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If you've been drooling over the thought of having Google Fiber service where you live, you're surely not alone. Since Google official rolled out the service to residents of Kansas City, people have been speculating as to when (or if) Google would ever continue to expand the service to other locations. According to new estimates by Goldman Sachs, it would cost Google a huge amount of money -- about $140 billion -- to roll out the service across the country.

That sounds impossibly expensive simply based on the amount of money Google has to spend, but let's consider something a bit more realistic instead. Even if it had the cash up-front, a company like Google doesn't have unlimited time and resources to roll out a nationwide network at once. If it were to begin offering Google Fiber service in other cities, it would surely be a staggered rollout. While it may not be able to afford a nationwide rollout, offering the service in a few more major metropolitan areas would be a great start.

Let's also remember that Google Fiber is actually a profitable business unit for the company. Unlike many products that Google "sells," new Fiber markets would be directly profitable as they launched. Income from new subscribers could be put right back into bringing the service to new areas. Now no one knows what Google's intentions are with its Google Fiber service, but we'd be surprised if the success of the Kansas City launch didn't compel it to look at more cities.

Source: BGR; Business Insider


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Nationwide Google Fiber service could cost $140 billion to build out


I would actually love to see Google roll this out around the world. I think it would be great for the rest of the world to enjoy the services that we in the US do. And I agree: it would probably be a lot cheaper to roll this out in the UK.

Oh for the love of God please build it and take my money!! The added joy of seeing the current "big boy" ISPs get kicked in the teeth would be epic as well.

As a happily serving member of the US Army and an American, I take offense of stupid comments like that. MY country was attacked and MY countrymen were slaughtered and MY President did something about it. If you'd rather go hug everyone that hurts you and be friends, get the hell out of MY country.

As a student of application development and technology fanboy, I CAN'T WAIT TILL I CAN GET GOOGLE FIBER. Just take my money now. I hate ComCast.

Don't be moronic. Anyone who 'rationally' looks at the wars can see the issues brought about. Pointing out its inherent flaws has nothing to do with patriotism or serviceman such as yourself. EVERYONE should take offense when people make brash comments.

I can't say I would mind Google rolling this out but I'd be for just about anyone whose willing to shake things up.

The intelligence on Iraq was bad. Yet Iraq is better off without Saddam Hussein than with him. Whatever the faulty reasons we got started there, it turned out for the best (ignoring the money we spent there, that is).

I have to disagree. For the average person the situation under Hussein was peace, after the invasion on the other hand they have insurgents fighting across the street, so the situation is significantly worse. For the small minority of people actively being targeted by Hussein the situation has stayed roughly the same, the only change being who is trying to kill them and why.

Thank you for your service brother. Try to be open to different opinions, though; even opinions that you don't agree with. Trust me, I've seen my fair share of opinions that made me turn my head, as you probably have. Can't agree with or please everybody.

I didn't realize Iraq attacked us... your ignorance is shining through a little brighter than your patriotism there chief.

Even a realist would say the Iraq war was a complete debacle. Looking at it from purely our own self interests:

1. We eliminated Iran's deadliest foe. This not only hurts our regional interests, it makes us look retarded to our real global rivals -- China and Russia.

2. By pushing democracy, we installed a government culturally and religiously allied with Iran. This was done under Bush's watch because the WMD claim was based on bad intelligence so we had to pivot to the war being a humanitarian and nation-building mission.

3. We destabilized the entire region by opening up the Kurdish question (who are quickly signing contracts with western oil companies), which means that we set up an eventual war between the Kurds, Iran, Turkey, and the other Iraqi factions. This harms us because it will someday drive up the cost of oil in the global market (aside from the horrors that the war will inflict on its participants).

4. We spent a trillion dollars. Most historians agree that Great Powers fall because they overextend their economy due from foreign adventures that do not provide negative returns for the expenditures (instead of, say, infrastructure investments that provide positive returns).

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, you have to concede that the Iraq war was an unnecessary debacle.

And just to avoid this appearing as criticizing the service of our brave men and women in the military, soldiers do not decide when and where our nation fights its wars. The President (and at least theoretically, Congress) make(s) that call.

