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Before we go any further today, we do need to mention just how smooth Thursday's launch of the Nexus 5 appeared to go from a retail standpoint. Google Play appeared to stand up to the nerd crush. Google Wallet — which in the past has been the bottleneck — handled the transactions as well as we could expect.

And phones are already shipping.

So kudos to the men and women behind the scenes — whose names and faces we never hear or see and who don't get anywhere near enough credit from an all-too-often ungrateful public — for keeping the wheels turning better than they have in previous launches. You made a lot of nerds happy this week.


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No, Google, thank you — Nexus 5 retail launch as smooth as you'd expect


I'd have to disagree, seeing as the 16GB model sold out within minutes. The 32GB models are still shipping with delay (November 8th to 12th, depending on region I've seen). There's a high demand/desire for the Nexus 5 - but, compared to the launch of the Nexus 4, they're definitely handling this a HECK of a lot better. :)

Sold out within minutes doesn't mean anything if we don't know how many they actually had in stock. I did get my order in though so hopefully mines will get shipped out today.

Sure, that's why certain versions were sold out in the matter of minutes and shipping time for others slipped to few weeks. No interest what so ever...

So I guess you'd say there isn't much interest for the Galaxy S4 or iPhone either, since both are currently in stock.

The difference is that Apple and Samsung talk about their sales figures publicly pretty soon after the launch of a flagship product, so we have a good estimate of how many bajillion iPhones and Galaxy phones have been sold. Google never does that for Nexus devices, so we're left to wonder.

this is about the most ridiculous thing i have heard. Yeah.... no one wants that new phone with the new OS, that's half the price of its competition with specs that are better in some cases. I am sure you nailed it.

How many individual smartphone models do you think sell more than that? iPhones and Galaxy phones notwithstanding, I would bet most flagship smartphone models don't sell much more than the Nexus.

The GS4 has already sold 40 million. In 6 months(ish). 10 times as many as Nexus 4, which has been out a fair bit longer (twice as long?).

The fact that other (non-iPhone and non-Galaxy phones) don't sell any better than the Nexus 4 did does not mean that the Nexus has high interest. It means that there's not much interest out there in ANY phone that's not either an iPhone or a Galaxy.

when was the last time you saw a commercial for a nexus 4 on a tv? Now when was the last GS4? Rest my case. google isnt trying to sell 40 million Nexus 5's or 4's. Its just not made to be that phone. But besides all that, we r talking about the demand for a nexus 5 not the 4..

True, but we can use the N4 raging to compare the N5. The masses and Google don't care about the nexus program. It's to lean for the masses, and Google makes it so app developers have a clean phone to develop on. When a company wants to sell a lot of something, you better believe they have production figured out. IPhone shortages only last for a few weeks, but the N4 was out of stock for months.


I think a lot of GNex users skipped upgrading to the N4 since their device was still supported. On the other hand, the N4 cost being unsubsidized I'm sure hurt sales. We will have to wait till Google I/O 2014 & hope that sales numbers are released.

I bet 20 millions of those are 18 months /20 months contract sales, not cash!

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Not sure if troll or attempting irony.

All you had to do is look at the /r/android subreddit to see rabid interest. When it hit the Play store, they had to shut down submissions because the link was shared 120 times in a matter of minutes. Yeah, there's little interest. Pffft.

Transmitted via sheer force of will.

Why in the hell don't they give a few days heads up? I think playing games with consumers is annoying. No announcement prior too launch is a foolish game made up by done bored little marketing nobodies.

I think the best business thing to do, and would be the smart thing to do, is have a Nexus Pre-Order Page like all new device products from big companies. You get an idea of sales that way and can ship them out the same day of launch without having thousands clicking on the site all at the exact same time.

Also I think its pretty awful that customers of Verizon lose out on this device and are punished because of the control crap between G and V. After 2 years of this crap you'd think they'd come together just to make money, Google sells devices and Verizon Keeps customers. I've read hundreds of post of people leaving vzw for the Nexus 5.

Not being available on VZW makes VZW a nope for many. I switched to straight talk over a year ago with the gsm gnex, then the n4 and now the n5. Have not looked back.

