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You would think that an Android phone like the Samsung Replenish wouldn't draw much attention from independent Android developers, but you would be wrong.  Android Central ROM developer Shabbypenguin and his cohorts in the ACS have cranked out the beta version of LeafROM for the little eco-friendly Sprint qwerty phone and it already has a great set of features in place.  Besides being theme-friendly and debloated, things like the Gingerbread malware patch have been added, and things like "rescue server" (regarded as a carrier tracking app) have been removed.  If you picked up a Replenish, and want to have the Android experience of rooting and hacking away at it, you need to have a look. 

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LeafROM for the Samsung Replenish shows Android developers love them all


Awesome to see some of the "mid level " phones get some custom ROM love. That was the only thing that got me through my time with the Intercept.

I do.

It's not bad

Only two complaints are:

(1) Wish I'd known the screen was plastic, so I would've had a PhantomSkinz protector ready right away.
(2) Limited internal memory. Coming from webOS, it sucks donkey balls to have to choose apps to remove because the won't move to the SD card. Sucks hard, but it's one limitation I can live with for the next 22 months.

Overall, tho, the phone is surprisingly good. Does everything I need it to do and more. Google Nav, Google Maps (w/ compass), Sky Map (w/compass), Google Translate, Voice Search, awesome keyboard, and yes, there is a compass even tho most reviews say there isn't.

What's not to like? It does take a while to reach full charge, but that's something else I can live with for the next 22 months, as well. Still haven't used the solar back plate yet, but I need to find a good mount for my bicycle.

Phones with sufficient internal memory won't drain as fast as this phone. Low internal memory is a pig on battery life. But it still manages to even out with my webOS experience. Android with sufficient internal memory should last forever in comparison.

My duaghter has this phone and I am surprised at how fast it is. It runs apps that the Samsung transform can't run. Also if you buy this phone before July 30 sprint will wave the $10 premium data charge. It is a great free phone. Check it out it might surprise you.

Yup.. the glory of the lower resolution phones. They don't have to work as hard because they are working with a lot less pixels. One reason the movement to qhd bothers me. Why make a small jump like that and hurt performance, just make the jump to a real HD Res.

Just came from the pre and echo grndslm comments. Would have chose replenish but wanted the front camera for Skype so ended up getting nexus s. Sure miss that keyboard though.

I have this phone & it's great for what it is! I could even say that it performs tasks very well! I know the screen is not HD, but even then I have watched movies on it & looks great! Seems snappier at times... than even the iphone I have! I'm running a 16gb MicroSD card on it w/no probs! if you ask me! I'm glad that shabbypenguin has rolled out a bloatware free version for this phone!