As much as Google probably wants to create a cellular service, the lawsuits would line up faster than kids at an ice cream truck. However, I believe that if Google did jump in the cellular arena, it would be only after Verizon, Sprint, and At&t started to shun the Android OS; and it would involve some sort of acquisition or merger with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is getting better.
Meanwhile, Verizon is getting worse, AT&T is getting weirder, and Sprint is getting… the same.

+9000 I won't say anything bad about Verizon, At&t, or Sprint; but I will say that T-Mobile should be a formidable player next year by eliminating device subsidies, introducing new go smart prepaid plans, and rolling out LTE.

Yeah, I've heard that T-Mobile is considering ending device subsidies altogether and making their plans cheaper with the potential of paying for your device in monthly installments on your bill. Even though it'd probably cost me more in the short run, since they've brought back unlimited data, I'm seriously considering T-Mobile after my Sprint contract is up. In fact, since I'm on a shared plan, I may just eat my lines ETF and switch once the other line is free next September.

I switched from Verizon in November: still waiting for the ETF and final bill to be generated. I have great coverage (in Milwaukee, WI,), and call quality is great as well. I signed up for the Family Mobile Plan at Walmart(it's through T-Mobile), and it's only $45 a month. I get Unlimited Talk/Text, and 100mb of HSPA+ data. After the 100mb, I'm throttled to 2G data; but its unlimited and more than enough to stream Google Music, check emails, and use Google Maps. I bought a used Galaxy Nexus on Craigslist for $265,and I'm saving $55 a month over Verizon. In 12 months, I will have recouped close to all of my money: the ETF and phone included. I don't include the final bill in that because I was technically using the phone before the service was cut off. You won't regret switching though. I will never sign another phone contract as long as I can manage.

I'm not sure what sucks worse, not having it at all, or being 10 miles away, and having to wait 3 to 5 years before they build out to your neighborhood. So close, yet so far away.

Sweet man, I bet it's insanely fast. Hell, my friend's internet is 54mbps, and that's plenty enough. I can only imagine how fast 1gbps is =)

I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Online gaming has to work wonders on it. I'm happy that at least some people are able to experience this. Enjoy it for me mate, lol.

Feel sorry for you lot in the US paying through the nose for such slow speeds :P

On my small island (Jersey) of 9x5 miles we can get 1gbps speeds for just £59.99 a month :D.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Your comment still sounded sincere enough for me to check it out. Now I want to live in the UK even more.

Sorry bud!

To make you even more jealous I can get it for £17.99 ($25ish) a month on my staff tariff :) apologies in advance...

I feel for you! Service providers are just pure evil!

If you can't beat em, might as well join em ;) like I did lol

I love my Google Gods. Even when they're wrong, they're not wrong. That's just the way I feel. If I had to let a company rule me, it would be Google every time.

It would make sense for Google to start in bigger cities like NYC, LA, and Chicago. I wonder if service in LA would reach me in the suburbs…

+9000 I agree it would make sense to start in the bigger cities. However, I think they may start in the cities that don't put up a fight. Big city business goes hand in hand with big city politics, unfortunately.

Competition is great. However, many large cities limit the number of cable companies in their area. So in some large metro areas, they might not be allowed to compete. (All depends on if google pays the local politicians more than the other cable company(ies).)

Some how the Google approach for people wanting Gbits/sec in this decade has escaped the notice of those who think that local needs a best fulfilled by lobbying (bribing) Washington DC. Listen up! This is Google's approach to getting local Gbits:
1) find civic minded or locally greedy booster and have them see if local politicians are wedded to the last mile monopoly; if so forget it
2) with the help of the Kiwanis or any organization (Toastmasters) dedicated to lifelong learning (Andragogy) and self help find a way to get local politics to favor Gbits/sec for those who want it now while providing an out for anyone with property that they don't want to sell at a discount in the future AKA free internet until they see the light.
3) find a condo-association of 250 users to sign up for a Tbit/sec trunk line to their building or neighborhood.
4) Get local MDs, entrepreneurs, small business to figure out how to share 1000Gbits among themselves and find a local capitalist to accept $1000/year for five years to hook them up.
Google does not care who accepts $5000 per user over the next five years. It has Tbit/sec trunk lines near almost everyone who wants Gbits to their home.