That's Canada's fault.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
I just want my Nexus 5
It's Canada's fault its not arrived!

this is actually my fault, I bought 2 in Vancovuer Canada

and some guy in Vancouver Craigslist is selling 10..... before it released with pictures must of hiked a USA pallet

T'is true, true indeed. Can't wait to get that shipping confirmation. Must say though, it will be hard to part with my Nexus 4. But dang, that Nexus 5 sure looks good....

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It's unlikely they saw the same condensed volume as with the Nexus 4. For the N4, they announced the exact hour it would go on sale two weeks in advance, so every nerd in the country was trying to buy it at the exact same time.

This year it went on sale with no prior official warning, so the traffic was probably more spread out.

I'm sure that was a tactical decision that helped with the launch.
Can't blame them really, even though I have to wait 2 - 3 weeks because I didn't hear about it right away.

Is it available in retail stores in the US/Canada? I know several people who are already sporting theirs in the UK after walking into Carphone Warehouse and buying one.

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Belgian webshops list it for 399€, shipping on november 5, which is cheaper & faster than the Nexus 4 launch :)

I put my order in at 3:55 PM EST and my confirmation says "Ships by 11/7/2013", which kind of sucks when you consider that's a Thursday. If it ships on 11/7 (Thursday) I probably will not get it until Monday 11/10 due to the weekend.

I'm hoping it ships by Wednesday....

And Monday is Veteran's day... Though I don't know if that matters in the case of UPS or whoever Google uses unless they use USPS.

Somebody help me out. What's the reason for getting this instead of a GS4 Google Edition? It looks like it has a faster CPU, and a Hall sensor. But, it gives up the microSD slot, swappable battery, and has a smaller battery. And I would think the faster CPU would chew battery as fast or faster than the GS4 CPU, so the smaller battery could really be a problem.

So, like I said, help me out. Are you buying this just for the faster CPU? For the Hall sensor? What is it?

It has better hardware across the board and it's almost half the price? It has the Nexus dev community? It will get the lastest software first? Not that the GE S4 isn't a great device, it is.

IMHO the biggest differences are:

- From what I've seen, the camera on the Nexus is HORRIBLE. Anyone watching TheVergeCast yesterday could only look in horror as Josh tried - tried tried to take just one decent photo, with no success. The camera on the S4 is really good.

- Battery is smaller on the N5, I'm not so sure that matters super much though.. the N800 should be more battery efficient, especially if you are going to use the always-on voice assistant thingie

I would still go with the Nexus, but with causion.

I'm gonna get the Nexus myself, but will probably keep using the HTC One as my daily driver.

It may be because the camera on my last phone was even worse, but I haven't found the camera in my Nexus to be bad at all. Actually, pretty impressive for a cell phone camera, in my opinion.

But my time with the N4 will be limited... my wife really likes it, so she's getting a slightly used Nexus 4 as soon as my Nexus 5 gets delivered!

After having several HTC and Samsung Android phones, then the N4, I don't think I'll ever buy a non-nexus phone again. OEM skins and bloat just kill Android.

Better hardware? The CPU is faster, as I already mentioned. The screen is the same size and resolution. The Nexus battery is smaller. What hardware, besides the CPU, is better (than the GS4 hardware)?

Probably, for the price, specs, and stock android. Looks like a great device. Plus no contract.

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The battery may be a bit smaller, but the processor is much more battery-efficient, so the battery life will probably be better than that of the GS4.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Snapdragon 800 is supposedly great on battery life, better than the 600 so you could wind up with fairly equal battery life.

I own a GS4, which I've rom'd and is running a Google Edition rom, and it's no nexus.
I myself don't like the GS4 because of it's physical buttons, which don't work the way I'd like.

Better hardware, the active listening capability of the moto-x, on screen buttons.
It's subjective, but I myself am glad to swap out a GS4 for a nexus 5

I don't know about this headline......if you consider selling out of all 16GB stock within a couple of hours of launch a 'smooth launch', then I guess they did. I was anticipating that they'd have learned some valuable lessons from the Nexus 4 launch and have plenty to go around.

I think Phil means, 'Wallet didn't crap out and crash and the system didn't have server errors for hours before you could order.' That's a success to me.

Yah if you were hammering the enter key like I was for a few hours last year, this is a great success comparatively.

I may have to wait 2 - 3 weeks but that's not the end of the world. At least I didn't waste 2 -3 hours just trying to order the damn thing lol.

