Chrome OS Contacts Search

Starting a hangout or sending an email now just one click away when typing someone's name

Quickly getting ahold of people just got a bit easier in the latest build of Chrome OS. Complete contact search is now integrated into the Chrome OS launcher, letting you quickly message or email people by hitting the search key and starting to type their name just as you would an app or web search. The list automatically populates with relevant contact entries, and with a single click you can start a new Hangouts message or email with that person.

You'll simply need to snag the latest update to Chrome OS on your Chromebook or Chromebox and reboot to apply it, and there's no further setup beyond that. We're seeing the changes on our Acer C720 right now, but as usual the update is taking a tad longer to show up on the Chromebook Pixel. The update should be available to all Chrome OS devices soon.

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Latest Chrome OS update lets you search contacts alongside apps and files


If you know the update is available why not just try forcing it, it usually works for me. Force it by going to setting then help, if ones available it will start to downloading.

Just use Dev mode on the pixel, its always seems to be the first to get the update. I've used this feature for the past 5 months. My other Chromebooks always take a day or two to get the update.

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