MyGlass app

Manage and configure Glass from your phone... if you actually had Glass

There's a whole lot of Google Glass news hitting today, and this is a pretty important piece of the puzzle. Google has just published the "MyGlass" companion app in the Play Store, which will be a critical part of using your Glass and phone together. Google makes it clear that the app is really only of use to Glass owners, stating in the description: "If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time.", but that's not going to stop us -- or anyone else intrigued by the idea -- from installing and taking a look it it.

The interface is nice and looks just like any other recent Google app, with a grey and white color scheme and simple controls. You can't get much farther than the first few screens without an active pair of Glass nearby, but the process requires accepting some terms and turning on both Bluetooth and Wifi for the pairing process. If you want to poke around with the app in hopeful anticipation of the Glass launch, grab it at the Play Store link above.

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M3wThr33 says:

Every day that posts more Glass news, I feel more and more awkward that I don't have it yet.

Lanhoj says:

Thanks for the puppy in pyjamas pic, Google...classic & awesome!

I noticed this isn't available in the UK, i hope that isn't the case when it comes down to glass being released.

symo#AC says:

Oh good... we now have software for non-existent hardware. Hey Google... how about getting a freaking Nexus 10 dock out?

return_0 says:

Non-existent hardware? You do realize that there are non-Googlers who already have Glass, right?

return_0 says:

Lol, look at the reviews of the app