N5. I ordered, got a shipping date in a week. Sorted.

N4. Get up early. Spam play store from a few minutes before it opens to an hour afterwards. Wallet down. Play store down. Can't order even after all that effort. Even those that did manage to order in limbo for weeks not knowing the ship date.

Totally different experience.

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I hope Amazon puts it on sale unlocked soon. Was working and couldn't order before the 4 week delayed shipping. Thankfully my Nexus 4 is badass still.

Ordered mine @ 2:30 (32gig) and got a shipped notice @ 12:06 this morning. Still assume its not getting here until Monday.

Did yours originally come with a "ships by November 8th"?

I'm trying to piece together whether that date matters or if they're just sending them all out at random. Some people got by November 5th while others got 7th. Mine is 8th, curious what that means..

I ordered a 32gb Black at 2:50pm EST. My order says Leaves by November 8th... my bro ordered a 32gb Black at 3:30pm EST, his originally said Nov 8th, then he said it changed to Pre-Ordered this morning... and tonight around 10pm EST he got his shipping confirmation and tracking #. I have yet to get mine. He picked 3-5 days shipping. I did 2 day shipping... So I have no idea what's going on. I ordered mine 40 minutes before him. Same product. I paid more for shipping, and it looks like his was shipped before mine. ; ( ugggghhh.... pissed!

I ordered a black 32GB and got "ships by 05 Nov."

And yet, I got an email saying that mine had shipped just after midnight today. There is hope!

I agree it was smooth. I was able to get the phone I wanted with a Nov 8 ship date, though I could have gotten in on the first round had the Sprint activation thing been clear and if I would have realize I could easily cancel an order once placed if I needed to.

Anyway, it is unfortunate they still don't have a good handle on their inventory issues, unless that is by design. They have been selling affordable Nexus phones for like three years now and after the demand of the Nexus 4 you would think they would have inventory to cover at least one days worth of orders on at least one of the 4 models...

If you mean when will Sprint start selling it I read they will offer preorders today and release on the 8th. The phone, however, is the same exact version as what is sold on the Play Store. There isn't really a "Sprint" version this time around.

They are all one and the same, the one in the play store work with sprint! Ordered mine already, but if you want to reup your contract and get it subsidized its Nov 8.

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Yup, big +1 to this. Things went really well for me this time. My phone shipped this morning too. Nothing disappeared out of my cart at checkout like the N4 did. Granted, I was on the site and hitting "confirm" within a few minutes of the page going live.

There's only one version. It does it all except Verizon. ( well in the US anyway. There is an international Nexus 5 with different radio bands...)

"From a retail standpoint?" I always figured "retail" referred to actually products sold in stores, not only online.

I remembered reading a text about an hour late from a friend telling me it was out.
I was scared it'd be sold out already, but Google played it well this time.

Via Nexus⁴ w/ Android Central app!

Step 1 ensure the Website stands up to the traffic! CHECK
Step 2 ensure that Wallet can handle the handle demand! CHECK
Step 3 Ensure the device ships when you send out the email providing a tracking #:! UNKNOWN!

As somebody who was in shipping limbo during the N4's launch and waited over 1.5 weeks to receive my device after being notified that it had shipped, I am still skeptical, but at least it looks like things are going in the right direction.


I was happy to order my 16GB Black Nexus 5 within the first 10 minutes and I already got a shipping notice as well. Yipee!!!

Forgot to mention mine said ships by Nov 5th on the order confirmation. I already have the tracking number. So hopefully Google is giving an extra couple days in their lead times. Hopefully you all will be happy when your phone ships early!!!

Actually, the website will say "Out of inventory. Please check back soon" when they are officially out of stock.

Also Nov 8th, no shipping. If someone in the 8th group get's shipping, please reply to all of us in this thread so we get the notification.

If Phil means it was smooth as in "Not a disaster," then yes, it was smooth. I managed to order my phone, then cancel, then reorder in the color I wanted when I figured out how to hack the URL correctly. Now the waiting begins for my confirmation. (Didn't get one yet, although I got a Nov.5 date like others who got shipping confirmations already.)

But in terms of "normal person smooth," no, it wasn't smooth, at least not on my end. I had to find the exact URL for the phone (thanks unknown person who posted it on the Google blog), and I couldn't even change the options when I got the page.

