We've had a couple of days to settle in (and debate) the new Google Play branding that covers the old Android Market, Google Book, Google Music, and Google Movies content stores. We've also been enjoying the sales in effect on apps and digital media (get Flick Golf Extreme from Google Play for a quarter before it's too late!) and filling our devices with content. But the name is a bit of a change.

We get it -- Google wanted to provide a unified name and look across all their digital content stores for Android, and a big re-branding sure got everyone's attention. But like all things when they change, there are plenty of skeptics. I'll admit saying download from Google Play seems a bit odd, but I'll get used to it soon enough. Of course what's done is done, but we're still allowed to say what we think of it, and that's what we're about to do. Sound off in the poll and comments and tell us what you think of the new Google Play moniker.



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Late-night poll: What do you think of the 'Google Play' portal name?


I went ahead and voted yes. Mostly just cause I always thought they needed to put everything in one place. Could it have been better? Yes but play is what I mostly do so it fits me fine.

Everything already was in one place they just changed the branding. But I also voted yes because I think it will make sense with where they take it going forward.

I voted yes because I feel that they can use it to actually sell gift cards. The PLAY name I do not like but it will probably be able to give them the chance to sell gift cards better. Also, remember that PLAY name could be used for not only games, but movies and any other type of media. It does make Android phones sound like they are for kids. I wish they would have chosen a more adult/professional name. We will see as time goes on.

The Play Store sounds like some Fisher-Price item you might find at Toys R Us. :(

Apparently, Verizon is getting a lot of calls from confused people as I got the following text earlier (don't recall ever getting this type of text from them regarding anything Google):

"Free VZW msg: Android Market is becoming Google Play. Android Market on your phone will receive an upgrade in the next few days. To learn more, click (data charges may apply)."

I expected to have to buy tickets and wait til it came to a local dinner theater near me. It is not descriptive for what it is and I think Google could have benefited from customer input before just dropping it on the Google/Android community. This kind of move I would expect from Apple or Microsoft - not Google. It also seems a slap in the face to serious business users.

It's a store to download apps, music, movies and books. Why does it need to sound professional when its essence is the opposite of professional?

Google did resently state that they want Android to grow more popular in the biz sector and Android or to be exact - some of the productive apps ARE actually great tools for biz... But This new silly name will naturally hurt that angle and maybe even confuse some people, so they never even try to find biz apps in Goole play!!

Why not just name it google market? And wasnt all of the markets combined already?

i did vote no, by the way... I think it sounds kind of stupid.. and Im already tired of all of the "play" monikers.

play of the day
double play
6 days of play
play apps
now playing


Under the name "Android Market", Google was effectively restricting their content to Android devices exclusively... Under the "Google Play" name, they can now offer their content across multiple platforms, including non-Android devices.

Google Play can theoretically be utilized on Android-powered devices, Chromebooks, the "Chrome" browser and even as an entirely seperate service on a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac-powered computer (for example, if a user was trying to purchase music or rent a movie) without confusing customers (which would happen if Google used the "Android Market" name across the board) or using two or more different stores...

They would get the exactly same advantages with "Google Market" without confusing anyone... I personally think "play" is VERY confusing, when you almost never play games and look for other smart / creative / biz apps!

Then could they actually select another name, that mean the same as Google Market, but even more, like "Google Plaza" or "Google Apps" if they want it as short as possible...

Google play is instead very limited and give a very childish impression.

I think it's a step backward. They already had everything in one place under the name Market which made sense because that's what it was. Now they've changed the name to Play which sounds more like a place to consume content rather than acquire it, and makes no sense for things like non-game apps and books.

I agree, the name could have done with a little more, though I don't think it's quite as bad as people make out... As for the new logo, I think it is 1,000 times better than the old logo, which was starting to look a little old.

Regarding bringing everything under one umbrella, I strongly encourage you to read my post above, which clarifies exactly what the idea behind the re-branding is...

I agree with your assessment of bringing everything under one roof but that's not the question here. The question is the name and "Play" just doesn't fit and in my opinion takes away from what they were trying to do. They want everything in one place but the name says to me that it's a place to actually play games, listen to music, and watch movies. Not a place to purchase these things.

Voted "no". Its terrible. "Market" is where you go to buy things. I really don't understand how "Play" fits in. I don't play books and apps.

It's got to be one of the worst names in the history of bad names. It not only silly sounding, and just a wee bit uncomfortable to say out loud, it's also pretentious and restrictive. I use my phone for a hell of lot more than just playing. I use it for serious things, but now Google is telling me they don't think any of that actually should be taken seriously. No, I should just play. It's insulting.

