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In hopes to enhance the user experience and bring a more powerful navigation experience Magellan has released an all new Personal Navigation Device (PND) that has Android running underneath. The first of the units released will be the 5430T-LM which will feature a 5 inch display that they hope will offer the same touch screen controls as a mobile phone. If you have ever used a navigation unit before you have likely become frustrated when you pressed one thing and a different thing displayed. 

"These new models will have the advantage of the Android operating system's superior handling of navigation data and Magellan's record of proven safety and performance," commented Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management at Magellan. 

Magellan is hoping that Android will allow for a more cohesive experience on their devices and that even the softest of touches will be accurately recognized. To ensure motorists are able to have the safest and best experience they have included many premium features on the new unit. Some of these features include free lifetime traffic alerts and map updates, landmark guidance, PhantomALERT and junction view, all of which will help make sure you get where you want to go, and safely.

Packing all of these features in was no easy task, but Magellan is still able to bring the device in at a very reasonable cost. Magellan has announced that the 5430T-LM will be available in Q1 and the MSRP is listed at only $179. Will you be picking up this Android powered navigation unit to get yourself or a loved one where they need to go?


Magellan® Announces New RoadMate Automotive PND Product Line Featuring EasyTouch Screens and Android OS at CES 2014

Economically priced and featuring Magellan's most advanced navigation software, new models bring power of smartphone quality screens to more consumers

Santa Clara, CA - January 6, 2014 - Magellan, a leader of innovative GPS devices for vehicles, fitness, outdoor and mobile navigation, announced it will introduce a new line of RoadMate Personal Navigation Device (PND) units featuring EasyTouch touch screens and an underlying Android OS for a more powerful navigation experience, at 2014 International CES. Responsive, empowering, and intuitive, the affordably priced units bring all the benefits of high-end smartphone touch screens to more consumers than ever before. The initial introduction features the 5" 5430T-LM with traffic and lifetime maps. The products will be on display in the Magellan CES meeting room, MP25740, located in South Hall 2.

"These new models will have the advantage of the Android operating system's superior handling of navigation data and Magellan's record of proven safety and performance," commented Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management at Magellan. "Also, commonly found on smartphones and tablets, capacitive touch screens on PND units were previously offered only in the highest price ranges, but the Magellan RoadMate line now offers it at an affordable price."

With their Android driven touch screens, the new RoadMate PND units with EasyTouch screens are more user responsive. The screens react to even the softest of finger touches, giving the user a more enjoyable experience and the security knowing they are buying a product that is easy to use. Users will be touch communicating with Magellan's most advanced navigation user interface to date, introduced in 2013 on premium SmartGPS units.

The new RoadMate provides a superior navigation experience by integrating the Android OS, EasyTouch screen and features that get drivers where they want to go safely and as quickly as possible.  It comes equipped with many premium features such as landmark guidance, PhantomALERT, junction view, and free lifetime traffic alerts and map updates.  Users know they are traveling with the information necessary to make critical on-point driving decisions.

Magellan's RoadMate 5430T-LM will be available at retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online at in Q1. It has an MSRP of $179.99. 

About Magellan
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, MiTAC Digital Corporation, manufacturer of the Magellan ( brand of portable GPS navigation devices, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MiTAC International Corporation. Magellan, the industry leader for innovative GPS navigation devices since 1986, globally markets award-winning products in multiple categories including auto, RV, commercial, outdoor, fitness and mobile. Continuing its spirit of innovation, Magellan is developing new cloud-based technologies, wearables, OEM and B-to-B solutions to meet the changing needs of today's consumers.

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New Magellan navigation announced with Android OS running underneath


I'm actually thinking of getting one. You never know when you'll need a gps that doesn't rely on cell data.

Posted via Android Central App

Very true. That's a great point. For that price it's also something that I'll consider.

Posted via Moto X (VZ)

The post said something about a premium feature of Real Time Traffic Updates.

Still need that data connection if you want to use that.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

The traffic data in stand alone GPS units like this one and any current Garmin receive traffic data that is broadcast over an FM signal, so there is actually no need for a data connection.

I know we can download our trip plan area from Google Maps to phone. Is there way to download an area (eg, City, Province, Country, etc) to SD card from Google Maps?

I'll buy one I need a new one anyway I had a GPS from 2005 and one day it was sitting in a cupholder and I spilled coffee on it it still worked but the screen was stained on the inside lol

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G

Here Maps is better!! Here Maps offers true offline voice guided turn by turn navigation. You can download maps for a specific area or city or country.

"These new models will have the advantage of the Android operating system's superior handling of navigation data ..."

What does that even mean? How does Android handle nav data better? Is there something BUILT INTO Android that map apps use that makes them better? I don't understand.

I have a garmin nuvi, also a build in garmin navigation system in my car, but at the end of the day I still prefer to use Google maps.

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder if someone, if it hasnt been done already, would be bold enough to create a a standalone Gps unit with only the latest version of google maps slapped on there.

I know this is tech heresy to say but I honestly believe Waze should jump into the hardware game. Just come out with their own version of a stand alone GPS unit. They'd have no competition. They (ie Google) could make a deal with ATT that for 4 bucks a month all the data is covered. I'd buy it. Better than destroying my phones battery in two seconds while waiting for a GPS connection that never happens.

Nope, if I ever need a stand alone GPS again it's will likely be a Garmin.

Posted via Android Central App