Pebble v.2.2

A firmware update has made its way this evening from Palo Alto, Calif., to a Pebble smartwatch near you, and version 2.2 brings a couple of welcome improvements.

First up is that you can now rearrange apps in the launcher. Just highlight it, then hold down the select button (that's the one in the middle on the right), then move the item up or down. It's especially useful because now apps that you use frequently aren't buried at the bottom.

And almost as important is that you can now adjust the volume in the music app. Just hold down the select button, then choose either up or down to raise or lower the volume. It's quick, it's easy, and it's a nice addition. Also, the music app has gained a track progress bar and has some layout improvements.

The alarm has been tweaked as well, vibrating for up to 10 minutes, instead of just 60 seconds.

To get the firmware update, visit the support section of your Pebble smartphone app, then choose Check for Update.

Source: Pebble blog

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metalspy8 says:

sucks for all the people that payed for that feature.

gtg465x says:

Not really. Are you referring to Music Boss? Because it does a whole heck of a lot more than simply add volume control.

Fadakar says:

Yeah, controlling my Chromecast is such an indispensable feature now.

eahinrichsen says:

Whoa, I didn't know it can do that. I might have to give that a shot.

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@eahinrichsen I will not use replies here to promote Music Boss, but if you check out its app listing and watch the overview video, it gives a little snapshot of the Chromecast feature.

evostudios says:

Yeah, Music Boss' implementation of volume control, plus many other features, are far superior to the stock music app. I'm still glad I paid for music boss.

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phrozen087 says:

I gotta agree with the other people here. While this adds some of the features of music boss, the quick double taps for volume are still easier to use. However, the killer feature for me is being able to switch between Google Play Music and Pocketcasts from my wrist. I think the ability to jump between apps and then change how the buttons control each app individually is easily worth the price alone for Music Boss!

geewhipped says:

Nuts... I was excited for the track progress bar but it appears to be iOS only... and it doesn't look like Music Boss has that feature, either...or am I missing something? Is it a limitation of the android music API?


It's trickier on Android. But not impossible ... :D

JimBen73 says:

I don't have music boss but I'm loving the new update

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