or was this a random Tourette's of " you'll alien us, you'll make us feel bad " that you just couldn't help so you've taken the thread OFF topic? hmm.

wyldemf says:


15israellai says:

I'm intrigued.

icebike says:

Won't install on my Honeycomb tablet, and ICS support still "coming soon".

5meg dowlnload is pretty big, and I'm not sure it does much that Google Voice Search does not do.

WindRunner says:

Wish it had Google Music integration...that's what I use to listen to music in my car, after all.

Prof-KOS says:

US only and no ICS support yet. :(

9KRacing says:

Weird, it installed on my Galaxy Nexus fine

atlas9171 says:

Mine too, seems to work fine on ICS

Prof-KOS says:

hmmm. That's good then, I just need to sideload the apk then. Not in my market in Canada.

Anyone know if it works with Rdio?

wyldemf says:

Go to the market on your computer and install it from there, I had to do it on GB.

DrDoppio says:

It's not worth the effort. it's extremely limited, I uninstalled after one hour...

rnw5252 says:

I've also heard that you can just tell it to "play sh!tty music" and it will also play LMFAO's "I'm sexy and I know it."

Demodave says:

Actually....it will take you to the Nickelback channel on Pandora.

l00natic71 says:

What music do you listen to? Never mind, I probably have never heard of it... sorry, couldn't resist.

technomom says:

Very disappointing.

No integration with Google Music, Google Mail or Calendar.
No widget.
No link to Search button.
No conversation mode.

In the time I scroll to this app and actually use it for something, I could have done whatever voice search I needed with any of VLingo, Jeannie, SpeakToIt, Google Voice Search or heck, even just using the microphone app from a browser.

Fumetsu says:

Who cares about all of that. It works with Bing! Isn't Bing all we need?

<-- Dovahkiin. Sorry, wont be using this app :p

forestall says:

Seems to be quick and smooth for the services it does have access to, but without access to my dialing or texting contacts and sending email, it won't be able to replace Vlingo for me yet.

If it gets that functionality, can interact with Calendar and Google Music, then we will have something....

Works well...if you speak perfect English. If you have an accent, like I do, then searches are sometimes way off topic.

icebike says:

It will learn. These guys wrote the book on voice reco.

zeigan says:

Way to go Nuance! Now can you please update Loquendo TTS Susan for ICS since you purchased Loquendo almost four months ago??

ironkittenn says:

Does anyone know how it compares to Bulletproof's Eva/Evan ?

topp_jimi says:

I wasnt able to play youtube videos on my GN - only bring them up with an arrow in the center. Clicking the arrow did nothing. Also how do you set it up to play music stored on your phone - keeps going to an empty Dragon Go playlist.

psychofox13 says:

Doesn't support the Motorola Droid Bionic? Why? For what reason does it not support my Bionic? Works on my Acer Iconia Tab A500 and apparently the Galaxy Nexus and my old HTC EVO 4G. :l

ReiMei says:

Wow it's not compatible with my Epic 4g? Wts?

izzyncade says:

I haven't found the point to voice commands yet. For some this might be great, but I often find myself searching for items the "old fashion" way... tap....tap....type.....tap go. Voice commands are still a party favor to me, but that is just my opinion...

keith2k1 says:

So far so good...

Cellmeister says:

No Widget = FAIL!

mgraff1 says:

So much potential, needs work. Good voice. Much better than S-Voice that came with Galaxy S3. I notice the demo videos show a flawless representation of how Dragon Mobile Assistant works with a Samsung Galaxy S3. But my S3 on ICS 4.0 ...not so much.
Keep the updates coming. :)