Nexus 4 Official Bumper

Perhaps one of the most sought after accessories on Google Play, the bumper case for Google's Nexus 4 is back in stock. Ever since the launch of the Nexus 4, Google has had problems getting these bumpers out to customers. Even those who ordered on launch day were told to expect delays up to 3 weeks. Since then, the availability of the bumpers has gone from back in stock, to out of stock, and even to "no longer available for sale." This forced Nexus 4 owners to either buy 3rd party bumpers, or pay incredibly inflated prices on sites like eBay.

While a tad expensive, the official bumper definitely has a fit and finish that compliments the Nexus 4 nicely. For a better look, check out our full review.

Hopefully Google has gotten their supply problems under control like they did with the phone itself. I wouldn't risk it though - if you've been waiting for one of these, order now.

Source: Google Play Store; thanks, Michael!


Reader comments

Nexus 4 Bumpers in stock in the U.S. Google Play Store


I'm getting a little tired of this from Google. I had a Nexus One and currently own a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

I'd love to have the Nexus 7 dock that was in the store for less than 24 hours but I'm not going to support a product that is always out of stock if it seems that the Google is not really supporting it either. Waiting months or years for products to be in stock is beyond old at this point.

If the Nexus 5 isn't easily available when I'm up for a new phone I will buy from someone else next time, probably from Samsung, or whoever has the best 3rd party support for both Roms and accessories.

They were in stock almost a week ago when I looked, as well. I'm pretty sure AC is holding the news back a few days so that the store isn't flooded from the inevitable stampede that happens every time they post about its availability.

I should also add....if you are quick enough to ebay after they go out of stock you can get one for only slightly more, if not the same, price as on google play. I ordered my bumper from a private ebay seller within an hour of going out of stock last time, and it was the exact same price after shipping.