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Monday Brief: Google I/O Recap, RIM's Rough Week, $600 iMore Giveaway, and more!


These videos are very informative and keep me updated on all the latest news.
Without it, I would not have know about the Supreme Court's recent decision
on health care and Arizona immigration laws.

Mobile Nations, have you looked into adding text/captions to your videos? YouTube has this ability. I'm hard-of-hearing. Sometimes when Ashley gets excited about something she's talking about, her speaking gets a little faster and I can't make out exactly what she's saying. Really, it would be nice to have captions on ALL the Android Central / Mobile Nations videos. Deaf people do use smart phones as well. (not really for the phone part, but the rest of it).

I agree about the text/caption addition to the videos. I'm a deaf member over at CrackBerry site. Would really appreciate this option. Thanks for bringing this up Nighthawk700!


As always a nice way to sum up the tech week. But PLEASE Ashley, find a different way to say "It's been a busy week in tech, so let's jump in". I feel like you use the exact same line every week and it's getting old. Other than that a great show