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Update: Just as in Europe and Australia, it seems both flavors of Nexus 4 are now sold out in America, less than an hour after first going on sale. As of 1:20pm ET the 32GB Nexus 10 is sold out, too. The 16GB Nexus 10 is still available to buy.

Original story: Credit cards at the ready, folks. Following the chaotic European launch earlier this morning, which resulted in all Nexus 4s and most Nexus 10s selling out, Google's new tablets are now available from the U.S. and Canadian Google Play Store, along with the 3G Nexus 7.

In the U.S., the Nexus 4 comes in 8GB and 16GB flavors, which sell for $299 and $349 respectively. If it's a Nexus 10 you're after, it'll set you back $399 for 16GB and $499 for 32GB. Global pricing can be found in our earlier post.

If other territories are any indication, these new Nexus devices are sure to sell out quickly -- particularly the competitively-priced Nexus 4. So what are you doing still reading this? Hit the source link down below and go select your Nexus of choice.

Be sure to check in down in the comments, too, and let us know how you're getting on with the order process.

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 launch on Google Play Store in U.S. + Canada [update: N4 sold out]


It is 1:55 pm EST and I just placed an order for a 16gb nexus. I received a confirmation almost immediately. Keep hitting f5 (or refresh). I don't think that they're sold out. I think that their servers were slammed.


Anybody in Canada seeing the 16GB show up anymore from time to time? I have seen the 8GB go up a few times but not the 16.

Just got my N4 16gb at 1:01PM Central Time using Internet Explorer. Total was $340.90. Keep trying people! I was about to give up but I kept trying and it paid off.

G2g ask mom for $340.90 lol I can haz Xmas prezent Early?

Are you sure you didn't buy the 8 GB version? It should be closer to $400 if you got the 16 GB version.

I'm betting everyone that ended up with like 6 or 7 ordered that really only wanted one and canceled, those are going back into the queue, which is making it flop around so much.

I also just got my "notify me" email about 20 minutes ago. lol @ that.

frustrating; I have been refreshing like a mad man for about 40 minutes now but still no go; I'm throwing in the towel and will just wait.

Hang in there man. it took me almost 2 hours before mine went through.
Gotta realize you're not the only hitting refresh like a mad man.
I'm willing to bet there's hundreds of us.
Just stay at it

if your using chrome.. you need to ctrl F5, regular refresh and clicking refresh just redraws the page with the images stored in the cache

use IE, it redraws the page everytime you click refresh (be sure to login to google ahead of time)

I went for the not-desirable-at-all Nexus 7 32gb 3g, so I had no trouble at all :-)

Gonna wait for a 3g 10. After a year with a wifi-only Tab 10.1, I've decided I need full-time connectivity.

I Just placed my order for the 16GB! Once I get the email. I will be happy! Finally!

They aren't sold out, just backed up badly...refresh for 20 minutes straight...

YES! E-mail comfirmation! 16GB ordered! Finally some luck! Keep refreshing! And add it to cart quick as hell!

Ordered Nexus 4 (16GB) at 14:07 Eastern Standard Time.
Confirmation email received at 14:08.
Charge authorization whowing on AmEx already.

Windows 8 Issue?! (read on)

I kept seeing others' comments about placing an ordering after seeing the intermittent "add to cart" button by refreshing constantly. After trying the same, I saw and clicked on the "Add to cart" for both the 8GB and 16GB versions over 10 times, with each resulting in an empty cart with a statement to the effect of "something went wrong, keep shopping" and NOT adding the item to cart. I did this in Chrome, FireFox and IE9, all in Windows 8.

However, the constant confirmations by other comments here, made me think that there has to be something else wrong.

So I rebooted into Ubuntu Linux, fired up FireFox, refreshed a few times until I saw the "Add to Cart" button, clicked it and placed the order WITHOUT A SINGLE ISSUE.

Now, I can't imagine what kind of problem could be limited to Windows 8, since the errors seemed to be comign from Google's servers. But, it's worth a try to check with a non-Windows-8 OS.

Good Luck!

I would even say give it another hour and try...should die down a little. Plus we are 3 hours ahead, if you order by 3 or 4, orders should go out today make it by thursday. I would hope.

I would try to order from PC and phone. I got my order placed through my Note :)

I was running Auto Refresh Plus in Google Chrome for the 16gb Nexus 4 and at around 11:25am EST or so I saw a refresh change the page to show an [Add To Cart] button, I quickly added it to my cart and checked out without issue.

