Samsung Captivate video

Thanks to Samsung's official Twitter account, we were alerted to a new commercial for the AT&T Captivate. It's nice to see the manufacturer promoting its products even if the carriers won't. We've already seen some generic Galaxy S commercials and this appears to be the first for a carrier-specific version. Hopefully they give the T-Mobile Vibrant some love as well, seeing as how it has gotten next to no marketing push upon its release.

Enjoy the video after the break!


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New AT&T Captivate commercial done by Samsung


Judging by the picture, this is a commercial about the Samsung Captive being used to help grow hairy palms.

I read somewhere that T-Mobile wasn't planning any marketing until the 23rd, as a part of a soft launch.

very cool video. picture is awesome on the galexy s series in real life. i have to admit its a horrible place to stop and take a pic if your trying to convice people android's not just for porn

A lot of these post always say something about "after the break". What break? Is this a TV show or something. Engadget does the same thing and it makes no sense.

Only some of the article is on the main page. They're telling you that there's more to see if you follow the article link. Sometimes it's just a video, sometimes it's a more in depth article.

Read the main AC page. Scroll down to this story.
See how big it is (one para and one picture)

Call up the story.
One Para, one pic and one video and comments.

See that wasn't so hard to figure out...

It's a reference to a break in a page. In a newspaper you would have the first part of the articles on the front page and then finish them after the page break, typically on another page with the full content. There is more to this world than TV shows my friend.

Not sure which is worse...thinking it is a hairy palm or little people running around in the palm of your hand. Both kind of creepy. LOL

at first i thought that the picture was really just inappropriate. i saw a hairy palm and some white liquidy stuff.. pause.

Does anyone else think the new Verizon ads suck? Oddly, I kinda miss the pocket protector can you hear me now?

Sprint definitely does the best ads.

1) Because prices are one of the most important things unless you are rolling in cash. Why would I pay more for less?

2) They are also about unique devices like the Evo and new services like the Wimax that is being rolled out nationwide.

Naaa! Verizon has it all over Sprint in the Ad department! Verizon commercials drum up suspense intrigue, while Sprint ads have you wondering WTF this commercial is all about! Case-in-point see above commercial!

The Captivate does not come with a manual, probably trying to be green. But all you have to do is download the adobe reader app, download the manual from Samsung, and you can always have it with you on your phone

all good