Reports from Korea suggest 'Galaxy Gear 2' and 'Galaxy Glass' on the way later in the year

Last year saw Samsung's first entry into the world of wearable devices, with the launch of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and more could follow this year if reports from the Korean press are to be believed. Today two reports from outlets in Samsung's home country point to Samsung Galaxy-branded wearables for both your wrist and your face arriving in 2014.

First up, ZDNet Korea reports that the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will be unveiled in March or April at a London event. The design, the site claims, will be radically different to the Galaxy Gear we know today in an effort to make it more fashionable. Specifically, it's claimed that the Gear 2 will incorporate a flexible wraparound screen, reminiscent of designs submitted as part of a Samsung patent filing last year.

An unveiling in London this March or April also points to a potential tie-in with Samsung's next flagship phone, with recent rumors also suggesting to a mid-March London unveiling for a possible Galaxy S5.

Meanwhile the Korea Times today reports that Samsung is also at work on its own smart glasses technology, tentatively named "Galaxy Glass," with the aim of launching it as early asĀ IFA 2014 this September. According to unnamed Samsung officials, the device would pair smartphones and offer functionality similar to that of the Gear and Google Glass. Naturally, Samsung Display is said to be supplying the translucent lens to be used in Galaxy Glass.

If Samsung were to launch its own smart glasses this fall, it'd put the Korean company in direct competition with Google Glass, which KT reports through supplier sources to be slated for general availability in the second half of the year.

If today's reports are accurate then Samsung certainly seems serious about wearables in 2014. However given the lukewarm response to the first-gen Galaxy Gear it may take a major step forward in software and functionality before either wearable sees widespread adoption.

Source: ZDNet Korea, Korea Times


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New Samsung wearables rumored for your wrist and face


Galaxy gear 2 and galaxy glass sound like me to efforts. I'm not hopeful they would be quality products given Samsung's track record in wearables.

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You do realize that this is how tech has reached the levels it has today, and how Samsung has become an industry leader. (aka tech giant)

By your observations Intel should have given up at microprocessors just because their 4004 chip was only a 4 bit CPU.

Samsung produces arguably some of the best android phones out there and I have confidence that their line of wearables will over time be seen the same way. The fact is that the first model a company produces is always lacking something that the general public will perceive as a needed feature. (not to mention the "fear" people have for something new anyways) Over time the wearable market will gain more functionality and the designs will be sleeker, smarter, and generally more accepted. Without first attempts such as Samsung's galaxy gear, wearables would never even have a chance...

And sign me up for a gear 2 (possibly a glass as well) to go with my GS5 when it hits shelves.

I thought gear was just released few months ago and it wasn't that great since it's still limited to certain galaxy devices only and now they're going for gear 2...

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Dont worry, before next autumn there will be million Gear variants... and probbaly they work only with new galaxy pro line devices, LOL

Seems like Samsung is flooding the market in all area trying to prevent competition. Unfortunately this isnt good, it onlu makes all those devices crappy and unfinished because they need to be released asap.

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Sign me up! Kind of sucks that a new Gear is coming out already. Either way, it should still be nice.
Personally I would take a Galaxy Glass over Google Glass any day just because everything else I already have is a Samsung.
Should be an interesting year.

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Samsung love you. I would take whatever product doesn't tie me to another. Samsung basically traps whoever buys a $300 galaxy gear.

I get what you are saying. Your way would give you freedom to buy different devices and not have to rely on one another.
Sometimes it's nice having a device that was made somewhat specifically to work with another specific device.

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So would this mean they're really taking advantage of the cross-patenting deal with Google? A Google-Glass-based Samsung Glass would make sense :P

Neither category excites me at this point, but of course everyone wants to see new shiny things!

The thing that got me is the March-April thing for the S5, haven't they been doing those announcements at MWC?

I would hate for them to go a few weeks later and ruin all the good phone wars for the day.

I just got the first Galaxy Gear for Christmas. If they make another one soon, I'm gonna shoot myself lol.

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I think the original GG is still nice.. I get that they should've released the product with the latest update but it's still a nice device, IMO.

I say they ditch the camera and invest more into the main component. I know from personal experience that certain places wouldn't like it if they spotted that and wouldn't let you in with it. Not to mention that if you really want to take a pic of something you can just use your phone.

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I can understand sometimes not having the phone around and the camera on the GG being convenient, but yeah, ditch it.

Everyone should realize we live in a disposable world with an ever shortening life expectancy for technology due to rapid evolution.

Was it only 5 years ago Apple introduced the iPhone?

Disposable doesnt mean that you have to consume and pollute the whole world just to get a newest one. But you are right, this is exactly the message Samsung gives: buy, buy, buy more, consume! We make new toys for you on everyday, just buy them all!

And actually technology doewnt change so rapidly. Marketing just want you to think so and want you to replace your fine working device to the new one.

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So the Galaxy Gear was just a thank you item for helping fund/kickstart the Galaxy Gear 2. Ahaha.