Google Maps - Gingerbread

Remember how Google Maps got an update a couple of days ago that brought some changes to search results? Looks like it also got prepped for Gingerbread. What you see above are two phones, both with Android 2.2 Froyo. But the Nexus One on the left has had its build.prop file changed to API Level 9, while the Droid X on the right remains on API Level 8, which is Froyo. OK, so it's just a little UI tweak. But we're expecting a bunch of them with Gingerbread, so this is likely just a drop in the bucket. [via Android Police]

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icebike says:

skewse me, but where is the difference again?

The 9th gate has been unlocked....

One more to go....

Yeah, i have to agree with Icebike....I dont see any differences between the two pics.

I think that it's that there is no white border around the box. Not a really big deal to me, nor does it make the os look better. Kind of lame.

gtricecakes says:

Also, the lines between the layers is no more. Looks more form-fitting. :-)

mezmryz03 says:

Also the Nexus header looks black or at least much darker. I checked it against my DrInc, and my maps UI looks like the Droid X pictured. So just a slight change with more to come soon I hope.

icebike says:

You guys are making comments based on a blurrypix?

Looking at my N1, There are lines between categories, the darkness or lightness of lines and headers is probably more to do with the screen brightness.

gtricecakes says:

No, I read this on another website. I didn't even base my comment on the picture, but looking at it, definitely doesn't look like there are lines, given it is a tad blurry.

dchawk81 says:

Between this absurdness and the multiple entries about Facebook's nothing of an update, androidcentral is losing me. Am I alone here?

hypergraffic says:

Yeah this is a little too nitpicky for me... *shrug*