Captivate gps lock -- indoors

There is a new ROM available for the Samsung Captivate, and many users say it fixes some of the bugs that have been a sore spot since launch.  Before we talk about the bug fixes -- this is not pushing out from AT&T, and we haven't had a chance to try it yet, we've been a bit busy. You'll need to download the ROM from, which is an unofficial support site. 

Now that that dirty business is behind us, here's what the folks who have had a chance to try it out are saying:


  • Media Scanning is quicker
  • Quadrant scores are a bit higher
  • GPS lock seems to happen faster
  • QuickOffice is included (though you can find it in the AT&T section of the Market on your Captivate
  • Prompt for action when plugging in USB cable is now enabled by default
  • Added YouTube HQ button


  • USB tethering removed
  • No HSUPA
  • The "go into flight mode and turn on wifi" Market workaround removed

You can get all the info and download at the source link, and see a video of some quick GPS lock (while indoors!) after the break. [xda-developers]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

There are 6 comments

Lupercal says:

For the Captivate only? Or does this apply to the Vibrant too?

Gekko says:

i like that "GPS Status" App!

Zips7987 says:

Anyone have a walkthrough how to do this? Does it require a root? Noob here...

renzi555 says:

If you really want to speed that thing up apply the one click lag fix. Quadrant scores in the 2200's. No joke. Also on XDA.

Maliberti says:

I bought this phone from Wirefly 3 days ago.
I checked my Software Version and it says 2.1 already

Everyone's Captivate came with 2.1

They're talking about a fix to the onboard software to fix the GPS and lag problems