It's like naming your kid Biff, and then wondering why nobody expects he'll make the advanced classes, or naming him Daffodil, and then wondering why he gets beat up on the playground. Some things just don't work.

You're in luck, there is! It's in the upper-left or upper-right hand corner of your browser window, depending on your operating system.

google market would have been a good name, google play is just stupid sounding ... like someone said earlier, sounds like a place to consume data not acquire it

I don't "play" on my phone. I don't want to see the word play all over the place. I find it seriously childish and annoying.

Voted yes, because in a week we will all not give a crap anymore and moved onto the next thing that really doesnt make a bit of difference in the big picture.. lol

Google Play sucks, I can't believe this is real, I thought I was dealing with adults and professionals when I chose the Android OS.
Good thing I already had the market force updater frozen on my phone, I still have the older non-grey market one and they'd better not find a way to break it by messing with the system.

when I read this news on this site 2 nights ago the people around me thought it was an early April fools joke.

I really couldn't care less. It is what it is. As someone already said, in the big picture, it makes no difference.

They can keep the new logo and the "P" if they just change the silly new name to Google Plaza - which will give them a shorter name than Google Market, mean little more than Market, so it really fit the extended content and it will especially not confuse or annoy anyone ;-)

What's in a name? We're offering or buying and installing corporate or business software for the Android phone from a playground shop now.

Appreciate the intention to bring everything (Apps, Music, eBooks, Movies, ...) under one hood - however when comparing to the fruits company, Google is ways behind: It's still not providing most offerings to he big majority of thier loyal Android customers: No Google Music, no Google Moveis, no Google eBooks, ... and I'm not talking of iTunes Match yet, where Google does not have anything competitive.

Well, also te "Music" app was updated these days to "Play Music" here. I'm impressed! Soon we will see be Play Gmail, Play Calendar, Play Maps, Play Google+, Play Navigation, ...

Google, you are making to many charges. Just think about how many users manuals, video tutorials and books for dummies, etc. that have just been made obsolete. Does this really make sense??? Talk about being fractured. :-(

And I just ordered Golf Extreme and my Home Page Market icon has vanished to be replaced with the Golf Extreme icon. This is not the "Change" I voted for.

Not sure what is happening, but keyboard entry also slowed down.

It is like a bunch of kids have taken over in the halls of Google. How is Corporate America ever going to adopt Android in mass when they have to tell 1,000's of employees to go PLAY. What a mess and I was an Android fan and teach this stuff to seniors and at a college. SLOW DOWN and Think!!! The ElderTechTutor.

Those of you that think this is childish sounding must have never said Google out loud before in the middle of a sentence. Google it is OK but once you start saying Google Market Google Plus Google this Google that it starts to sound like your saying googoo like a baby or something. I'd rather say Play market or Play Books or Play Movies myself.

Seems an odd name change to me. Any time I hear " PLAY " when it comes to Android I think of something related to Sony's Xperia PLAY.

Ha, I was thinking that last night! Wonder if Reed Hastings was advising Google on this one? It would explain a lot!

Maybe to make it appear more closed like the itunes store.
Market to me means open, etc.
With all the malicious apps out there maybe their next step is more control?
Dunno just tossing ideas out there since everything but the market has updated to play on my nexus.

Good LOOK... it looks the same. Good choice in name after it's been the Market for so long... NO!!! Terrible... and it actually breaks an existing link built into Motorola's ROM... go into the Application list the link in the top right corner is suppose to take you to the Market, and now that the Market is not on the device, it's BROKEN. So now all Motorola device need a new OTA... STUPID move by Google.

I'm not sure what the fuss is all about.

Google Play is consumer friendly and more inviting than "Robot automaton inanimate slave being - market"

This marketing and its aim and sole purpose is to appeal to the general consumer to better success of Google's content providing arm.

If you wish them success, you back the change. Simple

In the grand scheme of things it shouldn't matter to adults either way as one brand treatment is the same as the other.

Its much of a muchness.

Our endorsement also matters little otherwise we'd have gotten a call for our opinion.

I understand that change is alarming to most but its a logo and some text.

Its a positive move and at least Google try's new things out from time to time. If the world stops spinning I'm sure they will try something else out.

Its one of many reasons why I like Google. They try things out and have never claimed to be experts at anything beyond search.

it makes it seem childish like now all google phones tablets apps books videos etc are for kids it not gonna look good in a board meeting when they say " and the new company mobile application will soon be ready for google play" just sayin sounds like everything there is a game now nothing more

What's the point in even commenting here? Is anyone going to read this? (If you do read this, reply with something like "I did" or "me.")
I truly want to see if anybody sees this or if it goes unnoticed.

