If you are an avid user of the Barnes and Noble Nook for Android application, you will be pleased to know that they have released a rather nice update. In version 2.5 they have listened to their users, and brought some of the most popular features to the application, sadly not all of them will be available to users of 10-inch tablets yet.

For anyone using an Android powered smartphone, or seven inch tablet, the update includes a download progress meter, a wish list feature, as well as a new library grid view, for easy viewing access. For those of you who picked up the Xoom this week, your update is destined to arrive some time this spring, so they have not forgotten about you.


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Nook for Android app receives an update


The problem with nook for android is it insists on keeping the lion's share of the app in main memory, even after you invoke the move to SD option.

Their programmers have it exactly backward.

@icebike -

We're listening! Some of our app libraries are large and can't be moved to the SD card. We're always looking at ways to solve this.

Thanks for using the app - we're big fans of Android Central!

Did you guys ever make it possible to actually read books on a phone? The original version of your app was hilariously bad

I just want you to know how crappy your app was as of release time, and that you permanently alienated me as a customer with your shoddy work


I meant not for it to only show up in my files but to also show up in your library along with the rest of the books.


Side loading is in now - drop files into your nook directory on SD card and they will appear under "My Files"

Stay tuned for other content support.

Please let us know any other feedback or features you'd like to see. We're listening!

I think its great that B&N staying in the game and keeping the nook app updated. I have a nook and I use the nook app on my Captivate and now on my Xoom. The article mentions an update "coming in spring" for tablets, any details on what that will bring and what exactly does "Spring" mean? Thanks!

Ok I have one for you...why can the kids books not work on the android app?
Super annoying when my two year old is asking to read her favorite book, but I don't have the nook color with us.
My phone on the other hand is almost always with me.
Would be so great to have at the doctor's office while waiting to be seen, restaurants while waiting for food... yada yada.

There have to be others out there that can understand my gripe here.
Any technical reason why it can't work? My phone has flash, but nook color doesn't. Don't see why it couldn't work. Seems like either a (poor) choice or simply an oversight to me.

I have several problems with the new version of the app.

First, the lack of feedback when you select an option is very annoying. There is no visual indication that you have actually selected or activated the button you have touched. Given the delay that often occurs in this app between selection and action this means that I have to wait and then wait some more to see if it is going to respond or if I perhaps missed the button. Please give us a visual clue that your app has actually noticed that we've pressed a buton.

Second, I have not been able to get the search button to respond at all. That makes it almost impossible to locate a specific book or author. I have been forced to go to my laptop to find and purchase a book so I can read it on my Nook Color (running CM7). I want to buy books from you guys - why do you make it so difficult for me?

Third, the brightness control is much too fidgety. The brightness level I want to set at night is way toward the bottom of the scale and it is ridiculously difficult to set the value I need. Either make the control larger or make the scale at the bottom end have more range.

All of these annoyances should have been ferreted out by any decent testing system. Come on guys, you can do better than this.