Gonna have to use this Auto Refresh Plus next time Pearl Jam tickets go on sale in the Tenclub!

just placed an order at 2:28 and received the order email like 2 minutes after. i downloaded Auto Refresher plUS and randomly kept checking and it worked. i placed an order around 11:38-40 and now another one, awesome! keep trying guys.

I've been doing the same refresh trick since Noon EST and I was just able to get my order in at 2:45 EST.

Just keep refreshing, every now and then you'll get an "Add to Cart". Keep trying, eventually it'll end up in your cart. They just keep clicking purchase until you don't get an error. Don't refresh your cart once it's in...the first time I got it into my cart and got a purchase error I refreshed and the 4 wasn't there anymore...

Just downloaded Auto Refresh Plus will give that a spin. My hand was getting cramped from hitting command+R over and over
Haven't seen the 16GB change to Add to cart for over 2 hours in the Canadian store though.

Same here, I'm a fellow Canadian who's been running Auto Refresh for almost 2 hours now, haven't seen anything pop up yet. :(

It might be about time to update the "update" for the original blog post to read "not completely sold out," so as not to discourage those who rely on AndroidCentral for updates and news, just as many of us do.

So for everyone in Canada, I just got off the phone with Google and they confirmed that the 16GB is Sold out in Canada. She couldn't help me with my order that they cancelled on me just saying I'll have to order again. She also gave me no timeline on when more were to be available. :(

How is it sold out when it never said buy now or in stock!! i have been auto refreshing since 7 am. what a bunch of BS!!!

FINALLY! Who says persistence doesn't pay off? Just ordered 16GB N4. I didn't even bother to add the bumper this time. Didn't want my Nexus getting SNATCHED from my freakin' cart again.

N4 16GB just purchased 14:10 Central Time US.

Like everyone else, countless empty cart tries and wearing out the refresh button. Order confirmation received saying it will bill when shipped, so hopefully it is a valid order in their system.

I feel like i busted a mission to get my nexus 4 8 gb lol. i got out of work last night at 1150pm. i stayed in my car until 1230pm watching people line up outside of best buy haha but also i try and get the phone. i read it wasn't gonna be up until 9am pst so i went home. i was up until 2am refreshing like a mad man. i finally went to bed at 2am woke up at 550am and kept refreshing again until 832am when i saw add to cart. i had the 16 gb in my cart buy my f-ing credit card info was out of date. i had to start all over again and i fought for 30 plus minutes and i was able to get a 8 gb instead of 16. i will take it. i know i can make 8 gb work. i even missed two classes to get it haha. i do however feel bad for alot of people who didn't even get a chance to try and buy one. Google screwed up big time and next year they better have at least a working website. i know demand is hard to gauge especailly for nexus phones but its no excuse that the site had the problems it did.

Hate to say it, but this Nexus debacle is demonstrating that Apple's greatest strength truly is "the customer experience".

Say what you want about the ridiculousness of waiting in line outside an Apple store for hours, but at least you know where you stand in line, at least you are served respectfully on a 'first come, first serve' basis, and at least you're not subject to a lottery of *whose internet connection is the fastest* because the website can't handle the traffic.

This is not a premium customer experience in any fashion. No email notifications went out to those who had signed up for them, no pre-orders accepted from dedicated Android users, no confirmations for those that *might* have got their order processed -- This, in some ways, is actually more of a cluster#$%@ than buying a $5 BluRay player at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

I'm planning to switch from a 64GB iPhone 4S when the Nexus 4 is available, but this experience is making Windows Phone 8 look more tempting. Windows already holds the advantage of largest (although also the disadvantage of most premature) ecosystem in my opinion. If I cross paths with an HTC 8X or Lumia 920 and those phones are impressive, it might be tough to hold off so that I can deal with round 2 of the Nexus availability debacle. After all, what reason do I have to believe that I'll ever be emailed of the Nexus 4's availability? And what reason do I have to believe that when it does become available again, this exact same madness won't repeat itself? And even possibly a third time?

I simply feel Google has not demonstrated an ability to make this process easy for anyone, and the difficulty all stems from their inability to handle their part of the deal.

Key message for Google: you're not helping your cause with this type of customer experience.

Anybody get any emails yet from Google on whether or not they shipped it today? Or do u this they will ship it tomorrow

I just found my shipping estimate: November 15. Its in your google play store account. Not sure if this means i'll get it on the 15th or it will be sent out on the 15th...

Just purchased 16GB N4 at 3:23PM Eastern US time. Just kept hitting F5 like it owed me money until the add to cart came up and then bounced on to Proceed button and it went through. Got the confirmation right away. THEY ARE NOT SOLD OUT!!!! Good luck.

