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EA has announced that Most Wanted, the latest iteration of their Need for Speed franchise, will be arriving on Android this month. Takedowns, vehicle damage, and a whole bunch of recognizable vehicles from Porsche, Dodge, and Maserati are going to be available in this racing game. Firemonkeys are behind Need for Speed Most Wanted, which is great since they already have plenty of experience with these kinds of games after doing Real Racing. 

There's no mention of pricing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this one placed in the premium $6.99 tier along with other Firemonkeys / EA games like Dead Space, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and The Sims 3. Still, it looks like it would be worth it, especially if you're a fan of high-end racing games on Android. Gamers, do you prefer moderately realistic racing titles like this, or do you prefer goofier arcade-style racers like Asphalt 7? 


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Need for Speed Most Wanted racing towards Google Play


Hopefully its not the same as the other mobile racing games and give us some decent cars and mods or an open world at least!

Notice how no actual normal speed gameplay was shown in that video, tread carefully.

All the realistic graphic racing games so far have been rough and crude, and as much as I want to believe this is the first game to be different, the lack of showing said normal speed gameplay makes me suspicious that this will be more of the same.

I think the arcadey Reckless Racing 2 delivers the best car racing experience on android.

They did show it. As I remember, the cinematic crashes happen on console version of the game as well. That's one of the main points of the game. But right before the crashes in that short trailer, that looks to be actual gameplay footage.

With that said, the new Most Wanted looks like a more "realistic" version of Burnout Paradise.

I bought NFS Shift back on my old Nexus One... and after upgrading phone the game was not compatible and I could never play it again until EA Netherlands after so many one star ratings decide to pull the plug on the game and show a middle finger to everybody who bought it.

How difficult can it be for a big company to make a game that is already working on the Nexus One and Motorola Atrix (among other) to work on the Galaxy SII or Tegra2 devices... fck them!
If you want you can still check the EA USA version on the market, how many 1 star ratings.

Quite a big fan of Asphault 7. That's a great racing game for me. It doesn't have to be completely realistic. It has several nice hooks to keep you playing, plenty of vehicles and upgrades and it's entertaining. That's good enough for me.

But not to say that I probably wouldn't enjoy this when it comes out. I'll probably like this game as well. As long as I am not burned out on racing by then.

I don't know how the experience is for everyone. For me, it sucks. I have a HTC oneX and an Acer A500, controls suck (both are on ICS). People have recommended me to get a controller which defeats the purpose of mobile for me. If I need a controller I will use my PS3.