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Third-party messaging apps now have access to Google Voice; CyanogenMod to include 'Babel' soon

Likely best known for his work on all things ClockworkMod, Android developer Koush has been working for the past few weeks on a tool he currently calls "Babel" to integrate Google Voice into third-party messaging apps. Following a development cycle with some ups and downs, he has decided to completely open-source the project for anyone to use and implement. Babel (although this is only a temporary name) works alongside code in the latest nightly builds of CyanogenMod to seamlessly integrate your Google Voice messages into the stock Messaging app.

Nothing is perfect just yet, but the latest versions of the Babel apk along with the latest nightly builds of CM give users a relatively seamless integration option for the stock messaging app after a little bit of hackery to get things set up just right. In his latest post on Google+, he notes that it is going through review to be included in CM completely as well, which should cut down on the hassle for users to get things working.

The hope is that going forward more messaging apps will take advantage of this code to integrate Google Voice using Babel (or whatever it is called going forward) as the back-end. Enterprising developers among us can take a look at everything available on GitHub at the source link below.

Source: +Koushik Dutta (Google+); GitHub


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Koush open-sources 'Babel' Google Voice integration for SMS apps


Can he figure out how to get mms working on google voice as well? Lol

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MMS through GV isn't going to happen until Google does it. There's really nothing Koush can do to make that work. I did read a post though that if you're using this setup, and you go to send an MMS, it'll just not send via GV and will instead go through your carrier number instead.

People can send an MMS to your GV number, and it'll just show up as an email. For the time being, until Google themselves fix it anyway, you won't be able to send an MMS via your GV number. If you use this Babel setup, you'll still have to send MMS via your carrier number, nothing Koush can do to fix it.

This isn't an option for everyone. It seems extremely hit or miss whether or not MMS goes to your email.

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The real messed up part about this is Google Voice is going the way of the dodo. GV is getting integrated into Hangouts.

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As is everything else (and hopefully...finally...MMS)...nothing messed up about it to me. Nice central hub for everything gtalk/gvoice related.

That will pretty much finish Google Voice for me since I don't and never will have a Google+ account.