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It's time for the weekend, and therefore it's as good a day as any to remind folks the Google Play Store has a new look to it. That and we have an excellent Android Central app that you should check out if you've yet to do so. And that's not all — we've also got them for all the Mobile Nations sites!

Everything's running off the same code base, so if you're looking for the latest in Windows Phone news, you'll find the same experience as you would in the Android Central App. That means the latest news and reviews, access to our forums and podcasts — and you can comment on stories, too.

We're still working on notifications — that should be the next major update you see in the coming months. We're also still working on integration search. We know, we know, that's been a long time coming, but it's also the sort of thing that takes time, because we need it to work between all of our sites, on multiple platforms.

Ready to give our apps a shot? Here's where to download:

Thanks for trying them out. And if you're so inclined, leave a review!


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The Mobile Nations apps suite: Collect 'em all!


BlackBerry sux

Android sux

Windows Phone sux

iPhone sux

Did I do it right?

Posted via the Android Central App

Tizen sux

FireFox OS sux

Web OS sux

Symbian sux

Sailfish OS sux

Jolla OS sux

Posted via the Android Central App

Vista had as much bs spread about it as TouchWiz does... It was an awe----

Nah I cannot even post that with a straight face.

Vista did suck.

Posted via Android Central App

Blackberry is dead. Window's phone is rising. Androids growth is slowing. Project Ara will obliterate ios and wp and increase android's growth rate dramatically.

Posted via Android Central App

We know next to nothing about it and it is barely out of the labs. But you are saying it is the savior of something that doesn't need saved?

W T F ????

Posted via Android Central App

I feel that android is controlling a lot of the low end market already, it needs to pry the iphones out of consumers hands now.

Posted via GS4 on CM11

So many lolz it hurts. iPhone comes in one, maybe two flavours per year, it's obvious that customization and choice aren't high on their priority list. What kind of hard drugs have you believing that an iPhone owner would be tempted by project Ara?

Gotta Download Em' All!

Seriously though, Android Central app is the best, because Android.

Posted via the Android Central App

So your phone can tell you when all these people flame you? That's a hell of a lot of notifications bro.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep this app is my mainly daily news reading before any other news!! My only concern is the tablet layout which is not good looking at all, but my hopes are high that it will be coming some days around. And notifications are coming soon too so thats good.

Other than keep up the great work AC

PS: For some reasons I can't insert pics in my comments. Is this feature available or I'm just off track right now?

Posted via Android Central App

Not available. Only the mods can. You wouldn't want everyone to be able to, trust me.

Posted via Android Central App

Have three of them! No need for Crackberry, but that is the first site I frequented here, then imore until Job told me I was holding the iPhone 4 wrong...which started me down the path to android with my Captivate! What a POS GPS that thing had! I do have an iPhone and WP so those are the three I use. Also have a Pebble but have not really spend much tim on the watch site.

My question is why do imore and WP not have equivalent apps for Android Central or do they? I still need my AC when on other platforms!

How come on android all of the apps are available while on window's phone, it is just wpcentral?

Posted via Android Central App

The development efforts would be wasted. The only reason to buy a Windows phone is if you don't know that any other smartphones exist. (I kid, I kid)

Could you just fix the mobile site so that its not almost completely unusable on Chrome on Android? Serious lag, poor mobile layout, text that doesn't size across the screen in the tiered comments, and worst of all, horrible freezing of the entire browser when trying to scroll through a long article or one with lots of comments. That drop down menu that covers most of the screen is pretty bad, too.

I've used the AC app, but I'm not nearly as enamored of it as others are. I don't want to NEED another app cluttering up my app drawer just to read your site, fix the web page and let us have a choice.

Same sentiment here! It's been three months now since the rollout of the new site design and it still doesn't work quite right in a mobile browser. Putting on my tinfoil hat for a moment, it's almost as if that's by design to get you to use their app. :(

I'm wearing the same tin foil hat. That's been my sentiment for a while. I don't want an app for every site I visit, just let me use my browser without pain.

Exactly the same here; don't want the app, don't need it. A web browser works just fine (well it did here until the redesign). If it weren't for AC's good content and awesome forums, I'd be gone already. But even with that there are days I stay away because I just don't want to deal with all the little glitches of the website anymore. There was nothing wrong with the previous site design, it worked great! No issues what-so-ever! It was a joy to use. The new one, not so much. :(

This redesign is a complete regression IMHO. The header is more often than not in the way; ex. it doesn't always scroll off the screen or will pop back on the page when slightly scrolling back up, always at the most inopportune time. Also the stories displayed just below the header are a complete waste of space to me. What's displayed there is rather random and not of use. I want to see the latest news, so always just end up using the latest news side bar on the right side of the page (while in the forums or in a particular article on the main site). Anyway, I digress. Just ranting now (but I feel better doing it).

I like the apps. I use Android central and WP central apps.
No complaints except how do I chance the default girly color of WP central?

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. 1 app to rule them all, with the ability to choose which site you want as a default. There shouldn't be a need to install all these apps...