Minuum keyboard

The Minuum Keyboard is out of beta and available for everyone at Google Play 

After a successful Indiegogo campaign and private beta test, the folks at Whirlscape have made the Minuum Keyboard available for everyone on Google Play. We've seen plenty of other alternative keyboards for Android, but none that look or act quite like this.

The goal was to create a keyboard that was great for typing, but also only took up a tiny portion of your screen. The keys have been taken down to just one row to take care of the space issue, and a special auto-correct algorithm should take care of the great and accurate typing part.. A magnifying function takes over when you need precise and accurate typing, like for logins and passwords.

The jury is still out on how well this will work for everyone, but the general response from the Indiegogo campaign backers seems positive. We'll take a look and see how it handles life for an AC editor. Look for more, soon.

In the meantime, there's a product video after the break and you can grab your own copy from Google Play ($3.99) at the link above.

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Minuum keyboard now available on Google Play


I'm very interested in giving this a try, but I'm not willing to spend $4 until I try it out. I wish they had a 30 day trial (like SwiftKey does) or something similar. It takes time to adjust to a keyboard like this.

I'm not using the google keyboard because of its displayed font and numeric keypad. I wish there would be a setting to change it to something more like to swiftkey

Google's keyboard has come a long way, but it's still comparatively terrible when you consider SwiftKey.

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Swiftkey is great for tapping away, but nothing holds a candle to Swype for the sliding action. Swiftkey's "Flow" is half-baked at best, and stock Android is a pita for punctuation.

As for minuum, I can't help but feel they're being way too ambitious with the pricing. There's no way I'm going to pay $4 for a keyboard I've never used, when I grabbed SwiftKey for 10c and Swype for $1.

Funny, my experience is the total opposite. Each to his own, I suppose!

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I wish there was a trial period for this. I don't want to buy another keyboard that turns out to be complete crap.

I use Swype for easy typing till I need to use voice input. Then I switch to SwiftKey since the jerks over at Nausence bought Swype and hard-coded their piece of crap dragon voice into it and won't let you use Google Voice input. After a few days of putting up with the SwiftKey auto-space after every swipe, I get ticked and switch to the Google keyboard. When I get ticked at Google for not letting me type a ducking curse word... I mean ducking, ahh duck it, back to Swype.

My perfect keyboard would Swype - Dragon (that's minus Dragon as apposed to their + Dragon). It'd need to have an option to use Google Voice Input from the voice input button. It'd also need a divide key (/) on the number/calculator layout, which Swype conveniently left out for the last 3 updates.

Update: I got a response that appears to be a form-letter explaining why they need to charge for their app. I'm sending a follow up reply.

Update 2: I responded to the dev with an explanation of why I think a trial period is important and provided a link to this article. Here is their response.

You raise some good points. Certainly a trial version would allow more people to try out the Minuum concept, and we are open to exploring this going forward. For this phase of the beta, we are hoping to expand our user-base somewhat, and get feedback from a new group of people, whose feedback will inform the future of the keyboard. Perhaps in later phases of the beta we will attempt to maximize our exposure.

Thanks for the link and the feedback. it's definitely been informative to hear that a number of people are interested in this kind of trial period.

  The Minuum Team

So, they want beta testers for the app to improve it, but aren't willing to do a trial of it at this time. Really?? Charge someone $4 to beta test for you? That logic is just so backwards

Well, I was an early supporter and it costs me $5! I guess I should've waited; now I cannot update via the Play Store, but instead have to go through some rigmarole when going to a new device.

Totally agree. Not going to spend $4 for a keyboard that I haven't even been able to try out.

this keyboard is not much smaller than a regular one, yet it will take lots of time to get used to it. I tried it a while back ago, didn't like it at all. Also typing on a regular KB is much faster than this.

Yeah its a total joke. This must be for girl with tiny fingers and small men. Lol

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You're missing the point. The whole point is that you don't have to press the exact letter. You just press the general area and the auto-correct figures it out.

You don't but you have to tap the same amount of characters so it doesn't save you time like other keyboards that can guess with a few taps. I used it for a week straight and trying it again but it's proving much more frustrating and tedious to use even with the expand to full keyboard feature. The gain in screen real estate isn't worth the slower, more frustrating experience.

Want to try it so bad but four bucks for a new keyboard concept without a trial kind of makes me weary. Fifteen minutes isn't really enough time for me to gauge whether it's going to work out for my typing style.

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I really like this keyboard. It works great but I always switch back to SwiftKey as my daily driver.

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A radical crazy looking keyboard and expect us to dish out 4$ for it without a trial? Come on.

It covers much less of the screen and requires less movement with your finger to use. Not saying I like it, just that is the purpose.

Would try it, but not for $4. $1, maybe.

Saw it back on Indiegogp and it intrigued me. Still interested in giving it a go, but not for $4, like most have said. I hate when startups think they have the most brilliant ideas in the world, and then they jack up the prices on their inventions, making them inaccessible.

"making them inaccessible"

Don't want to sound harsh, but when four lousy bucks make something inaccessible for you, you shouldn't own a smartphone to begin with.

I don't know. Four bucks is a lot by Android app standards. There are only so many hours in the day and a whole lot of stuff in the Play Store to try out for free. Were there no other keyboards out there, that would be one thing. But we've got SwiftKey.

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True, it's not cheap for a play store app.
But then again, Swiftkey costs 4 bucks as well.
When four bucks for Swiftkey aren't a big deal, why should the same amount of money for Minuum be an issue?

There is no trial for minuum though.

