Samsung Mobile Unpacked

Kicking things off at CTIA Wireless 2011 in Orlando (well, after the opening keynote, that is) is Samsung's press event. It's no secret that we're about to have an 8.9-inch tablet dropped in our laps, but knowing Samsung, they'll have something up their sleeves.

So join us after the break for the liveblog. Event kicks off at 11 a.m. EST.

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bryers01 says:

Live video feed on Samsung site.

IceBone says:

Liveblog down? Haven't seen a new message in almost 9 minutes.

Asterisk says:

Live blog fail.

ekt8750 says:

Awww Phil died.

rlbrooks says:

Nice price point on the "Wifi only" GT10. $499 is in the target and a 16gig option is perfect.

jpprice says:

These tablets look nice and I want one, but why did they have to ruin it with Touchwiz?

lexs says:

release date june? seriously?

Iceman24 says:

Anyone know what time Sprint's 2.5 hour press event is?