This, folks, qualifies as a Big Deal. LastPass (Premium) — one of our favorite apps for managing passwords — has updated its Android app and will now autofill passwords. It works for Chrome on Android 4.3 and up, and other apps starting with Android 4.1. It needs your help, though, as it crowdsources app associations with the update. [LastPass blog]


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LastPass now autofills passwords in Chrome, other apps


It should but way to often chrome doesn't fill in or do a proper job.

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Works great. Too bad it disabled 'OK Google' on google now...will try again if an update can fix that.

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Sadly it disabled OK Google on both of my Nexus devices also.
[edit]An update this morning fixed the issue[/edit]

I love Lastpass on my computer and now 12 dollars from me for auto fill on Android

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That's good news. I paid for the Premium coverage, only to discover that it wouldn't work with Chrome on Android. I have been using it on my PC, but pulled it from Android. We'll try again.

Best update ever especially for those that do clean install on apps and have to re- log in every time you update your rom

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They pushed out another update to resolve issues with hotword detection and now "ok google" works like a charm way to go Lastpass for the quick fix

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Ha shit, the Androïd version is a short term trial ! What will happen after it expires and i don't renew it ? Will it loose all PW including those previously held by Chrome itself ???? I hate that type of false free apps !

It's a trial unless you pay 1$ a month.. The app just stops working post trial though. You lose nothing

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LastPass is a service. If you don't pay, you still get to access it free on their website. You pay for the convenience of the app, not the service.

Has anyone else been having trouble getting it to work? I tested this out on some apps last night on my Note 3 and while it does pop-up and recognizes that I have an account for the app, I tap the account and it either doesn't fill anything in or it fills the password into both the username and password boxes.

The thing I don't like is that it's implemented as an accessibility service, which on the note 3 can't run while multitask runs or while other pen and gesture options are on, so it turns them all off. Inteesting thing is that the note 3 sees it as the talkback service eventhough it isn't. I'll try it again, but if it requires shutting of all my other input services, it is a no go unfortunately.
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Which pen and gesture options are you talking about that it turns off? I still get the pop-up when I pull the pen out and multitask still works for me just fine.