Android apps run on the Nokia X

Nokia X now one step closer to a 'real' Android phone you won't want to buy

When Nokia was handing out Nokia X developer units, they had to know this was coming. Using the Framaroot app the Nokia X has been rooted, and with root comes the ability to add other apps to the system — including Google's own closed-source apps.

Now you can have your Google services on your Android phone, even if someone didn't want you to have them in the first place. That's because the application framework was left intact, so Nokia could let you install apps from Amazon and others. Apps are apps are apps.

I still think you're better off buying a different phone, be it a Lumia 520 or a Moto G, but if you're going to plunk money down on the Nokia X, at least it's a little better option now.

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Nokia X rooted and Google apps installed; Android is Android


Well it gives hope of a high end nokia device being rooted and the same thing happening.

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Nokia intends to release more Nokia X devices. One is bound to have, if not high end specs, at least decent low end ones.

Yes, but they insisted that the X will always be priced below the Lumia range and, although the 520 costs the same actually, I don't think we'll see 41mpx cameras and 1080p screens in a while. And then we will have 4k screens on our Lumias.

Oh no, that you will definitely not see. Not until 2016 at least.
But you may see a Nokia X with good enough specs to be similar to the Lumia 525. Depends on how well the phone does in the markets it's aimed at. If Nokia (and maybe Microsoft, assuming they forge a deal with Nokia to additionally acquire the Nokia X phones too) sees that the phones are selling well and that the strategy of supposedly leading people towards Microsoft services works, they might start increasing the specs. Never to the point of 41mpx but then again, there's no certainty that there will be another 41mpx phone (from Nokia most certainly there won't be and there's no indication that Microsoft will bet so heavily on imaging once Nokia's patents become available for all OEMs to use).
Remember: Microsoft is in the business for the money. Currently Microsoft makes more money out of Android than they do out of Windows Phone. If they see this pay-off better than expectdd I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft dropping Windows Phone altogether. It's not like they never did such a thing in the past...

Lets see.

Yes, but dropping WP is a move that will be mostly pushed by investors for instant revenue. Developing for Android will give Google the upperhand over Microsoft and then they can push their services over Microsoft. And even then, Google could choose to obligate smartphone vendors to join the OHA to use the NEWEST Android version, suppose 5.0.

The thing is, any complication Google would pose Microsoft in their Android offerings, Microsoft could replicate in Google's offerings on Windows. We should never forget that Microsoft holds over 80% of the PC/laptop market. Google needs Microsoft to have people using their services. If Google complicated Microsoft's life on Android, they would see Microsoft do the same on Windows and things would be ugly.
The only reason Microsoft never actually did anything against Google about Google's disdain for WP is because Microsoft itself doesn't really care about WP.

I like the Nokia X but mostly becuase in my country (Argentina) it will be priced like the 520 (100 dollars) and the Moto G is like 200 hundreds dollars on contract for the 8gb version. I just want it as a backup or rather complementary phone since I'll take it where I can't take my L1520 and I would like to have a little diversity. I'm not sure the price difference is worth the Moto G due to the fact that I don't need a high-end phone. Besides, if I can play PvZ2, all good for me.
PS: Don't any of you find weird that Microsoft has Peggle 2 and PvZ:GW exclusively for the One but PvZ2 is still missing from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 store?

Sad for your country, carriers there are stealing, moto g 8gb its 169 dollars without contract on most countries. But dont compare that lumia 520 or this nokia x with moto g, g is far superior including the OS.

I would actually say the governent. We have a 50% tax on products and 35% on dollars. So, it's almost always double the price.

And that if you can find them since they haven't been officially released but even the PS4 which has already been released in November has that price tag.

Sounds like it sucks to be there, from a consumer stand point.
Good weather at least...

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I wouldn't bet too much on the weather... but at least it's just fine. Most people don't have smartphones around here, that's why the Nokia X, if priced correctly, could be really succesful.

Ugh. Don't do that, it will be like buying a cheap Android tablet. Worst user experience ever.

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This is the exact issue that I have with the cheap Android tablets. People that really don't know Android will get the cheap tablet and think that it is going to be a good experience. The tablet is slow and laggy and they blame Android in general and spread their experience with others. These cheap low end devices hurt the Android image. Most are catching on though realizing that the people with the high end Android devices are having an excellent experience

Low end tablets? (Samsung Cough Cough, galaxy tab 3, Cough cough) If you want a good android device get nexus and not crapsung. Nexus 7 beats out Samsung 7 inch tablets in a heart beat. Nexus 5 and moto x is better than galaxy series. Looking forward to moto x 2 and new htc one. I do love nokia though, if windows phone gets candy crush, I wouldn't mind the new wp 8.1 phones.
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Absolutely spot on,
I had an absolutely appalling experience with my first Android tablet, luckly I gave them another chance and purchased a Galaxy note 10.1, but I wonder just how many people would've done so.

I'm buying one. Because it's Nokia, it's cheap and I'm morbidly curious to see how it does and how much can I tinker with it. It's obviously never going to be my daily driver.

I might buy the XL because I'm curious too but, if I see it underperforms in the store, I might buy a Moto G instead.

I really wish people would shut up about the moto G which is double the price in most countries.

Shut up about it in what way? Whut up about praising it? It's a spectacular phone for its price. The Nokia X is a piece of crap, even for its price.

Why would I do that? I said I had no interest in this phone to actually *use*. I'm with Nokia and when Nokia's gone I'm moving to Sony's Z line. For daily drivers I always go for the flagships ;)
I just want this phone to mess with it. Nothing else =P

I would move to HTC's Windows Phone but it's just that I love the platform. I have a 1520 but it's my daily drivers when it can't be stolen that's why I need something like the X+ or XL.

Yeah I won't. I've bared with Windows Phone because it's what runs on Nokia phones. If Nokia is gone then I'm out. WP8.1 is set to vastly improve the OS, sure, but Microsoft has given proof over and over that they're not truly committed to their own platform. So why should I care? Nokia makes Windows Phone worth to bare. Without Nokia, I'd rather just move to Android and put an end to it.

Too bloody expensive compare to its actual price. Damn retailers over here significantly mark up its price. Damn Motorola for not forcing a price cap or something.

Microsoft doesn't get it. They make a killing off Android...imagine if they go all in for Android and Nokia again becomes #1?! That's MORE money in the bank.

Who cares if this phone got hacked. It's such an ugly device. Don't get me wrong I love the Moto-X, and even the Moto G? (mid range Moto), but this one is just bad. Even the Verizon Moto choices are better than this sad phone.

All it took was Framaroot? Jeez, that goes to show how secure their version of Android is. Framaroot only work mostly on old Android devices running Gingerbread.

The Moto g is a good budget phone but it not available in a number of markets, it's almost double the price of this Nokia x and is therefore not an option for a lot of people. That's where the Nokia X series could take advantage. Availability and price/value for money are everything in the emerging markets
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