Google doodle

Head to Google's homepage on your computer and check out today's Olympic-themed doodle, the hurdler. Mash the right and left arrow keys to run, tap the spacebar to jump. Go forth and waste time.

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Mr.Froyo says:

Anyone else try to click the image? No?... okay.

Impulses says:

Sweet, gonna go jump some virtual hurdles to celebrate Culson's bronze medal... Viene boricua!

CeluGeek says:

I can only get one star, so I guess I get bronze too.

n0obpr0 says:

10.4 =)

svfd757 says:

15.1 and my hand is killing me

keilflex says:


crxssi says:

I absolutely hate that kind of crap. In fact, it is why I have mostly left Google as a search page.

dtreo says:


Is this a joke? Do you kick puppies and steal candy from babies too? Quit being a negative Nancy and grow the hell up. Nobody is going to force you to click to play the game.

Actually, I might come over right now just to make you suffer through THE INEXCUSABLE AGONY THAT IS THIS MINI GAME. OH THE HORROR!!!

kitchin says:

you are the most uneventful person I have ever not met

n0obpr0 says:


Lanhoj says:

How do you get 3 Stars? I get 2 regardless

n0obpr0 says:

I easily got 3 starts oO

14.4 for jamaica and since i got 2 stars i guess i get the silver. yeaaaaaaaaaaa

skiinian says:


fjleon says:

tip: smash both left and right arrow keys together for faster running. I did 10.2