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While third-party Netflix applications are somewhat limited as to what they can offer anyway, some folks still love to use them. Netflix is putting an end to any future third-party clients however, by killing off the public API program. 

Currently active clients will continue to function, as all API keys currently issued will remain active. What it does mean is that no new keys will be issued to third-party developers, so what we've got today is as far as it goes. Additionally the developer portal is being set to read-only, and the OData catalog will be retired in April. 

Netflix says that the changes are being made so as to focus on the products and features most used by its subscribers -- or in other words, the official Netflix clients. It's still a little sad to see future third-party apps killed off completely, but given the times we live in -- Twitter being the obvious example -- it isn't all that surprising either. 

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Netflix shutting down public API program, current third-party apps will continue to function


Just doesn't make sense that you would reduce the functionality of your product in such a way, unless they're planning on adding lots of ads in the near future, in which case, I totally get bastards.

This blows. It seems to me as if Netflix didn't even notice all the Twitter backlash from a similar developer-unfriendly decision. And even worse, Twitter at least has some monetary reason to turn on their developers (despicable as it was to do so). I can see no monetary advantage in Netflix's case.

Further, Netflix first-party apps are entirely devoid of disc queues. If I want to add, say , “Justified” to my disc queue since it is not Streaming yet, I CANNOT do so on any official Netflix app. I have to do so either (1) from a current 3rd party app (apps that will not grow in number any more, and possibly may vanish in the future – who knows what Netflix will announce next? ) or (2) go to the Netflix WEB SITE – are you kidding me?

This decision honestly seems arbitrary and just plain lacking in foresight. This blows ...