The folks at NAVIGON have released an update to their popular Mobile Navigator application. Pushing the app into v3.54 has added in compatibility for Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and brings a flashlight function. When the flashlight is activated, the navigation screen automatically dims. The pedestrian mode also shows two arrows: one indicates the direction of travel and the other points in the direction of the destination.

To go along with the update, NAVIGON has also released a new, free tool called Help2Park. The Help2Park app can work in conjunction with Mobile Navigator or as a stand-alone app to help you find parking spaces in your local area. When combined with Mobile Navigator, Help2Par can navigate you directly to your parking spaces. Without Mobile Navigator, it just allows you to see where spaces may be within a given radius. Both are available in the Android Market now. You can check out the Navigon website for the full details and pricing for your area if you're looking to purchase Mobile Navigator. If you just want Help2Park, download is after the break.

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El Jefe says:

$61.18 for Navigon in the market?? Yikes!

Is this any more useful or accurate than the native Maps/Navigation apps we already have?

kinster02 says:

I got 2 for free why would I want to pay for a third one.

pattavino says:

The image in the story shows ads. Why would I pay if it has ads?

Cthugha says:

The screenshot shows the Help2Park app, which is free... There are no ads in the main Navigon app.