For that kind of money, they could just buy Verizon and get a jump start on the network plus have a built in customer base.

what's your Paypal email Google? just ask for donations and let's get this roll out started! Maybe a Kickstarter?! :D

The defense budget is 925.2 billion. They should stop blowing things up and build something useful.
*EDIT* Or we can start a Kickstarter.

I'm of the opinion that if done right WiFi could provide all the speed we want, w/o the need to string more wires. I don't see why we can't do phone, TV, & internet all by WiFi. Then if you could generate all the electricity you need locally you would need no wires at all to your house.

I know it's hard to do, but would you ignorant left wingers please keep your pathetic revisionist history to yourselves? The Congress, who had the final say so over both wars, gave Bush blanket authority to do as he pleased because they lacked the guts to vote for or against war. That is THEIR job as stated in the Constitution. Try & remember that inconvenient fact when you continue this stupid tagline about Iraq.

Thank you to any vets on here who have or are currently serving. And it's quite acceptable for people to support you & not support your mission like Afghanistan & Iraq as I do not. That's called freedom so don't be offended.

Now on topic. For the love of God Google please build this & take my money. You already get a small portion so get with the times & take more.

"Google Fiber is actually a profitable business unit for the company. Unlike many products that Google "sells," new Fiber markets would be directly profitable as they launched. "

Do we even know this? I haven't seen any figures supporting this conclusion. I really wonder if it is profitable. These statements above remind me of the "Nexus 4 will never have LTE" statements which turned out to be wrong.

You gotta remember, this is a blog, what you read is opinions based on news, articles, software, and devices, you are not reading anything you should regard as fact unless directly quoted or given a source...

Cincinnati/Hamilton County Ohio would be a great Metro area, especially considering we have P&G, Kroger, 53rd Bank, PNC, a nice sized FBI field office, a high-grossing mall, and lots of people that would be willing to shell out the dough for Google Fiber...

I live in Johnson County KS, which butts up right against the Kansas City KS/MO regions that are currently getting Google Fiber rolled out to them. If Google rolled over into Johnson County, one of the richer counties in the nation, they would have PLENTY of $$$ to roll onto their next major metropolitan area and start building service up.

I thought the whole point of rolling out gigabit internet in one place was simply to prove it could be done, and could make a profit. After that, it's up to the already established monopolies to roll it out everywhere else.

Course, that will only happen if enough people replace their local government (bought and paid for by the cable companies, undoubtedly) with people who know they can get better. Without competition, the cable companies have no reason to upgrade. (Last year, my city council voted to keep Crapcom as its local monopoly.)

Here's a fun little fact.

The F-35 strike plane, which we will probably never use to any large degree because our needs are being fulfilled by cheap drones against poor countries, will cost us close to $400 billion, or a total of 1 trillion dollars.

So why don't we slash the number of planes in half, use that money to build out fiber, gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, AND create jobs now that cannot be shipped overseas?

Answer: Lobbyists and campaign contributions.

What's even worse, we may be able to do this for free. If the feds would provide the money as loans to well capitalized companies with a rate of interest the same as inflation, payable in 20 years, the country could probably get most of its money back. And if the government required a portion be equity, it might actually make money. So why is this a nonstarter?

Answer: Conservatives would call it socialism.

So we end up paying a trillion for war planes we will never use, while other countries build up their infrastructure and own another industry the US invented.

We are doomed if we keep this up.

I served with 3ID in OIF1, OIF3, and OIF5......was part of the initial push........not sure if you know this or not yet but iraq had nothing todo with 9/11.......and on top of that there were absolutely no yes.......George Bush was a god damn Iidiot......if I were you I'd be more worried about the fact that the fuckn retard sent your brothers and sisters in arms to the wrong country to go towar and die in the wrong place with the wrong people for no reason.