That's not smooth. That's sloppy on Google's back-end.

Also, there was NO other way to find the N5. Searching for "Nexus" or "Nexus 5" either in Play or on Google got no hits, going to the Devices part of Google Play store got no hits. Even trying to go the official N5 site got me a 404. How is that smooth? That is sloppy as hell.

Are you kidding? It was a freaking great banner on the front page of the play store!

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While technically smooth, I think Google showed just how amateur a launch can be done because this wasn't a launch. No earlier news, no time given to potential customers as to launch time and no word that there were 2 models being sold.

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You couldn't be more right. Google has an immature marketing team. I think they're playing games with their consumers.

The consumers for the Nexus are play store developers, and I saw some Google+ posts from devs that they already had one, so it would seem to me they did a fine job.


Consumers for NEXUS phones are all developers? Wtf?
That's not Google's marketing plan even if what you say had a kernel of truth (which it doesn't).

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I was able to place an order, cancel it (wrong credit card), then place another one successfully. I have since received shipping confirmation.

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No one should be whining if theirs hasn't shipped yet. Didn't it say ships in 1 to 2 days initially?

just ordered my 32gig. the 16 would have sufficed but its out of stock and im not waiting for months like i had to with my n4 to order one

anyone want s 16 gb n4? nearly perfect condition. original box and accessories. 250 its yours

Nada on your N4 at any price.
Camera is important as well as 32 GB internal memory, battery life, and ergonomic comfort.

I ordered 2:15 EST, with the shipped by 11/5 message and have yet to receive a shipping notice. I did originally order a 16gb black and then proceeded to cancel that and order a 32gb black, but received a confirmation email of my purchase.

So, for what my word is worth, and yes I know that for the vast majority of you that's next to nothing, but I am going to share it with you anyhow. It is my understanding that the teared shipping roll out was designed around Google's brick and mortar storage space. Traditional retailers are not yet stocking the Nexus 5 so Google had to balance demand with their supply capabilities. As to the demand, which was questioned a few times earlier in this thread, to my knowledge (I'm certain I'll be corrected if I'm wrong) the 30,000 units, also mentioned earlier in this thread, was per shipping round. So that means anyone who received a notice that their order shipped today was part of the first round. If your order confirmation said that it would ship on the 8th then you were part of the second round. The other confirmed shipping dates are the 15th and the 22nd. That's four rounds at 30,000 phones per round. For the mathematically challenged that's 120,000 (yes one hundred and twenty thousand) phones in four weeks.
They did a great job at handing the huge demand and while I know everyone wants theirs yesterday at least we were able to order our new shiny and go to sleep last night knowing that it was going to show up at our doors, at the very least by the end of the month.
NEXUS 5 32gb White shipping on the 8th
For those who received confirmation that their orders shipped today "I hate you all"....... ;-)

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This does make sense, but it's based on the assumption each round is 30,000 units. From what I heard 30,000 was for Canadian carriers?

Lol. I agree Phil, it was nice to not be a complete train wreck. However, it's hard to heap praise on Google when it took 18 months to build the back end of a working ecommerce site, for well less than 50 skus.

Speaking of which - why is Amazon not building, instead of Google?

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Because google is good at mass collecting private data. The government sees it as a 2 for 1.

I'm not impressed:
US Store, 16gb: "We are out of inventory. Please check back soon"
US Store, 32gb: "Leaves warehouse in 2 - 3 weeks"

Sounds like could learn a couple lessons from Google Play, although there's way more people getting healthcare than a new phone.

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Has anyone in Canada received shipping confirmation? I placed my order for (1) 32GB Black Nexus 5 at 2:17PM, literally 5 minutes after they launched it and my order status still shows as "pending". I called the Google Play help desk and they told me this was normal, but I'm skeptical.

Ordered mine at about 2:10PM. When ordering it, it initially said it would be shipped by November 1, however the receipt emailed to me says November 8. My order status is pending as well still

I just got my shipping confirmation about 15 minutes ago. Shows it coming out of Louisville, Kentucky and delivery estimated for Wednesday November 6th.

I was kinda miffed at myself for missing the initial launch and ordering 3 hours after the ordering went live. I was OK with the fact that my confirmation email stated that my black 32gb N5 would ship by 11/15 and I wouldn't be charged until it ships...


