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We're not just in New York City working on the (more or less) super secret #tm13 -- we're also still hard at work at the all-new Android Central application.

We're edging closer to a public beta. But before we put this guy out in the wild, I want to hear what you folks want to see in it. We like to think we've thought of everything that we want to have in a v1 release, but it's still possible we've missed something completely obvious.

So what are you looking for in the all-new Android Central application? Let us know in the comments. And I'll maybe even drop a few hints of what's ready to go, what's in the works and what's a great idea for a future feature.

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deadlock4400 says:

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the good news

mwara244 says:

@Phil Nickinson

How about a YT video of the process of what it takes to develop an app from beginning to end for Android. Always curious of how Apps are developed.

Could you include easy way to search specific items in the Forums. i.e. I always search for Google Wallet updates to sideload because I'm on VZW

Breaking News Message to our phone when app is on.

mwara244 says:


Mr.Slave says:

I want to see Boobies!

tramsay09 says:

there are already apps for that

NexusKoolaid says:

FWIW: I approve of that link. It's SFW. And kinda funny. :)

(and it's probably a good idea to at least say so.)

bmg1001 says:

Dude, the 11th picture was a wallpaper in CM7!!!

Andy Kere says:

Holy Crap that was funny. Laughed so hard...:)

Firespyer says:

2x2 widget

Firespyer says:

2x2 widget

mattyb1085 says:

Can you access the Forums from the app?


Mayoo614 says:

Sexy stuff!

Green_Laser says:

looking more sharp with the holo theme

some feedback on current app: works great, use all the time

keep up the great work

Fairclough says:

Maybe a live chat? as with everyone the forum in ir kinda like mIRC style. Probably too hard to do and a bit pointless.

Eclectech says:

Is it me or does everything look better on the HTC One? Sheesh I love this phone.

ceriem says:


Mayoo614 says:

- Recent news (of course)
- Be able to read and post comments
- Get alert to replies on comments
- Live blogs (on events)
- Bookmarks
- Get alerts on specific categories (let's say I want an alert on everything "Nexus related")
- Get alerts on updated bookmarked news
- Integration with forums
- Tablet optimized view
- Shop Llyod gear ;-)
- Give us a free Glass, Nexus device or whatever new on Google I/O

... ok the last one is "just in case". Hey let me dream a little okay!

XavierMatt says:

It looks just like the verge app. But I too want to get notifications on replys. That would be awesome.

still1 says:

tablet support

DaEXfactoR says:

Ah yes! Agreed.

tramsay09 says:

ShopAndroid Integration
2x2 and 3x3 widget
Holo design

moosc says:

Clear background for widget

Things I can think of off the top of my head:

- View video reviews within the app
- Access to forums
- Multiple widget sizes
- Dashclock widget PM counter
- An appearance difference to show an article has been read

Judging by that photo above, the app looks very promising!

Timbitman says:

I want a completely unified holo colourful experience
Ability to taylor our news feed to exclude certain things, or gravitate certain things
Forums access
big pictures previewing the post, unlike the old app (which I never used because of that)
ability to see comments, post comments, and reply to comments

joshua.worth says:

Links to Android Central's Twitter and Google+ pages

deadlock4400 says:

very good points @joshua.worth

sequoia462 says:

A scrollable and resizable widget
Widget options for just headlines or for headline + first line

Comments on articles - read and post

^^^^THIS! All day long^^^^

rbess1965 says:

Please make sure we still have a Dark Display Style for Amoled screens. The forums are my go to spot so I'd like to be able to easily get to my favorites from the main page. While in the forums, and this one is important, I would like to be able to swipe left or right to go from page to page instead of having to go to the top or bottom of the page to look for the navigation arrows. Everything is better with gestures:) This should also be applied to any Tabs you have. Instead of selecting a tab at the top lets use gestures to go through. Also, while in the forums, a rolling latest news ticker at the bottom of would be pretty cool and actually would be nice if we had the ability to chose the content of the ticker, i.e., Latest news or Latest news related to our favorites and so on.

Tinostre says:

Acces to the other Mobile Nations sites from within the app.

Lanhoj says:

I'd like to see the App appear in the "Complete Action Using" menu when taping an Android Central Forums link.

Jay Holm says:

Alerts to forum replies .
Streaming of both audio & video podcasts, both recent and past episodes.

-If it has a similar widget as the old one, scrollable would be nice.
-Comment reply notifications
-Wallpaper Gallery (because people ask you guys alllllllllll the time the wallpapers you are using.

