Google pranks with a feature many users would love to have -- automatically adding emoticons to Google+ photos

Google just won't stop with the April Fools' stunts, and this one got more than a few people to fall for it -- an algorithm that automatically adds the right emoticon to a Google+ photo based on the facial expressions of the people in it. Dubbed +Emotion, it's said to "plumb the emotional depths of everyone in the photo, then summarize their feelings with a beautifully crafted, emotion icon" with the click of a button.

Of course, there is no such button, but folks commenting on the Google+ posting sure seem to want it, and were sufficiently fooled. We cant blame them, it certainly sounds like something Google could -- and would -- implement. 

We're used to Google pulling a bit of April Fools' silliness, but this year they seem to have kicked things into high gear. With 24 more hours to go, we expect to see more before it's all over.

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Source: +Erik Murphy-Chutorian

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arathkone says:

I may be misreading this but the second paragraph "There's no such button". There is a button, open a photo in G+ desktop and top left there's a little smiley face.

It's quite a cute feature actually.

Vic Gundotra says:

Yes it actually works. Why does everyone think this is a joke? Lol

ultravisitor says:

I wish it would offer a range of emoticons to use for each person in the pic. Still pretty neat, though.

Alex_Hong says:

It would be a cool prank if amongst all these pranks, one of it actually pans out to be a real announcement. lol.

Tutsumi says:

Here's a tip: It was posted on March 31st at around 6-7 PM EST. Well before the madness began.

Arg! Why I ... strongly dislike, April 1, sir. :)

TheWenger says:

Are you really Vic?

I was wondering how to do that, just tried it out works great. Link to Google+ desktop bit.ly/YN9e2w.

sleepyrohan says:

It's an actual feature!
I think Google wanted to post a lot of pranks and throw in one actual feature, and fool people into believing that the actual feature was actually a prank.
You, Jerry, have been April Fooled by Google :D

Google Analytics also has an April Fools' gag up. The real-time overview for a site will show 41 active visitors from the International Space Station Control Room.


15israellai says:

Dude this is real. People keep thinking it's a prank.

Gearu says:

You know what ISN'T an April fools joke? The Galaxy S4 NOT HAVING AN FM RADIO! A standard issue entity EVERY other (or therabouts) smartphone comes with. What a disgrace. Samsung, you're grounded.

Will we really have to start scrutinizing future device announcements by looking at what they're not saying?

cybik says:

An FM radio.


lee.jarratt says:

Mods, please delete

hahaha Android Central thought this was a joke hahaha....sorry guys but it is funny