That's just not true. I checked my B of A account this morning and a pending charge of $448.90 is in the pending charges queue sitting in monetary limbo laughing at me. I arrived at the Google play page and confirm with the FAQ page regarding Google play policy regarding charges on devices. Hmm, seems conflicting. I have a rep call me. She keeps reiterating the fact that I "won't be charged until a tracking number is generated and the phone ships." So I ask, "So does that mean my $448.90 is being held until until the potential ship date of 11/15 and I have no access to those funds?" She replies with the previous statement like an automaton.

If they wanted to check to see if funds were sufficient, charge the account and refund the money the next business day (today). Not pleased with that outcome but I guess it's better than having your order get lost or back-ordered for 6 weeks.

No, Google, THANK YOU!

First world problems.

I think you are missing how these charges work. A merchant has to place a PRE-AUTH (pre-authorization) on a card to make sure that there are sufficient funds and that these funds are RESERVED for them. That way, when they go to ship, they know they have the funds reserved and then they perform a POST-AUTH (Post Authorization) to actually charged your card. If they did it how you said, and charged and refunded, there would be no guarantee that there would be sufficient funds when the device finally was ready to ship and they would have a big problem if your card declined at that time. Hope this helps you understand how these things work.

I completely understand that's how they operate. Many business online state that to their customers flat out without confusing them. But receiving a confirmation email stating that no charges are to be made until said date and is backed again by a FAQ page is conflicting information.

If they would change their wording to reflect their actual mode of operation regarding charges I would have never had to go through a phone call with a representative.

Also, how would it be a BIG problem for them if the funds weren't available once they checked back on the shipping date? That would mean I (or another theoretical customer)would be SOL (Shit Outta Luck). No N5 for you, order cancelled, ship it to the next person.

I understand exactly what you're complaining about. I had that same complaint when I first started buying things online many years ago too. I didn't understand why it seemed as though my card was being charged when they said it wouldn't be charged yet. Unfortunately, it is exactly as the person who replied to you first said. Is it confusing to normal consumers? Yes, actually, it is. But this is nothing special on Google's part; this happens with any transaction, pretty much. Keep buying things online, and you will run into this time and time again.

To make things easier on you, just know that when you hit that confirm payment button, you are being charged. ETA: (And Bank of America will deduct that money from your balance) You're not really, technically, but in normal terms you kind of are, because the money is now reserved to be sent out to that company when the product ships. However, on the other hand, you are not actually charged, because if you cancel your order, that money is now released back to you (never technically leaving you to begin with).

wait let me understand you. you have the 448.90 to buy the phone and are complaining cuz it wont ship for a few weeks but you cant access that money? seriously i dont even know where to begin explain how foolish you sound.

lets say i order 5 and they wont ship for a few days. if google doesnt pre-authorize and your bank doesnt hold the funds what happens when if your account is a dollar short?

if you cancel the order or google does for some reason. that money is let go and its all yours almost instantly.

I can't begin to explain how foolish you sound by not understanding what I'm saying regarding their wording on charges.

Here's how it should be relayed to the customer:

We're charging you now but the product is unavailable currently. Once it comes back into stock we'll ship it out to you ASAP.


"You won't be charged until your order ships".

Plain and simple.

"CHarged" is the suspect word in this language. Technically, you are not charged. Bank of America makes it look that way, as they deduct it from your balance so your initial reaction is "WTF?" - but Google hasn't charged anything to your card yet. As someone else said, that money has to be pre-authorized (not charged) to see if your account has it in there. It's being held by nobody; after this, two things can happen - if you cancel, that money is immediately put back into your balance. If you don't cancel, Google makes it a charge (with the full name of the product, instead of "Pending") when they ship out your product. You don't see a decrease in balance when it ships, then, because Bank of America already showed you what the decrease would be. You can even see this as Bank of America's warning of what money you'll actually have so you don't go wildly spending cash thinking you have it, then the product ships, and you're overdrafted.

Unfortunately your solution of them just deducting the full amount from your balance, then putting it back, to see if you have the money in there, doesn't work because the balance is an ever-changing variable. Have you sold something to someone over the internet before? You really want to be sure you are getting your money before you send that out. Otherwise, you are giving them a free gift, and you can no longer even try to sell it someone else because you sent it to them already - it's gone.