Jowlah says:

It's funny. I still have the old AC app in my phone and it shows on the screen the push notifications of a new article, but I then go read the article on the website since the app freezes and crashes. (I know, it's a bad app.) But if you are taking notes from us, here's what I would like to see:
Resizing of the widget and push notifications.
Easy access to the forum from the app instead of a separate app for the forum.
The "starring" of favorite stories for easy return to it later.
Customized feeds so you get the stories and news that YOU feel is pertinent.
And please make sure it doesn't eat up too much memory.

You can tell I'm loyal to AC just by the fact that I still use the old app. Please give me a reason to ditch this one so I can have the newest current one. It's nice to know you guys are hard at work on this new hotness. Just waiting patiently.

If in app and click on link, when you go back it should go back to spot of link not the top! why cant blog appgs get this straight...looking at you engadget and even tmz..

Jay Holm says:


ilhe1s says:

Holo design with swiping from left to right. A beautiful tablet layout somewhat like Falcon Pro or Scope Beta layout wise. An option for light and dark themes and I'm sure there are more but those are what matter to me for Dynamic UI and UX. Looks like you covered everything else from the pic you posted in the comments. TIA

Typongtv says:

I second you.

Jdroid3 says:

I really like the halo theme with card style layout. It makes everything look so fresh and clean.I really like the look of the New Play Store.I'll be excited to see it because I use Android Central everyday

Floss82 says:

Resizable widgets, notification and alerts for new posts and comments, light and dark holo theme. Fast and smooth app in general

dextorboot says:

Already been a lot of suggestions I would've mentioned (and that are probably already there). How bout access to the poll of the week?

mechaz says:

ability to listen to podcasts

keepa36 says:

a link to the podcasts would be nice

keyzlife says:

A news feed option would be good. Similar to the feed on the home page.

DaEXfactoR says:

I would like to see some way to buy from directly through the app. Maybe even a way to pay for purchases with my Google Wallet account. Oh, and of course the ability to download/stream the podcast(audio and video).

I want to see it on my soon to be new One.

Notifications of new articles.
Ability to comment within the app. And notifications if your comments are replied to.
4x1 news widget.
Chat room for podcast.


Typongtv says:

Since there's a side menu I hope we can reveal it by Sliding from margin and not have to click any buttons. :D
Also since this is a holo UI app I wish slide right and left is implemented to switch between News, Reviews and Editorials ;)
looking forward to trying this one.

eahinrichsen says:

Threaded comments. The way the mobile site works, you can't see if a comment is a reply or an original comment.

seanlongoria says:

What others have said plus news alert notifications, preferably with the option to share the alert from the notification

Mayoo614 says:

Can you explain alert vs notification?

seanlongoria says:

Basically what I'm asking for is for them to send breaking news alerts via the notification bar, similar to what most of the news apps already do.

Alert and notification are interchangeable in this context, I would just like to be notified of breaking news

PapaDocta says:

it would be nice if the app could detect the device type and offer the option to whether the app when starts to give specific news/forum posts/ and anything related to that device and then below the rest of the latest news :D

Jeremy Conn says:

That would be great! kind of like Drippler if you've ever used that app. Good call

rob6raham says:

Magnet links.
Pick up URLs and offer the app to open them like eBay, Play store.

I read news from taptu so would be nice when I "open in browser" it loads the app.

Those after widgets... Something like taptu does this well and its not limited to one source.

donebrasko says:

I love the way you can download apps being discussed on wpcentral. Will ac be like that?

jonmall says:

It would be cool to get a notification for when the podcast is on :-) . I wouldn't have to wonder whether I missed it the next day ( since it's usually on at 3am here).

2x2 Widget for sure (actually lets go with resizable so i can have a whole homescreen dedicated

Sarrod says:

I want the app to open up instead of the website, if I click on an AC link in a tweet or G+ post.

Jeremy Conn says:

Yes, definitely!

greenie25 says:

Not so much a feature but it does need to be FAST. If i want the latest news from you folks then I want it in front of my face as fast as possible (data permitting).

moosc says:

Hey Phil is that based on the new Tapatalk beta app? I'm liking the new Tapatalk beta

herabros says:

I don't know if you have already had this requested but access to the wallpapers to download images right to our phones from the app!

BigDinCA says:

How about no damn menu bar! I'm sure a site called Android Central will make sure there app is in line with the Android standards from a year and a half ago, but I just want to verify that's been checked off...

TLB69 says:

I want too see it on my HTC 1 that I havnt gotten yet,Darn it!!!!!

jdevenberg says:

Push notifications for quote/like/thanks/subscribed threads in the forums and the ability to select notifications for new articles with certain key words. For example, I may not want notifications about news about the Oppo Find 5 but would like to be notified about a new story tagged to be about the HTC One.

