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In one of the day's stranger announcements, Microsoft has announced a brand new smartphone automation service for Android devices, dubbed on{X}. On{X} combines an Android application with a Javascript-based back-end, hosted on Microsoft's site, and allows numerous tasks to be triggered based on location, date, speed, weather and countless other conditions. Essentially, it's a bit like Tasker, only controlled remotely via a web interface, with a few more options.

Conspicuously absent is any support for Microsoft's own smartphone OS, Windows Phone. As on{X}'s functionality relies on capabilities not present in Windows Phone, the Android platform is a natural place to test things out while Microsoft prepares the next version of its OS.

To get started, you'll need to grab the app from Google Play, and sign in using your Facebook account. Then, from the site, you can add rules based upon MS's own "recipes," through a visual interface, or by directly editing code. Once you're done, you can even upload your own recipes for others to use -- a surprisingly open approach from the team at Microsoft.

Unfortunately we haven't had much luck getting the Facebook login to work, so bear in mind that things may be a little shaky to begin with.

Hit the link below to get started, or join us after the break for Microsoft's introductory video. And if you've managed to get it working, be sure to let us know got on down in the comments.

More: On{X} on Google Play; Source: WPCentral


Reader comments

Microsoft releases on{X} automation app for Android


What is truly ironic is the commercials telling everybody that the current smart phones where beta unit for their Windows 8.

Even weirder is them requiring a facebook account!??!

What part of this needs to be hosted off-the-phone? Can't everything they offer be accomplished with an ON Phone app? Why have Microsoft track your position all day in conjunction with facebook.? A Perfect Storm of privacy violations.

ifttt is an acronym ("if this, then that"); on{x} is a reference to the Javascript function. Whether you or anyone likes them is another question. :) Historically, the name hasn't mattered much as far as popularity of a product/brand goes.

(Ask the Smashing Pumpkins if their silly band name hindered them from selling a gazillion albums.)


So... An Israeli company had this idea and built on{X}, Microsoft found them and bought the company? That's my guess. Which would explain why they only current support FB logins. MS will probably have them supporting Windows Live logins soon enough.

The forecast for me giving my Facebook credentials to Microsoft (or anybody else) is currently 0% chance.

I am one of the many who want to use this app but will not login with my Facebook account. It would be nice to be able to create an account or login with my Google account. I would even be willing to login with my Live/Hotmail account. But not Facebook. Hope they change it soon.

Couple of things, I will not create a facebook account just to use the app. Why was this developed in Israel.

Personally, I really like how this looks in terms of potential and functionality as well as the fact that Microsoft has it available to Android.
On the other hand, I'm not going to use my FB credentials to log in so I may never get the full experience. Seems like all of the negative reviews are related to this rather than how the app functions. Sure hope there are plans for alternate logins as I would love to test this out and see if it would fit well in my daily smartphone use

Emailed support about the Facenook thing their answer:

On our first beta version, we’ve decided to use Facebook ID, but we have plans to support additional authentication methods in the future.

Guess we will have to hang in there.


I get everyone's concern with the Facebook login thing, but I do have one question, am I the only person who has a spare facebook login with no friends simply to use on apps like this. I seem to see these comments all the time and feel like maybe I am the only one to have thought of this... or more likely, the only one who thought of this and then commented about it

onx enabled me (a 50 y.o. liberal arts guy) to do some cool things to my phone (cool to me anyway, for ex, upon unlocking my phone, I got it to automatically open my Twitter stream).

I think the key point is that MS actually just released an app for android. Think about that. Its actually pretty damn big news and gives a least a little cred to the rumors that MS is releasing MS Office for Android this fall.

I don't get the facebook thing. Everyone thinks they are pretty special but no one is, lol. I could care less who has my facebook credentials...

With that said, even if you have issues with that I hate when people rate things negatively because of an apps requirement rather than it's actual function. Your peculiarities are not what i'm taking into account when thinking of trying an app. I wish people would rate on the functioning of the app itself.