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Here it is folks. What we appear to have in front of us is a pretty official looking image of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This apparently is the banner that will adorn the Google Play Store once the device has been announced in the forthcoming Google I/O keynote. 

Right now, we'll overlook the phone interface until we've seen it in the flesh. We're only moments away from finding out all we need to know. 

Source: Droid Life


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Nexus 7 official looking image appears ahead of expected Google I/O launch


This is exciting but am I the only one who thinks with phones (like my Galaxy Nexus)nearing 5in I feel like a tablet needs to be a little bigger.

This is a pretty big fail in the tablet world, and it hasn't even launched yet.

Unless google starts to attract Tablet app developers, it'll never touch the iPad

I've always felt that the app drawer icon is kinda plain compared to every other icon. I was hoping JB would change that. Oh well. Good thing NOVA lets me change it.

I do see pogo pins on the side. That should make docking with a keyboard or other accessories nice.

The Bezel looks freaking huge lol Looks to be a good product but but i agree with dmchenry35, If the devs don't get on board or google makes the tab and phone apps work with each other. It won't matter how many cores or sd card slots the tabs will have. But i would never buy Crapple so I'll stick to my PC and Phone