In most banks the preauth doesn't show as a charge, only a drop in the available balance (which always includes transactions in progress so is normally different to the balance).

There's really no other way to do it. You still have the money - you have not been charged.. It's simply allocated for future use.

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I think the pre-authorization will be released in a day or two. Then when google ships it you will get the real charge showing up. Unless, of course, you are lucky and google has in fact charged your account but has yet to send you a tracking email.

Pre-authorizations don't work like some people seem to think. Google will not keep the $448 tied up until your phone ships. It will drop off there. They just do that at the time of sale to make sure you do in fact have the ability to buy the phone. Then when it ships they will charge it like normal and if those funds aren't available the card will be declined and they will cancel the order without warning and you will have to go to the back of the line. It isn't like google holds onto your money for weeks and then ships the phone using the same authorization that you gave the day you placed the order.

This is what I thought was happening with hopefully getting lucky and receiving a tracking number/ship faster than the estimate but I couldn't get an answer on that. It's good to know someone actually understood what I was trying to say. Thank you for explaining and throwing your 2 cents in without being condescending! I'm just glad the phone is finally announced and we'll all be basking in KitKat glory very soon!

Man, I'm a bit bummed. After reading, yesterday, of some units shipping AND some of the examples were time stamped near my order (I ordered it at 12:13pm MDT), I feverishly checked my gmail for a shipping email.....but, alas.....nothing. Ugh.

Yep. And none of those fabricated "shortages" like what CrApple is doing just to increase the hype and artificial demand.

Hmm, can't tell if serious... Google could be doing that exact thing, especially considering they have gone through this before and would have had a much better idea of the demand this time around.

Apple does much better job when it comes to supply n demand issue. It also has superb customer service and always ships devices that work properly from the day one.
My N7 had software update as soon as I started it up and then another within a month. During the same period I lost half in of pixels on the screen.
Idk if I'm buying anything Nexus any time soon.
I don't like iOS in so many ways and probably won't buy one ever again but for many people and their needs that's the best and most convenient option.

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Google has a dorky marketing team. Not announcing the launch sooner prior too sale is weak marketing.

I ordered at 11:10 am PST and haven't gotten a shipping email yet :( Order page still says pending but shows the ships by Nov. 5th tagline.

Thanks Google, for making the ordering process smooth and giving us another awesome nexus device.. Can't wait to get mine.

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Yup ordered a 32GB @ 5am Friday morning, and got back the dreaded leaves warehouse in 2-3 weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Google doesn't really do much on the marketing front for the nexus line, like Samsung and LG I don't think. hell probably would have sold out sooner than they did if so?

Samsung Galaxy S3

Under promise/ over deliver: my 32gb that "ships by 11/08" will be coming early. Just got the tracking number. Awesome.

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Over deliver is an understatement my order was placed "Oct 31, 2013 8:33:32 PM EDT" and I got shipping notification this morning for delivery on Tues.

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I ordered a white 32GB with 3-5 day shipping on Nov 1st at 7:03 AM with a 2-3 weeks wait...

To my surprise today I received a shipping notification with tracking saying ETA of Nov. 6th (Louisiana)...

Can't Wait!...

I just got my shipping confirmation today for my 2 x 16gb black N5's!


This year's launch went so well, especially compared to last year's N4 launch.

I had done a dry run ordering a N7 and making sure that my Wallet was updated.

I was reading leaks constantly the week before actual launch and I had a hunch that Google might launch the new model around noon on Halloween.

I was, however, in a meeting, but as soon as I was able, around 330pm MST, I ordered 2. No issues whatsoever.

The google play store said 2-3 weeks AFAIR, and just a couple of business days later, I have a shipping #. It still has not been charged, nor do I have a real tracking update, but still, it certainly made mine and my son's day!

Yeah Google!

I guess I am the only one that has had actual issues. I ordered on Oct 31st. Received an email saying it was shipped (WITH a tracking number that would update in 24 hours) and had my credit card charged via Google Wallet on the 1st.

It is the 18th today.

The tracking number has not updated (and after talking to UPS, they say they never actually received the shipment) and Google Play support has just sent me generic emails saying they are investigating.

It was to leave warehouse on the 8th, even though it was "shipped" on the 1st.

No phone. Big charge on card. No updates from anyone.