If you've been wondering like we have, when Koush would get around to releasing the AllCast receiver app for Kindle Fire TV he showed off earlier then wonder no more as we now know

As Koush has noted on his Google+ account, the app has been submitted to Amazon for App Store approval but if you're not wanting to wait for that and don't mind handling a bit of sideloading, you can download the beta .apk file for it right now.

The instructions are fairly simple. Sideload the AllCast receiver APK on your Fire TV, then start up AllCast or Mirror on your Android. Your Fire TV should show up and be a cast/mirror target. You can download the app via Koush's Google+ page.

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Koush releases AllCast receiver app for Kindle Fire TV


I want to Know if you'll be able to Get the Play store sideloaded on it, for all of us who are invested in it. If I could play all my FPS on it from the play store i'd be a happy camper.

Kind of hoping the Android TV will have this same design concept with a controller and keyboard to play games and search the net. I wish the was an Android stick or box that just turns my HDTV into an Android tablet, like the archos TV connect with a keyboard/ controller, it was never released in the US, just a couple countries in Europe.

Man the Fire Tv must have been such a disappointment Amazon came out with the Kindle Fire TV so fast ;-).

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I've really been enjoying the Fire TV so far myself. I've found that games like Asphalt 8 and Riptide GP play surprisingly well with the just the remote.

My biggest gripe is not seeing a way to just browse only free Prime movies yet. They are all mixed in.

Though there are a couple "Popular on Prime" categories, it is not like they have their own sections like they do on Amazon com.

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