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For me at least, it's that it's an unproven style of keyboard. I have 0 issue with paying four bucks for a quality keyboard but having a brand new concept and no way for people to try it out is asking for low sales.

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Because SwiftKey at least gives you a few days to try out and see if it works for you....and this isn't just a jump to a keyboard that offers different prediction engine or supports new themes, you have to learn a whole new way to type and interact with a keyboard.

how about a bit common sense? swiftkey is a hugely popular KB while Minuum is what? nothing but a little public attention at this point

While Swiftkey is hugely popular, I for one don't like it too much.
Someone else might like Minuum though.
You seem to confuse common sense with swimming with the stream, mate.

And how do you know you don't like Swiftkey? Because you tried it...without having to pay for it. You seem to confuse common sense with just running your mouth, "mate"

I used swiftkeys trial and needed to but the one i have now. (using now) but until swiftkey 3, i went through Google play installing and uninstalling keyboards. Go keyboard wasn't so bad but swiftkey 3 is a smart keyboard. And based on my history I'm not gonna spend $4 on a keyboard I'm 60% likely to uninstall.

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That's a nonsense response, $4 is just $4 and is very little money wether it's for an app, a comic book, or a hamburger. Get over the narrow view. You probably have $4 in loose change scattered about your house that you don't even miss.

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Well it was a nonsense argument to begin with. So because someone isn't willing to piss away $4 on an app they don't need (and may not even like), they don't have the right to own a smart phone?

Get over the narrow view. Where I live US$4 will feed you 3 square meals, but smartphones a free even on the cheapest contract ($60 outright). You can hardly even buy dumbphones any more.

Exactly! It cost me in the UK a measly £3.68, I love it, it is very fast and very accurate on the word correction & it has come on leaps and bounds since the original beta.

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I kinda get it if I was holding two hands to the keyboard like I do when typing on my computer keyboard - I know the key positions so don't have to look, but it might take a bit of getting use to do use this with one hand.

Been using this keyboard since the beta was released, it's pretty interesting and it takes some getting used to, but it's definitely a worthy option

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Well I bought it and I have to say that I wish I hadn't. There should be a warning that this is an English only keyboard and that not any other languages are supported right now.

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I was going to buy it, and noticed that it didn't mention support for other languages... Went to their support page, and French will be the proof of concept international language as most of the staff speaks French.

Too expensive, no trial version and English is the only available language... I like the concept, but will pass for now.

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Interesting concept. It is sort of like the old SureType keyboards with multiple letters on one key, just compressed into one row. I guess if you need to see more of the screen, it could be a good option.

These days, I'm more used to swiping through letters instead of typing out full words. SwiftKey is still the main keyboard I use on my devices, followed by Fleksy. Fleksy uses similar gestures and has an invisible mode for seeing more of the screen while typing.

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Kii keyboard user here. Its taken over SwiftKey as my daily driver. Love it, and along with the Handcent emoji plug-in, its a winner.

Forget this...I wait over a month to get emailed that I can get it by paying 4 bucks...no thanks.

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This is too much work; and I might add, stupid. SwiftKey is as it's name says, quick, efficient and fast. What benefit does this provide, as I'm at a total loss to find one.

I feel the same about Swiftkey since in my opinion Swype is a lot better and has many features Swiftkey lacks.

See? That's so great about Android. We have the choice to choose what works best for us.

Grats when it works properly for you.
For me, it totally messes up languages.
I write in German / English / French and for some reason, after successfully recognizing two sentences in any language, SK would for some reason propose a word or two in another language.
If SK was finally smart enough to stick to one language in a message and add the genius shortcuts Swype has (such as Swype-Shift to change capitalization of a word, Swype-C for copy and so forth) it would be an alternative for me.

I like message ease over swiftkey. Takes some practice but thumbing everything from the corner of my phone is awesome

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Yeah, but I don't think it's too much to ask to have a 1-week trial instead of having your consumer jump through hoops to get a possible refund. I would very much like to try this keyboard, but i'm really not feeling like I should have to spend $4 just to try it in these troubled economic times (drink!).

No. The vast majority know how important it is to support developers and have no interested in pirating app.

It's not the size of the keyboard that's the issue. It's the fact that users can't try it out without outright buying it. It's not too much to ask for when so many other apps have either free or trial versions.

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I'm using it now, it's great and does have a full keyboard, double tap shift and there is the option. There is a learning curve, but thats not a bad thing.

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The more times I press near the bottom of my screen and incidentally hit the physical buttons the more times I nearly to spike my phone with rage. I like the keyboard idea but I'll keep my $4 + Phone replacement costs and pack that away with my sanity. Glad to see these ideas still coming though. Seems innovative to me.

I just bought it and am using it right now. It will take some getting used to but I like it. It has a regular keyboard built in as well, so that's nice.

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I found the hardest thing to get used to was the fact it's only on the bottom and in a straight line.. but I like it for sure.

Still no support for other language... Not yet minuum, not yet....

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Yeah, I bought it.. $3.99. Takes a little to get used to, and by little I mean about 5 minutes and I was on my way. Just getting the fingers used to only moving across the bottom in a line is the hardest part.. predicts words just fine for me..

I have swiftkey and i love it. I may get this new keyboard, but not without a trial version. Im not gonna spend money on something i dont need.

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I'd love to try it out, but I'm not gambling $4.00 on it. When so many other Android apps either have free or trial versions, it's ridiculous that this doesn't.

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Swype is best for me. Just tried minuum. Have used Google and swiftkey. Prefer the ease in usage of Swype over all

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