Android device activations set to hit 1 billion soon

For his opening statements in the Google Q2 2013 earnings call, CEO Larry Page took a minute to remind us the number of Android devices that are out there today. Mirroring what we heard back at Google I/O, Page reiterated that over 900 million Android devices have been activated since being introduced in 2008. He also dropped another number, letting us know that at this point 1.5 million Android devices are activated daily.

Those are some huge numbers considering that Google I/O 2012 gave us a milestone of 400 million total activations. At this rate we'll see that magical 1 billion number soon enough.

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Larry Page: 1.5 million Android devices activated every day


I coaxed my sister into getting her first one yesterday - the LG Optimus G. Same as mine lol.

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You'd rate them if you were a head of a company. That's like being an ice cream man and saying "I don't rate the dollar screwballs. Or the snow cones. Not even worth it. Not at all. I only rate the Dora the Explorer ice cream bars and Ninja Turtles. So yeah..."

I think they will still be alive, but take the Blackberry storyline...

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After we reach the magical '1 billion' number, then maybe people will shut up about it. And Apple is just as bad about this ... '9 gazillian apps have been downloaded from the app store' ... really, who gives a shit? Okay, you've sold a crapton. Now get on with the presentation already.

It's a measure of popularity. It's like how many votes the prom king got.

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Is it posible that they are counting mutiple activations on a single device?

I think my o2x gets activated each time I do a system wipe and flash a rom.

Also my unrooted nexus 7 shows the activation date to be somewhere around february.
But i had been using it from last novemeber.

In addtiton the chrome -to-phone browser extension lists my nexus 7 as four different devices.

It's been asked before and they've replied that they only count unique activations, possibly based on the IMEI/MEID numbers in the phone radios. There may be a similarly unique identifier for tablets but I don't know what those might be.

That February date for the Nexus 7 is probably when you got the 4.2.2 update, and I've seen similar things with my devices. (Back when you could get more information from the play store) I would see multiple old versions of my original Droid, which I still keep as a toy and occasionally mess around with.

That's a lot of fart apps going off in the movie theater at the same time!

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