Hello, I ended up being charged for two Nexus 4 8GB phones, if interested and are serious about it, let me know and you can buy one off of me, I just need to recoop the amount charged plus shipping to your area.

They pretty much let me know that I just have to refuse one of the devices when they arrive. I know it may be hard for folks to get one ordered so I figured this would at least give someone a shot at a phone. I still need to make sure they both do indeed arrive. I got the email confirmation for one but not the other yet.

Message me if interested.

Thanks for the reply, I will let you know if the item is still available and if you would still be interested if the deal falls through with the first responder. Thanks!

Finally after refreshing a bunch of times. Got 1 16GB N4.. Received Confirmation email and they have charged my card.. Lucky me!!! Persistence is key... Good luck everyone!

Just ordered mine!!! 243 Central time....process took all of 15 seconds once the phone was "in stock", my day just got better!!!

Unfortunately I believe the "Shipping Estimate: Nov 15" Is when it will be processed and shipped by Google. So with no Saturday deliver from UPS these will not show up until next week.
This is what happened with the Nexus 7 debacle. If it is really going to arrive on the 15th we will all be getting a tracking number later tonight or in the morning. If not these will not arrive until next week.

Don't give up hope people and don't do something stupid and buy one off Ebay for $500. F5 is your friend here....they are still selling the 16s. Do it!!

GUYS, DON'T STOP REFRESHING. I ordered my N4 (16GB) at 12:45PM PST after refreshing dozens of times. Good luck!

I don't know why it works for some but not others, but I have refreshed hundreds of times, with some intervals in the middle, with no luck. Sigh....

I'm not exactly sure how browsers work, but could yours be showing you saved data everytime you refresh? (in other words, it could not be really updating the page)

Or maybe you could enable/disable certain browser settings. I don't know! Good luck!!!

Man I do feel like an idiot, or an Apple fanboy.
I keep on pressing F5 for more than 40 minutes. Sure it's a joke...

I got on at 11:35 am EST and was able to add the 16gb N4 but could not checkout. After several failed attempts of checking out the N4 was sold out. Been refreshing like mad since but so far the add to cart has never appeared. I'm from Canada... so frustrating... been holding off for this phone for months now, and it seems will have to wait a couple of months more before Google can make enough to keep up with demand... They should have pre-sold these and get an idea of demand. Hate to say it, but they should have learned from Apple here...

Just got a 16gb Nexus 4 at 4:23 pm EST. "Add to cart" just appeared after a few refreshes. Thanks to AC and theverge for letting me know you can still get one :D

Just ordered a N4 16GB at 4:40pm EST. Keep refreshing the page if you've been unlucky all day, they're still selling! I was using Auto Refresh Plus with Page Monitor set at a refresh of 2 secs.

Also just got one at 4:40PM EST as per other comments - keep trying folks! No bumper yet though :(

Anyone know of ANY case available for this thing - I reallt don't want to damage it and will happily put it in anything available until decent cases are around for it.

Keep on going back and forth between 8 and 16(if you dont care which version) or keep refreshing(f5)! It works..just is annoying.

The Play Store (if you consider the torture through which they put us "play") now says "Sold Out" for both versions of the phone.

I finally got through around 3:30 EST after a fiasco with my credit card pulling the alert fraud card on me. I think the main thing to look at now is the status of the orders. Currently, mine says "pending" but listed with 2 day shipping. I hope that pending status isn't a drawn out deal.

Guys please keep refreshing. I ordered nexus 4 16gb at 8PM EST.

I guess then refresh trick might work only when someone cancels their order.

So keep trying

I was able to order the 16GB from T-Mo this morning. I hadn't wanted to extend my contract, but I am on a fairly reasonable legacy family plan, and the price difference with the subsidy will pay much of the overage by staying on that plan for another two years (versus the prepaid I had been planning to move to). And one-day shipping was available so I can get it tomorrow.

I had colleagues confirming orders going through hours after you declared it "sold out in the US" Alex. Don't follow the herd ... many sites were mis-reporting the status based on F5 tomfoolery.

i didn't receive anything yet. Wondering how long this will actually take and trying to figure out if ill have it by Friday.

Can anyone provide confirmation from Google as to when the phones will actually be shipped out? I see Nov 15th on my order, but it isn't clear as to if that is the SHIP OUT date or the DELIVERY DATE. I do see that we all paid for 2-day shipping though...

i think it means that its going to ship out tomorrow then we should get it 2 days after so by Friday or Saturday and since some people don't have ups delivery on sat you might not get it till Monday :(