Jeremy Conn says:

Good holo ui and make it tablet friendly...a quick way to access podcasts and maybe even a button to enter a live stream would be great as well! Keep it up guys!

neosushi68 says:

I would really love to see pocket support. I user it in a daily basis and is simply awesome. Feedly solved this very elegant with a one time setup within the settings.

Plus they solved social media integration in an wonderful discreet way.

neosushi68 says:

I would really love to see pocket support. I user it in a daily basis and is simply awesome. Feedly solved this very elegant with a one time setup within the settings.

Plus they solved social media integration in an wonderful discreet way.

neosushi68 says:

I would really love to see pocket support. I user it in a daily basis and is simply awesome. Feedly solved this very elegant with a one time setup within the settings.

Plus they solved social media integration in an wonderful discreet way.

mmark27 says:

G+ links on phone open the APP, not the website. Stupid VERGE

elvisgp says:

Maybe add more of a cards ui between different news stories. It will fit in with the new style of holo, and will help make things look separate and less stuck together. Thanks!

Green_Laser says:

it's not a huge deal, but:


make it easy to start a poll from the app (or to easily view the one started on pc site) as well as be able to easily participate in the poll from the new app.

To take a bit further, compile/pull all polls created both in the forums and AC site headlines, sort them by date, and have a section/tab where users can view the titles of the polls, as well as the leading/#1 result to those titles. This can help allow users to engage as well as find the answers to the specific questions they may have.

May be a neat and easy way to learn a lot about new and existing devices or software recommendations people may have.

you get the point, hehe :-)

gramamoose says:

Work with Blinkfeed under Apps so I can add it alone and not have to get feeds on all the tech sites!
I'm also digging the touch at top to auto scroll back to the top!
Make it easy to upload pics/vids/Zoes!
Support screen rotate!


craigrn16 says:

I just want an app with a clean modern UI that doesn't crash all the time. Basically the opposite of your current Android Central app

Save spot in feed when going back from an article. I hate having to go back down through all the headlines again to get back to where I was in the old app. Play video in the app.

Xingularity says:

I want the simplicity of the mobile web page and the ability to comment to posts. As far as forum access go, I'm happy with the dedicated forum app.

The ability to make articles available offline. A proprietary reader mode. A beautiful, simple widget.

rmkilc says:

-Holo UI. No GingerBread UI elements. No gradients. No legacy menu button in the Navbar.
-Tablet layout in the SAME apk.

Wesley1 says:

The ability to listen to live and old podcasts would be cool. Needs a cool widget too.

rfmike says:

Dashclock widget for the latest posts.

Tablet optimization.

Clear background for widgets(Like how HD Widgets does it).

An appearance difference to show an article has been read such as(Dark Print for NEW Stories) and Light print for ones you have read.

A scrollable and resizable widget(((THATS A Must Have)))

Widget options for just headlines or for headline + first line.

dark and light holo themes.

ability to listen to podcasts.

dancing-bass says:

I got nothing to add. Really I don't.

I can't wait though. The current Forums app seems to have gotten a little wonky in the last few days, not sure why (and I know I'm not the only one seeing it). It works...just slightly borked that's all

Can't wait to see the new app, and can't wait to find out what the deal is with #tm13

asd216 says:

Looking good! That beautiful HTC one and the app!

jean15paul says:

*Great newsreader.
*Great forum interface.
*Great media player (online and offline).
*Dark theme.
*I see in the pic that there are seperate tabs for News, Reviews, Editorials, but I want an ALL view in chronological order.
*Scrape AC links and give the option to set the app as default to open them.
*Notifications on replies within the forum and replies to comments within the blog.
*It would be great if I could find all of my blog post comments under my account.
*It would be great to have an interface to participate in the live podcasts including chat (I'm never been satisfied with UStream.) I don't know if this is technically possible with the current setup.
*Holo themed
*No crappy ad networks
*Not a resource or battery hog.
*Smooth scrolling
*Fast loading
*Fast rendering

I just want plain and simpe news added as soon as the website gets it at the same time!!!!! Love the look!

azetoh says:

have the first few lines of each article visible in smaller font on news feed
make it so clicking an article doesnt take you away from the main page,just expands the rest of the article
easy refresh: either pull or refresh button

Not too many ads!

rayd1994 says:

Widgets of course so I can read news without going into the app and also automatic refresh.

pppilot says:

The app should keep you logged in - remembers your username and password so that you don't have to re-enter them each time.

basskidd says:

Being able to star stories and cache them. and have starred stories in a specific section.

edde333 says:

A dark theme option. And if it has ads let us pay to turn them off.

JOCN4SEE says:

@Phil you're doing a great job with this app!
G+ integration would be nice. and some chat features too