By now, we are all aware of the GPS issues that have plagued the Galaxy S series of phones since release. In that time, several supposed fixes have emerged, including one directly from Samsung. How effective these methods have been isn't exactly clear as they have all had mixed results. Now, a more direct -- albeit complicated and risky -- method for fixing your GPS issues on the Vibrant has emerged over at XDA Developers, with relatively high success.

This method involves actually altering the internal components of the phone, particularly the GPS antenna and it contacts. You will also need to be running the JI6 modem or later, and your phone will have needed to be manufactured prior to October.  Let us be very clear that this method involves breaking the Vibrant down completely.

*Be advised that this method can will void your warranty, and if you goof anything up you will likely brick your phone permanently.*

If you feel comfortable with this after adhering to this warning, head over to the source link for the full instructions at your own risk! [XDA Developers] Thanks, r3g!


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New hardware GPS fix emerges for Samsung Vibrant


This is F*cking crazy........SAMSUNG needs to fix these phones or send out new ones......No one whould take their phone apart and fiddle with the hardware....

Its not THAT crazy :p lol. A bunch of us have done it and all but maybe 1-2 people saw awesome results. It really isnt very hard to do either. I agree that it isnt ideal to own a phone that NEEDS this done to it but hey it is what it is. Samsung isnt gonna do anything to help us so we have to help ourselves. We can spend complain about how crappy the GPS is until the next new phone for T-Mobile comes out or we can take 5 minutes to make our GPS usable ourselves.

Samsung Captivate users can access this little clip without even taking their phones apart. It contacts our metal battery cover directly. I just took my cover off and bent mine up a little with no hassle.

This is just stupid. If people are having such horrible problems with their Galaxy S phones, they should RMA them or work to get a different phone as a replacement.

The problem is, especially with AT&T, is there aren't any suitable replacements if I want to stay with AT&T and still use Android.

The moral of this story is, stop pre-ordering devices. We should all wait 30 days before we get a new phone. That gives a full 60 days to find all the bugs and be able to return it if necessary.

I had a Captivate for a few months. I spent countless hours trying the countless "fixes" for the GPS. Somebody would release a "fix" and there would be a wave of people saying "OMG THIS IS IT!"... only to have it fail in a few days. Now people are willing to bend internal parts for the next "fix"?

The Galaxy S GPS is broken. I now own a Droid X, and the GPS just works.

Sad but quite true. These are great phones save for the bad gps and STILL no Froyo.
Its a shame that Samsung phones at this level will be forever marked as gps failures. I love my Fascinate, but the issues with it really do frustrate me. Good thing I have a level of patience with it lol

I just did mine. It's actually very easy. Oddly Samsung doesn't use the sticker method or anything to mark the screws, so removing them shouldn't affect the warranty. Did I notice a difference? Definately. I locked much faster in my house. I couldn't get a lock at all before.

I also bent up the tang for the GSM antenna while I am in there for good measure too lol.

I also just completed this little pet project. I prob could have bent the clip up a little more and may well later on but I can already tell there is a huge difference in the time time it takes to get a GPS lock from a cold start and the signal quality has drastically improved. I will play with it like this for a week and see what is up.

I'd think hard about that. That contact is SO freakin fragile. I would hate for u to break it and have to solder a new one on like I and a few others had to do. If your GPS is usable now I would prolly be content with it.

Does anyone know how I tell whether I have a jl6 modem? I am suppose to "upgrade" to it???