LokLok, an app which offers Android smartphone owners a connected lock screen experience, is now available in an open beta version on the Google Play Store.

LokLok is designed to replace the standard lock screen with one that can be shared with other smartphones. It has been in closed beta testing for several months before launching in its open beta version on Sunday. It allows users to even draw on their lock screens by just touching the display with their finger or stylus. Here is a list of its features:

  • Grab your phone and it's there, start drawing without unlocking your phone
  • Leave a note for others, it's the first thing they'll see when they reach for their phone
  • Use it with your life partner or a group of close friends and stay in touch throughout the day
  • Works like a white board, erase what's there or draw over it
  • Take a photo to put on your friend's screen and draw over the photos they take
  • Share your images on social media
  • Groups are completely private, nobody can see you or search for you
  • No history is saved, once you erase it it's gone

Since this is a beta version, there will likely be issues with the software so download and install on your Android device at your own risk. Will you be jumping in to try out LokLok?


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LokLok connected lock screen app now in open beta


I talked to the guys behind LokLok and it looks as if they thought: With a little over 7 billion people living on this planet, there is still enough space for a new messaging app.

Plus no one uses bbm or line or a few of the others. And by no one I mean like hardly anyone. They ate far from mainstream or household names. And this isn't the same at all like a chat messenger. It's a different category all together.

BBm has over 80million users and counting, LINE and WeChat has over 200 million, These apps i mentioned are the mainstream apps. LokLok might just end up being a niche player especially if it doesn't make its way to iOS

Nope, no data hog. The guys really care about stuff like privacy. But it looks as if we should make that more clear on our site, so we'll fix that. Thanks for the feedback :)

I know my friends well enough to know without a doubt that there would be a dick on my screen every time I pick up my phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Trust me, you wouldn't believe how many dicks were drawn in the making of this app. Must be the simple shape that gets people to draw so many of them...

From all the articles and comments that were published on the internet today about LokLok – I love yours the most :)

I just installed. My wife will love this. Two questions, does it affect battery life at all, and how does it affect password on the lock screen?