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Monday Brief: BlackBerry Q4 earnings, a Google Watch, and the last Monday Brief ever!


"...last Monday Brief video ever" ???

Good riddance... nothing worth watching for the last few months anyway.... unfortunately. :(

Time for a new format? Perhaps videos dedicated to AndroiCentral only? "Most" average Android users don't care about what's going on at BlackBerry, iTunes, or worse, webOS. :)

For example: who really wanted to know about Windows Mobile outselling iPhones in UKRAINE? Really... UKRAINE? :(

THIS genius can't tell the difference between the MobileNations Monday Brief and the AndroidCentral Weekly Podcast. I weep for your soul.

Most clicked April fools day gag possible on mobile nation: Shoot the monday brief video with the host in a skin-colored shirt, put pixelblur over it, and have a youtube popup that says "click here for original version" that is a link back to the same video. Views will be through the roof.

Of course, you missed this monday, so you are going to have to put this idea in your back pocket til april fools is on a monday again (2019). You're welcome!

Yes, we all know Ashley is SMOKIN HOT! She's here to talk about tech, not show her tits. Yes, some of her first videos showed cleavage. This may have ultimately been a disservice, because this is what some of the outspoken crave again. Personally, she is sexier in her video game t-shirts than the low cut tops.

Get over it. You're not going to be able to pull down your briefs on Monday and fap to her show. Have no fear, there is porn-o-plenty all over the Internet to fill the void.

Mobile Delegates! You Have Been Briefed!

Ms. Esqueda is SMOKING HOT.... I completely agree.

She will be even hotter if she appear in a business suit in these videos! :)

I always laugh when people get upset there aren't enough boobs on my show. 

Do they even KNOW how the internet works? If I'm the only boobs they can find on a weekly basis, they're definitely doing it wrong. 

Nice Ending Ashley! Cliffhangers always bring them back. :}
But if anyone were too buy you out, it probably would be T-mobile. They've heard you and james complain about contracts here in the US and decided you two would be the perfect couple to promote their new no contract promotion.