Dont like the name and it makes me wonder what else they will change. Maybe change Android to chrome mobile? They took the android market name and I think this is only the beginnin.

Seriously Google ? Google Play?
They should've just called it Google Market, or at least come up with a name that's NOT taken already !!!
Sony's Media store is called Play & they already have the play station store

I can see this causing allot of confusion

I agree with most others here. I think "Google Market" would have been a better moniker. I understand the "Play Movies" and "Play Music" idea on Android devices, but "Play Store" just doesn't seem clear enough that this is where I will purchase my Google content.

the equivalent to holding your breath until you get your way. The name is dumb, there's no question there...

Being sheeple is the reason Google is allowed to get away with horrible changes like this... Or else they'll do what they did to Youtube, to Android.

Trick question. The new "look" is fine, but the name is stupid. Everything was already in one place and the Android Market is not a bad name. What they need to work on is finding content and relevant suggestions to searches. Think "keywords" or "Tags" to be able to find like type content. Heck an advanced search would be awesome where you could specify types of criteria to sort only what you are looking for. The app store has been fine, but the book market and especially the music store are lacking huge volumes of content. Most popular stuff is there, but when I look for some of the more obscure stuff, there is nothing so I am forced to buy elsewhere (Amazon comes to mind).

Like the 100million others, I think the name Play makes it sound limited to games or possible movies, the name Play seems to take any any respectibility for business apps.

What about names like:
Google Mall
Google Store

Or even,

You play movies, you play music, you play games, but you read books and use apps, so I don't think "Play" is a good all encompassing names. I don't know what they could have used instead, I just don't think "Play" is right name for it.

The name is clearly dumb. But it's not the first dumb name to hit it big time (you all giggled at the ipad announcement, don't even act like you didn't). My biggest issue is jettisoning bugdroid from the branding. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like the first step toward dropping our favorite green mascot all-together.

I think Google is trying to get users to download other stuff like books, games and movies. I've always felt if ppl just want to play games on their phone get an Iphone. Android can obviously do the same but I hold android on a pedestal. The name is horrible bc it appeals to only one type of consumer one who wants to play games all day and wonder why his battery is low aka Iphone users.

While play seems childish, keep in mind it also has NUMEROUS other definitions. Yes play means something for entertainment or leisure, but games, music and movies can all be considered play, in addition to leisure reading. Google Work would have been too rigid, and maybe they wanted something more friendly and approachable for the average consumer. For an idea look at how many definitions they have for play:

14. to operate, esp to cause (a record player, radio, etc) to emit sound or (of a record player, radio, etc) to emit (sound): he played a record ; the radio was playing loudly

15. to move or cause to move freely, quickly, or irregularly: lights played on the scenery

31. manner of action, conduct, or playing: fair play

35. a turn to play: it's my play

37. action, activity, or operation: the play of the imagination

Even if "play" have some alternative meanings, is it still VERY limited and not a good name for a portal and especially not a portal that also include serious biz applications...

As I did suggest above, are there many better alternatives...

Google Plaza
Goggle Apps
Google Go
Google Open
Google Get
Google Store
Google Shop
Google Market

Even though it is a pro google site and most of the fans love what ever comes ou from google's mouth, 60 % of the voters did not like the new name

I love all the comments about how the new name is "childish" and "immature", yet you are all here on the internet, pissing and moaning about a NAME. They are not depriving you of your precious "professional business" type apps, or forcing you to play kids games...IT'S A NAME!!! It does the same thing and you can get the same things you used to out of it.

Do I think they could have picked a better name? Sure, but it's really not that big of a deal.

Calm down about childish.

Marketing. That's why this poll question is important. Because the consumer has to decide what is legitimate and not, useful or not, by the packaging.

No, I don't like the name at all. Having to look at it constantly on my phone is about as inviting as allergy season. Google Play sounds exactly like a child's game or app store for people under 12.

Even worse, I've heard people remark that is sounds like something slightly kinky. Play...oh, really. Can't tell you how many people have had that interesting take on it, but it's true. It's embarrassing to say aloud.

Is it a joke or an accident? I can just hear someone with a voice like Jennifer Tilly saying it.

If I didn't have to be bombarded with the logo/name all day long, it wouldn't be a big deal. But like everything else, marketing makes damn sure I can see it constantly. It was a horrible choice in names, and I really hope that someone at Google realizes this soon, before they lose any credibility.

Bad marketing move, guys.